Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/08/16
  • No time to post properly right now.  More to follow soon...
  • Diablo 3 (PC): More progress on end game, paragon level 350 on my seasonal, around greater rift level 48. Starting to run out of good percentile chances to upgrade my legendary gems. Nobody here knows what I am talking about. Also got an alt Witch Doctor to level 68.

    Diablo 2 (PC): Played some with @Winsord for shits and giggles. It's so old. Death penalties and shared loot ahoy. Probably would be more enjoyable these days as a single player experience.

    Overwatch (PC): Did a bunch over the weekend with peeps. Had some solid rounds as Hanzo and Zenyatta. Actually went 4-2 with McCree. We won more than we lost.

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC): What a grim game. What a busy UI (which sort of makes sense based on the character we're playing having an actual UI with their cybernetic goggles). What a change overtime from what the series used to be. Almost feels like sensory overload playing it. Skill bars, quick bars, cover UI, health and energy bars. So much info.

    Marvel Heroes (PC): Briefly started a new Iron Fist character with some friends. Might go back and level him up more.
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  • A bit of Fallout 4 playing the Nuka World last night, gonna continue later on and put that game to bed being some level in the Mid 80s and I can feel I am done with it. Not my favourite fallout but it has been fun not the less. Not the one I feel like I will replay anytime soon, but I maybe will in a few years when it feels fresh.

    I am playing some strategy games which I will always jump into now and then. Mainly Civ 5 and Rome : Total war (not the second one as I cannot really stand it at all). Rome total war was a bit of a pain in the arse to get running on Windows 10. I own the game on CDs but have no disk drive, so I feel like I am justified in getting the disk isos from a backup.

    I desperately need to get into Witcher 3 but keep getting other gaming distractions taking away my frree time.

    My 3ds XL kept getting a black screen error during Alpha Sapphire which is my go to game just before I go to sleep so I bought a New 3ds XL this week so all good. But, I will be slightly miffed if it is the game cart that is faulty as oppose to the device (which i tried to manually repair by re-seating the wifi chip but that failed to fix it) - hence my purchase. I haven't really tested it yet, but the improved 3d on the New 3ds XL is pretty amazing. So i feel that my purchase is justified all the same. 

    I am desperately trying to find info on the Nintendo Nx specs, I really hope it is using the new pascal architecture rather than the Tegra X1 - which may well explain as to why there is a delay in production from announcement. (Apparently there is an X1 in the dev kits, but that is quite an old chip by now claimed by apparently verified sources) I am hoping that this is just a placeholder for a more powerful chip as has been suspected. The fact that it could be potentially almost console quality on the move is a very exciting prospect for me. Supposedly Nvidia have been instructed by their execs to get their tech in a current console no matter what, I don't think that it is verified though.

  • @GoodEnoughForMe Deus Ex is on my to do list straight after the Witcher 3 (It may be a long time) , but the reviews of the game are so positive I don't feel like I can ignore it!
  • Started in on Nuka World. So far good not amazing. It's big enough and varied enough but the story is not grabbing me. I can lead the raiders now? Dude, I kill raiders. Putting a fifty cal in Lord Humongouses sternum would make me very happy. I am playing along for now, but this probably going to get even more murdery than usual real soon. Level 117 seems high enough, one VATS kill literally anything.
  • @westsw Wow 117 , what weapons are you using? Are laser weapons more powerful in the later game? Im not using power armour even though i probably should.
  • Been crazy busy this week but I managed to squeeze in some game time here and there.

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided (XbOne) I'm about 66% complete with the story in this according to the XbOne achievement stats, and I'm really enjoying the gameplay and side stories so far. Playing stealthy, and going for a no kill run, and I'm trying to do all the side missions that I come across.

    That has been it, I haven't had time to play anything else last week.
  • Played a bit more Dragon Age Origins. Not sure why I can't just push through it.

