Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 26/09/16
  • If I'm trying to do a current-affairs related intro to WiG, do I do a Trump/Clinton debate one, a Jeremy Corbyn one or a Sam Allardyce/England football one?  Ah, make your own joke...

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tail Finally clocked this a whirlwind 5 months after I started it. As predicted, I was about an hour from the end when I re-started it after an enormous gap, and the final boss of this game is a genuine shocker.  4 separate, challenging stages which require you to play the game in a completely different way to the way you've made it through the rest of it?  No mid-way checkpoints?  Your last save point on the other side of a long-ish walk and two separate cut scenes you have to quit out of?  Not a fun combo.

    Not helped by my overall rustiness and the fact that I've not gone back to older areas of the game to clear up any extras/secrets, but I found the end very hard.  In the latter stages, I was finding that all of my money was going towards healing items and I barely had enough to get through the whole boss segment.

    The closing of the story was quite cool, and particularly in the final few cutscenes I was very impressed with the voice acting.  I was surprised when I looked it up to see that the guys who voiced main baddie General Gaius and Dust himself weren't main characters in many other games - I think they were pretty good here.

    Well, that's it from me and the (quote) Silly Cartoon Animal Game.  With all the Bioshock talk of late after the remaster was released, I'm thinking of playing through Bioshock Infinite next, although the siren song of Skyrim is very strong too - just think how long I'll be playing that if a 15 hour downloadable title took me the best part of a year...

    Over to you WiG chums.  Be warned, I will be fact-checking all of your posts, I hope you have the stamina for lots of gaming
  • Ark: Survival Evolved (PC): I dicked around in it for a few hours. I ran around at night. Other than the cold, which is pervasive even in the warm southern sections, I have enough weaponry now to fend for myself, and when in doubt, running is always an option.

    No more Carmen and Waldo.
  • @Littleg  Wut? No new Forza Horizon yet?!

    Fall out 4 PS4 Finished the main storylines for the trophies and went back to continue with the minutemen as most other factions are dicks! No big crashes but i have encountered some annoying bugs

    Warframe PS4, Playing so  much F4 that i almost forgot to take care of my Kubrow (Dog) almost dead :O

    Amnesia memories PSVita Finished all storylines seems that i forgot bad ending.
  • @Epke Nope - I am The Last Gen Cowboy...

  • Deus Ex - Finished up all trophies related to the campaign, now just working on Breach mode. Breach mode is rubbish imo, and unfortunately theres a lot of it if you want the platinum.

    Doom - Played a bit more. Tried out the snap maps.

    Journey - I originally never bothered with it because I thought it looked boring but since it was free on PSN I tried it. And boy was I right!

    Gravity Daze - Another free game. I like it so far, but early daze yet. Har har.
  • So FIFA 17 now has a story mode, interesting. It seem's like a NBA2k rip off but from what I have played on EA access so far I like it. I have done my exit trial and finished second. The story seems interesting. A youth who's following in the footsteps of his farther (who may or may not have walked out on him) and grand farther (who is very much around but I expect a sudden and sad death as part of the stories climax). It seem's interesting.

    Also I played through and finished up Bioshock in three days. That game still totally holds up. 

  • After watching some Noobtoob I went back and played Final Fantasy 7 : Crisis Core on Vita being away from home. I finished it over two days after staying up really late as I got really invested in the story. I can't really speak about it very objectively as it is just a massive nostalgia assault.

    I tried very hard to replay Mass Effect 1 on an older PC. Unfortunately, I got to a mission involving the Mako vehicle at which point I just said to myself fuck this. It had the potential to be such a great game, but it is massively let down by the combat mechanics ( and elevators etc.) 
  • (Xbox One / PC) Forza Horizon 3 - The game looks amazing! At the moment I'm enjoying just riding around and doing the odd race or PR stunt. Might give multiplayer/co-op a go soon.
  • Pac-Man CE 2 (XbOne) I unlocked the Adventure mode and there are 6 worlds with 10 levels each and you can get 3 stars per level depending on which difficulty you play on the level. You use the stars to unlock the boss stages of each world. I currently have beaten 5/6 bosses with ~60 stars collected, and you need a total of 222 stars to fight the 6th(final) boss. And... I think I'm done with this game. It was fun, while it lasted but feels too much like a grind in the end. I think I prefer Pac-Man CE DX+.

    Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (PS4) I started this up! This is the Touhou game I've been waiting for. Its an Action RPG but you are still dodging bullet hell style color curtains of bullets while jumping/dashing/attacking enemies and bosses. Some of the bosses are Giant. There are 2 characters to choose from, but the story is the same for both. Its pretty fun.

    That was it for me from last week. This week I am playing some games that I want to write some reviews for. ;) Hopefully I can get 1 or 2 reviews done this week. Its finally October again! For the past 3 years I've played a different Castlevania game in October, SOTN last year, Super CV IV the year before, and Castlevania NES the year before that. This year I think I will finally get around to beating CV Lament of Innocence which I've had downloaded on my PS3 forever now. So I'm really looking forward to that.
  • @amardilo i have seen a playthrough by Sidestrafe on Twitch tv, looks ace, i wish Gran Turismo did something similar, GT system is quite boring.
  • Xcom 2 is sooooo Xcomy! I am holding off on the guide and just letting it surprise me. Do not do the Chen mission as soon as possible. That shit ends on an 80 hp boss. The only thing that saved me was repeater cheese, possibly the cheesiest thing I have ever pulled in Xcom, and I am made of savescum. This game is duh bomb, and not buggy at all so far. GoY stuff for me.

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