Upcoming releases 2016
  • What games (or systems) are you guys looking forward to? Is there anything you will buy day one? Are there any games you want to wait on? I'm actually really interested.

    Me personally, I have taken a step back from buying anything and everything that comes out. Saying that, my PlayStation 4 is starting to sound like a jet engine whenever I play anything that may even slightly tax the machine. So I may....I may get the PS4 pro. The PlayStation is my main system and well it just distracts me from the game when I hear that over in the corner. Also why not i'll get a 4k TV soon. Why not eh? 

    As for games erm well buy on day one for me is...as always FIFA 17, I could really go for some more Gears so why not Gears of War 4 too, erm definitely Titanfall 2 (that original game was incredible) and that may be it. I wanna check what the new Call of Duty is like and Watchdogs 2 before I pick those up. Then if I ever have any spare cash I'll pick up Battlefield one and possibly Pokemon Sun or Moon. Looking at what we have to come this year. I'm not that excited.
  • Xcom2 next week,  Bioshock Collection when the price drops, Dishonored 2.  Horizon Zero Dawn is my most anticipated, but I guess it pushed to 2017.  If anything Warhammer 40K comes to PS4, I will definitely take a look.  I am also dying to try PSVR but I ain't buying that without trying it.

    I guess we are all waiting for NX, but the more time goes by the less I expect.
  • Xcom2 and Tomb Raider are the next games I have my eye on. I'll get Yakuza 6 too but the series has gone a bit Ass Creed Imo.
  • Titanfall 2 getting a single player campaign is great and I appreciated the first game's attempts to both make multiplayer more freeform and more accessible. I'll probably pick it up. 

    Pokemon because it's still fun.

    Final Fantasy XV assuming it actually comes out. Still one of my most beloved series of games all things considered. 

    I doubt that I'll get it at launch but I could probably be eventually coerced into Civilization 6. 
  • Civilization VI - I really like playing Civ so some more is something I'm very much looking forward to.

    Battlefield 1 - BF4 is the game I played more than any other this generation (so much so I own it on PS4, Xbox One and PC) and after playing the BF1 beta I really can't wait to get into some more multiplayer and see the other maps.

    Gears of War 4 - The game looks amazing and very detailed. I like playing gears games but I kind of interested to see how this will look.

    Titanfall 2 - TF2 is a game I'm looking forward to playing but I'm not 100% sure if I'll pick it up right away as I have plenty already to play.

    In terms of hardware I want to see if the PS4 Pro will make games look and run better at 1080p (as I don't have a 4K HDR TV).
  • @Dr Flibble you leave Japan and immediately turn your back on Yakuza! :P

    Oh and there seems to be coming a new Valkerian Chronicles ( 戦場のヴァルキュリア) coming to PS4
  • Epke, nah Yakuza has been heading the way of Ass Creed for a while now. If you buy the Valkyria HD remaster on PS4 you get a demo for the next game. It was mainly just a combat mechanics demo but it seemed OK. Not sure when it's out though. Gravity Daze 2 might be decent too.
  • Valkyria Chronicles was one of the games I was most looking forward to playing when I picked up my PS3, I really must try and get hold of a copy.  Wonder if it'll hold up after all this time?
  • It's a good game and still holds up imo, provided the Japanese anime vibe doesn't annoy you.
  • I'm sure I'll be able to fleabay a cheapo copy to find out, so let's see.  Having bounced off XCOM EU pretty hard (mostly due to technical issues), a slightly different take on tactical combat might be just what I'm after.  And hey, if I ever do make the switch to PC it's on there too...

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