    Making my way through all the little games in Retro Game Crunch.
    Got to LV7 on Path of Exile
    A little bit of Eets, meh
    Night Shift. I thought it was interesting for a bit, until I got tired of having no way of knowing what to do. blah

  • @8drawt

    When it comes to Bethesda, I have a problem. There is no good reason to level up a character this much. I have a problem.

    The most powerful weapon in Fallout 4 (aside from the Fatman) is a combat rifle with the explosive perk. If you trick it out full auto and have full demolition, action boy, and commando skills; then everything you meet is going to die. I have crazy power armor, but nothing lives long enough for it to be truly needed. I currently use the kiloton rifle from Far Harbor, but that is just an explosive rifle variant, and I do not think it is really appreciably better.
  • @westsw   I am using a single shot heavily modded assault combat with some legendary variant. On my perk tree i think I have invested in single shot rifles.I mean I still obliterate enemies but I could do much more damage likely in a more streamlined build focusing at automatic weapons. Gonna look into the exploding rifle stuff.

    @NewAgeRed Dragon age origins is such a good game ( I bought it because of the noobtoob review at the time). The only problem really is the tunnels get a little tedious at the Dwarven city. But I love how tactical the combat can be.
  • @8drawt Funny you say that. The Deep Roads are where I am, and I keep taking loooooong breaks. 
    I think I'm almost done though. 
  • @8drawt good to know, i have no clue what you are talking about :P

    Platted Rebel Galaxy PS4, got lucky with the last trophy defeating 20 pirate lords as some spawned multiple time in the same area.

    Like always playing warframe PS4, not fan of the new rare item drop system, but busy with getting focus maxed out.

    Started with the division PS4 again, played it for a short time yesterday.
  • Fallout 4 - Mainly just exploring the wasteland, chasing trophies.

    Deus Ex - Haven't played much yet since I just got it, but I expect to this week. My first game purchase in the land of Oz in 20 years or more.

    Lord of the Rings War in the North - Meh, hack hack slash slash. It's not grabbed me yet.
  • @Epke I don't know why I put that, I was responding to @westsw.

     I think I had been hitting the painkillers too hard I apologise.

    I think I was asking @westsw is the assault rifle not better than the combat rifle and how do I get this explosive weapon? 

    @NewAgeRed I think the deep roads is what bored the crap out of me on my second playthrough, think I put it down because of mostly that.
  • @westsw *Update found the location of the rifle discussed on google, a place I have visited a few times when completing far harbour. I hope it/or some other thing doesn't kill the game. Most Bethesda games seem to loose their way at higher levels through some badly balanced mechanic.
  • Explosive mini gun might be better, dunno never got one. Eplosive assault rifle likewise sounds promising. Anything that sprays bombs on auto is going to break the game.
  • Bah, what a pain in the ass. finally push through the Deep Roads in DA: Origins. and now it's been so long I didn't remember which Dwarf guy was which when picking a king.
  • I hate it when that happens.
  • Platted Fallout 4. My character is currently level 54. Managed to get the Benevolent Leader without much hassle after finishing everything else. Got happiness up to 98 in Sanctuary through natural awesomeness and then did the build clinics until the trophy pops trick. I ended up making a Mr 1-shot character using a tricked out plasma pistol with sniper barrel mods, then putting points into pistols and stealthy things. Double damage for pistols after maxing out the perk, and then double damage while sneaking equals master of the wastelands.

    Serious Sam 3 - Played through most of this. The amount of enemies this game throws at you is insane sometimes, and can feel more grind than fun. The levels also seem to rotate through a cycle of town-desert-dark hole over and over.

    Deus Ex - Played through the first mission but decided to restart and go lethal for my 1st playthru. I also am planning to change the control scheme to DE:HR controls because the MD controls are a bit wank imo. Hold triangle to run? The fuck?
  • @Flibble, You only have to press the button to run, but when you bump into things you stop running.

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