Star Citizen (PC)
  • Hey hey.

    So I saw a gameplay demo for Star Citizen a little after No Man's Sky came out, and it looks awesome. but the game is not done yet, I mean big time early access. (From what I can tell)
    I really wanted to try it, but it cost a bit to get into the game, so I thought I'd wait until it goes down.

    Now, theirs a free week to try it out. :D
    I'm thinking about checking it out. but it's a big download, I see a lot of people saying 36GB, I just saw some saying 25GB on disk..

    Anyone interested in this? I wonder if it'd be easy to group up on here.

    Reddit group.

    PCGamer news about free week.
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  • Jingles had a few items on it, looks great, expensive beautiful ships, but not much to do looks like a money pit. 
  • I have bought in about two years ago. It looks nice but heck, it is so blindly obvious it is an alpha it is scary.

    The flight model have change about 4 times so far and I can't honestly recommend for anybody to dip in yet (except as a gallery for ship models). It just might leave a bad taste in your mouth for no good reason then trying it early.  Just wait.

    No really, wait till single player is out or at least till they go to beta.
  • @Jerom I signed up and set it to download like an hour before your post, then went to bed. oops XD.
    I guess I'm going to take a look anyways because I've already downloaded like 30+ GBs. :o
  • So yeah, the game is really rough. and I can't run it so well on my PC without a GPU, but it does run.
    This game could be so epic though, it still looks nice even on my low settings.
    The learning curve is huge, and they just throw you in with no info.  it uses most all of the keyboards buttons, and a lot of the buttons are used for 2-3 different things. -_-

    Anyway, I tried to get out of my ship while in space, and it worked. I was floating around my ship and it felt so cool I got a screen shot. :)
    What do you all think of my low settings 720p space butt? 
    I'm in what I've been calling the free noob crew suit, meant for cannon fodder.

  • The concept is cool, and boy are they planning big but the game no where near playable, the only thing I'd say is passable at the moment is the individual modes.

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