PAX Prime 2016 - Who's going?
  • Howdy folks!  Long time no see! 

    I'm heading out to Seattle this weekend and I'll be at PAX on Monday... with Yuzo.  It should be amazing, we haven't made it back together for a few years now. 

    So that being said, who else is going to be there?  Anyone interested in a Noobtoober meetup to have some beers and catch up?  I'd be down on either Sunday the 4th or Monday the 5th.  Let me know.

    Also, Yakuza 0 was announced for the west for January 2017.  Get goddamn hyped.

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  • @tobin00 Hey good to see you! I wish I was going so much! I live in the UK I am regretting not sorting something out for PAX Prime now and checking out the states for the first time :( . Financial restraints as well at the moment :(

    I don't want you to be pressured or anything... But a small podcast with Yuzo would be amazing, even if its on some ghetto setup in a hotel room. But please dont feel pressured at all though, its just great that you are still checking out gaming conventions and meeting up with Yuzo and having fun :) .

    You guys are always awesome. I hope you have a really great time PAX Prime! Hopefully some noobtoobers that are still around are off / jetting off for PAX Prime and i can be jealous of you all xD.
  • Hey hey.

    I won't be there, because I never go anywhere or do anything. haha.
    Those of you that do go should get lots of pictures etc.

    Looking forward to hearing about the 2016 PAX shenanigans. 

    @tobin00 Fix your profile pic so you don't look like an internet vagabond. jk ;)
  • Make a video. That would be nice.
  • Hi Tobin, great to hear from you, hope you're well.  I haven't heard much PAX Prime talk on the NT folks I follow on Twitter, but a few might be going.

    Crazy that that time of year has rolled around again.  I think I had about a two year window where I might have been able to fly over from the UK for a PAX before kids arrived but now I'm picturing Mrs Lg's face if I suggested that I was going away for about a week to hang out with internet friends and leaving her with the young 'uns....yeeeeeeeeah, I dunno about that.
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  • Same boat, that would a ridiculous expenditure of limited marital capital, and I really like living with these short people who act like they are at a Prince concert when I come home.
  • @westsw Use a false name and go clubbing at a place nobody knows your name is my tip, skip out on the child maintenance and issues with the wife. jk. But in all serious its cool that noobtoobers from nearly 10 years ago are now at the point where they have children and family commitments : )
  • Wow, it's so funny and awesome to hear how much has changed with you folks since we first started doing the show.  Marriages!  Kids!

    We'll definitely record something (see new thread) so no worries on that front.  If anyone is in town let's have a meetup though!


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