Halo 5: Forge (PC)
  • So I just saw this, and it's free.
    It's just Forge and custom games from what I'm reading. I don't think it requires XBL Gold.
    Not sure I want to download a 36GB file though. :\

    What are your thoughts my fellow gamers?

  • It's actually pretty good. There is a discord channel for it
    I am enjoying it. I would say check it out. I played some grifball and some regular matches. had lots of fun. The community seems pretty sweet actually. It will only get better as time goes on as far as I can see.


  • I may be able to run it, but my PC specs are a little under the minimum requirements.
    I didn't even think of how people will chat. I'm so used to regular XBL.

    Edit: Soren was trying to get me using Discord a few months ago. it seemed ok.
  • What is this? I hadn't heard about it - but then again I have never been into Halo since the first game and just ignore/blank it when it is mentioned.
  • Oh it is a level designer sort of thing. On the brightside it looks like it will run on anything.
  • I believe you can play in the levels too. Just no matchmaking I guess.
    I don't think it'll run on anything. the requirements are a bit more modern. Oh, also Windows 10 only.

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