Red Dead Redemption 2: Officials News & Pre-Discussion Thread
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    Fall 2017. People have been clamouring for a new Red Dead title and we're getting one next year. Colour me fucking excited. RDR was one of my favourite games on the last generation of consoles and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this. This series deserves more love than Grand Theft Auto in multiple ways.

    What do you guys hope to see? I'll be posting the trailer in here on Thursday as well.
  • The magnificent 7?, loved the first one, this may be one of the few games i will buy when it comes out ;)
  • I liked RDR more than GTA or Max Payne, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one.
  • I hope it has a better online component than GTA5 did. The online portions of RDR were amazing with friends. I remember countless hours of hunting bears with throwing knives with some friends.
  • I never played the original it's release coincided with my loss of fascination with open - world non RPGs. I have heard only good things though. I think I read somewhere yesterday that this wont be coming to PC, ( I don't think the original did either ) . I don't have a current gen console atm so shame,  hopefully that will change by Fall next year .
  • Well, in about a year I might as well get a PS4.. RDR and Yakuza was really a majoriy reason for me to own a PS3

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