Paladins: Champions of the Realm (PC/XB1/PS4) [Overwatch clone]
  • So I just now saw this. It's amusing and cringy how they flat out try to copy Overwatch.
    Yet, I kind of want to try it, haha. Beta on Steam now.
    I've never played Overwatch. This is going to be a free to play game I guess.
    I'll download it if some of you do too.. ;)


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  • Hey I made a video. I'm not totally happy with it. I feel like I could have done better with the voice etc.
    I had to learn a lot while I made this, took forever. Part of me doesn't want to share it with anyone, but I need to own what I made.

    I'll team up on Steam if any of you want to play.
    Any of you going to try the console beta? Sign up now if so.
  • There was a new update yesterday. I recorded gameplay and stuff but then decided it's not worth bothering to post a video here. haha

    There's another new character. emotes, skins, tutorial etc.
    But also lots of little things that are nice. 

    I've also decided to just find a link rather than copy/paste the things I like. meh
  • They just updated the game yet again. 

    No new characters. I've only played one game, The character Bomb Kind has a Halloween Pumpkin King skin (Cost $ and is way too high), as well as a black skin that I think is new. I wish all the characters had a dark color option.

    After the game, there was a play of the game clip, which wasn't in the game before. wonder where that idea came from. :P
    The post game screen is way more aesthetically pleasing.

  • @NewAgeRed I really enjoyed the short time I have played of this. Definitely seems decent enough for a free to play game :) . Worth checking out if anyone is at a loose end and doesn't fancy buying a game.
  • People should check this out if they stuck for something to play. Me and @NewAgeRed have been playing quite a lot. It's really enjoyable for what it is (even though the prices are silly). But a great little FreeToPlay. 
  • Downloading it now may as well give it a shot.
  • @nutta27 Give me a shout if you want a game.
  • How is the speed of this game?

    I'm new to PC gaming and still trying to get use to a mouse and keyboard. I like playing Overwatch as I don't need to have amazing reflexes to contribute. This seems pretty similar but if the combat is more frantic I don't think I could really play it.
  • I've only played about 4 hours of Overwatch (on PC). They're mostly the same.
    Overwatch has a lot more detail and polish, gametypes like 1v1 and 3v3. while this is a bit less detailed in art style, and only has two real gametypes. 

    Gameplay, I feel the characters are less squishy on this. and you can get back into the fight faster because you spawn on a horse. (Only used to get back to objective) 

    In Overwatch every character didn't seem to have the same number of skills. While in this every character has 4 skills and an ultimate. Left and right clicks, Q, and a movement skill on F. E for ultimate. all around the WASD keys.
     I'm sure Overwatch has the same, but I really like on here how you start figuring out little things about how to use your skills.

    oh, on Paladins each character has 16 cards that effect their skills, cooldown, self healing, etc. you make "loadouts" of 5 cards that fit the playstyle you want for the character.
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  • I played 1 match as Fernando against the AI.

    Game seems OK but I am not sure how I would fair against actual players.
  • @amardilo Try playing as Viktor as he is probably the most conventional and easiest to play to begin with. (Q for grenades, Right click for sights, F to sprint and E to use his ult which is an airstrike) .
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  • Downloaded it on my Mac and it just keeps locking on the loading profile scene.
  • On the launcher, or in game?
    My first thought was that you could try to edit the settings through the .ini file, if that's something you can do on Mac.
    The newest topic on steam when I search "mac" was this, from Dec 7th. saying they fixed some issue.
  • Solid Paladins meme video. 
    Best part are the aggression cards and reports following him. :P

    For those of you that don't get some of it, Viktor is like the noob friendly shooter guy character. and an Aggression card gives +5% damage. but it's not a good pick, lots of people still pick it.

  • This Chinese Paladins trailer is better than the English one.
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  • @NewAgeRed That Chinese trailer is great for so many reasons. Maade me smile \;p
  • Oh snap, Lets make a noobtoob paladins team and lose this tournament! :D
    Got to be level 20+. two weeks to get gud. 
  • A NoobToob two man team :P
  • I got a code for the alpha on PS4. I downloaded it but it's still locked so I have to wait until it goes live before I can try it. Hopefully not too long to wait.
  • This game is trash. It's basically a very poor man's Overwatch with a pinch of Battleborn. Everything about it screams generic quick buck riding the coattails of one's superiors. Already deleted.

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