New Episode Incoming + Live Stream!
  • Hey all! It's been a while, so we're going to record an episode tomorrow and want to try something a little different this time. We'll live stream the episode on Twitch so keep ~6-8pm PST Monday open and follow to be informed when we start recording.

    We're thinking about talking about what we see at PAX on the show floor, but please let us know what you want you want to hear about in the comments below.

  • I'd really love to hear just your thoughts on the industry as a whole currently.

    Last time, you guys talked about the current gen consoles and how they're only modest upgrades from their predecessors.  Fast forward two years, and now we're getting major mid-cycle upgrades to them (which is basically them admitting that they were underpowered), which has never happened before.

    Then we have the Wii U basically failing, and Nintendo's already expected to replace it next March with their STILL mysterious NX, which is rumored to be this tablet-sized handheld that can connect to a TV and act as a home console.  Apparently it'll have detachable controllers on the sides, and will act primarily as a handheld.  People call it a "hybrid" device, as it seems to be something that sits in between the "3DS" type of handheld, and a regular home console.  It also seems like they'll be just going with one device, rather than support multiple devices at once (something they haven't been good at since the old Wii/DS, which you guys noted back in the old NooBTooB episode days).
  • Was very fun. thanks guys. :)
  • Thanks for the new episode, Tobin & Yuzo! :)
  • Thankyou guys, was a fun night : )  ( I was up until around 5 haha). Massively appreciated by the community here. Thankyou so much for another episode, the first time I have really bothered with twitch and it definitely offered a different element to the show. The excitement of everyone beforehand was great.
  • @mario54671 I am hoping that the NX will merge nintendo's two markets. From what I have read (barely any info) but the guts of the machine sound like as though they are entirely within the handheld controller and powered by a yet unanounced pascal based tegra chip. If it is even close to current gen consoles, but on the move, I am buying one day of release.
  • Good episode. Too bad the NX has not been revealed yet. Would uh been one of the better topics of the year.

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