Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/10/16
  • Can very easily keep this short and snappy this week as in the last 7 days I've played the square root of bugger all.  AMA.

    Hope you've done better than me, let's hear all about it.
  • League of Legends (PC): Played a bunch of matches with @Xero560 and tobbrobb. Did ok. Strangely LoL is flipped from Dota for me; I am best as a carry or solo lane and worst as support, when in Dota it's the opposite with just one or two exceptions. Anyways. Mobas remain fun to play, but suffering through the community can be awful.

    Dota 2 (PC): Did one match as my main man Lich.

    Overwatch (PC): Speaking of awful communities, Overwatch continues it's descent into hell. After wishing "glhf" before a match I got told to kill myself, and a couple other times to shut the fuck up. Classic gamers. Game is still fun, over 100 hours on the year. Played really well last night as McCree and Hanzo and Mercy and Reaper, not so much as Widow or Genji.
  • Dark Souls III

    Did some invasions and farmed the remaining Covenant items to round out the Mound Makers and snag the achievement for all Pyromancies. Just farming Proof of Concords for the Miracle achievement and ring achievements. Did I mention how annoying farming Proofs is?

    More rat-killing co-op goodness.

    Mordheim: City of the Damned
    Turned based tactical RPG similar to Xcom but set in the Warhammer fantasy universe. Played about two missions and I'm using the Skaven as my Warband. I love me some Skaven.

  • Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP/Vita) I beat this with the bad ending. It was fun, but hard on my wrists to play the Vita for more than 30 mins at a time. I want to go back and get the better ending but I'm probably not right now. I don't really like playing games on the Vita even though its got a bunch of games on it that I like.

    My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have To Deal With A Geeky Stalker And A Domme Beauty Who Want Me In A Bind!! or, Ladykiller in a Bind (PC) I beat this game and it was super great! I've been loosely following its dev since 2012 and glad I finally got to play it. I have completed the 1st route and I want to see the others but I'm holding off for now because I'm hoping this will get a Steam release and I can get those Steam Achievements.

    That is it from me for last week. I started some new games for this week and I still haven't written my Halloween review for Slayer Shock yet.
  • Mostly these 2 last week

    Exist Archive PSVita the levels are very like a platformer and is very castlevania/metroid in progress as the story continues you get more abilties and reach more areas in the play level, i started with a single jump and now i can double jump, slide and use the enemies "dead souls" as jump starting points.

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 more level grinding but slowly getting, like the retro mechanics of this game.

    Played some warframe PS4 event but not many people joined, i guess the latest changes are not popular.
  • I've bought more games than I played this week.

    My actual playtime was split between Fallout 3 and 4 on the Bone, Halo collection, and Rare Replays.

    I picked up Tomb Raider this week which I really want to make a start on along with Mafia 3.
  • No games, in Montreal, meeting my sister for a conference and trying to keep the short people happy. Traveling with small kids is more work than work. Who doesn't love fries with gravy? Canadian Netflix is amazing. With small kids, Netflix is your best friend.
  • @westsw

    Welcome to the best country on the planet. Poutine is superb, yes. If you have the time, there's an excellent place in Montreal to get cheese. Fromagerie Hamal, it's in the Jean Talon Market. I mean, who doesn't love cheese?
  • This week. It was all Gears of War 4, I finished that up on hardcore difficulty. It just kinda ends. Really good game though. Builds on the others in the series in a great way.

    I have also been playing a little bit more of FIFA 17's Journey Mode. Its fun. I feel that the story is a little disjoined in parts. I have a great run and the cutscene tells me I need to work harder. I think you are set to get certain cutscene's at set times through out the story no matter if you are playing well or doing shit. Which is a shame. It just makes all the dialogue tree's and story choice's seem a little needless. Are they really just there to mask a linear story? Really? Will the same thing really happen no matter how I play? 
  • (PC / Xbox One) Gears of War 4 - I completed the Gears of War 4 campaign and played some multiplayer with some friends. The ability to switch and play between Xbox One and PC is great and I wish more games would do this (other than the competitive stuff).

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