(Multi) Resident Evil 7: Official Discussion Thread
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  • Playing it now. First impressions are that it's terrifying, and the first person perspective feels welcomed. I'm about an hour and a half in and it's already made me uneasy.
  • I bought it this morning and it's been downloading while I have been at work.

    My mum was all into Resident Evil 1 when I was a kid. I might take it to the parents and see what she thinks she hasn't played a game since.
  • Finished the game at around 10 hours. Going through on the unlocked mode called Madhouse which makes items rare, enemy spawns are changed up and they're also quicker and more deadly. The best part about Madhouse? You can only save at the tape recorders in-game if you have cassette tapes, very much a classic Resident Evil move but instead of ink ribbons and typewriters it's these cassette tapes and tape recorders.

    Free-DLC also drops on the 31st of this month.

  • Saw a 45 min playthrough of Jimquisition and it looks very cool, like you are in a Rob zombie movie :P
  • I've played a few hours now. It's good, but so far doesn't seem very Resident Evily. It feels like the devs watched every Wrong Turn movie during production. It does have that nice blend of creepiness and campiness that has been missing from the series for a while now. Recommended.
  • This game is much tougher than I anticipated. I have died so many times.

    At the minute I have just explored the old house and need a lantern to move on.

    From what I hear the next boss fight is incredibly tough. I have been and recoloured the house with the crownkey to get the grenade launcher. Fingers crossed that will help.
  • Really enjoying this game so far. I thought I was getting to the end of the game but hit what I think the first twist.
  • I finished the game, took me about 11 hours but overall I thought it was great.

    It's not all jump scares like most first person horror games and there are also some comedic RE style moments/characters too.

    The only slight downside (and it's very minor) is I wish there were a few more puzzle sections.

    Also I'm really glad this was a Xbox Play Anywhere title too, I hope more 3rd party publishers do this.

  • I'm at the birthday party puzzle. I did it on the vhs it's just time to go in as Ethan which I assume will let me walk in use the password. Easy.

    I get the feeling I'm close to the end of the game. If I am then my god this game has flown by. Incredible game.

    I'd be tempted to call it my favourite resident evil. I may need to go back and revisit 4.
  • It's easily in the top 3 Resident Evil games for me.

    1. Resident Evil 2
    2. Resident Evil REmake
    3. Resident Evil 7
  • I have just this second finished the game and what a game it is. I ran through it in 9 hours or just over. The last boss is a bit of a let down. Shoot at a big face, pick up a gun, shoot that gun at a big face. Eh. The story is campy and fun as hell and the first half of that game. The slow paced, creep around. Hide from the mould and the family game it is, is incredible. The game gets a little bit too shooty in the latter half but still a fun assed game and I hope that we see a sequel. I hear it didn't sell too well.  

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