Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 05/09/16
  • Later than ever and still no time to write anything.  Sorry folks!
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided XbOne I beat it! And I had a wonderful time, sneaking thru buildings and silently taking down enemies. The party at the end of the game was amazing, b/c you have to take down a bunch of guards while not panicking the party goers.

    Atom GRRRL!! (Steam) Another visual novel, that I started and am very slowly playing thru. There are no Steam achievements for this one, so my motivation is wavering a bit.

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel (PS4) I wanted something short to play while I was waiting for another game to arrive in the post after I beat Deus Ex. I beat the story mode with 1 character by luck, because I forgot how stupid difficult/over powered/unfair final bosses are in fighting games. Each character has a different ending, and I'd like to keep playing but that boss is killing my motivation to do so. I like this game otherwise. I don't want to lower the difficulty because none of the other fights are giving me trouble, but ... I might.

    Thats it for last week. I have playing a couple new things this week that I will talk about next time. I also started the new Touhou PS4 game, and its fun and seems like an easy platinum so I might try and go for that.;) more next week.
  • Path of Exile. I'm still in the first area, Lv8 I think, ready to move on to the next area I think. if any of you bitches friends want to play too. :)

    Dragon Age Origins. Finally left the Diggy Diggy Dwarf Home and woke up that turd Arl in Redcliffe. :P

  • Mostly Fallout 4 PS4 surprisingly  no crashes yet.

    Played some The division PS4 and got reminded why i not like it.

    Busy with a quest in Warframe. (Sands of Inaros)

    Downloaded a few PSN+ games this month but haven't played them yet, Lords of the fallen on the PS4, Amnesia for Vita and one more for PS3 but haven't downloaded that one yet.

  • (PS4) Battlefield 1 Beta - I've been playing pretty much nothing but the BF1 beta and I liked it so much I've placed a pre-order.
  • Didn't play anything, I'm in Hong Kong.
    Noobied by 2AshGooner sloth
  • @GoodEnoughForMe Wow, same! What are the odds?
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Derided - Almost finished. The game has mostly been a chore with a few fun moments here and there. Pick it up cheap but don't go out of your way for it. It's nowhere near the level of Human Revolution, which was nowhere near the level of the old Deus Ex. It's like going from Dom Perignon to Sprite and now Hobo Piss.

    Serious Sam BFE - Finished it. Going to do another run or 2 to finish up trophies.

    Minecraft - Same as usual.

  • Mmm, I have a few theories. 

    • Ash and GEFM are the same NoobToober.. with a split personality! *gasp* :o

    • One of them is hunting the other, in an elaborate conspiracy cat and mouse spy game. *gasp* :o

    •They're on the same tour/cruise boat. meh

    Edit: oops, this is the old topic, I came here to re-read Ash and GEFMs posts. then forgot to go back to the new topic for my post. :|

  • @NewAgeRed I think Ash and GEFM are long lost twins. They'll have to rekindle their relationship in a comedic journey through Hong Kong to discover what it means to be brothers and how together, life is good enough for them.
  • Beats the version I had, where we get a message that one has been buried alive, and then the other chimes in me too, and that's it. Sometimes I think that year of pathology had more of an effect than I give it credit. Seriously guys, have a lovely time. One day I will travel in Asia again.

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