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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the Eidos developed follow-up to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game places us in the future, when the world is on a razer's edge, as tensions boil between 'Augs' (augmented humans) and humans who are not. This is all complicated, of course, by the disastrous ending of Human Revolution, which saw Augs kill millions of people around the world. There has been a definite attempt by Eidos to intersperse real life issues of racism and discrimination into the storytelling of this game. 

    As previously in Human Revolution, the game is a first-person shooter with RPG-elements playing a large roll in how you grow your character. Missions have many ways to attack them, between combat, stealth, hacking, etc. Dialogue also features dialogue trees. A lot of standard hybrid stuff.

    From what I, personally, have seen, the game looks to be absolutely atrociously written and horribly hamfisted (at best) about real life modern racism and protest movements, but I'd imagine you have to play the game to really get it all. Still, I'm a sucker for cyberpunk, so I picked it up on PC. Anyone else getting it?
  • I preordered it on the XbOne, because I played HR on the 360 way back. I really enjoyed HR so I'm looking forward to playing this one when it arrives later today. ;)
  • I'll be getting this for sure. Not sure when I'll actually get around to playing it though. Got a bit of a backlog building up.
  • I played through Human Revolution twice and it was one of my favourite games of that year.

    I purchased and pre-loaded Mankind Divided last night but because of the time zones, I wasn't able to play it. I can't wait to play it when I get home tonight!
  • My favourite things about Human Revolution was the ambience from the lighting (how they sculpted things with the fluorescents) and general dream like glow of the technology. The electronic background music made me feel even more badass and generally I just love sci-fi like that to tickle my brain with what ifs. Really, really loved it and highly recommend the previous game to anybody because it's so cheap now. I know the bosses sucked but I was playing it safe and kept a RPG launcher just in case which led me breeze along smugly at every boss encounter.

    I am so excited to get home and play Mankind Divided.
  • Yesterday Friday, I went home, sat on the couch and didn't stop playing til 3am. It's really bloody good and I'm enjoying myself a lot. I miss the constant night with the ambient lighting and the day time of Prague makes it feel like Half Life. But when I'm snuck in a vent spying on guards' patrol routines and sneaky-ing by it all feels amazing.

    I would recommend against the long-range, non-lethal tranquilliser rifle and instead go with the little stun gun + metre combo if you're using a controller. It's a lot more satisfying because aiming without a mouse and keyboard is mega shit.
  • I think I'll probably play this game twice over because the slow, self-set pace of sneaking is right up my alley.
  • I recommend a shotgun and just blasting everyone to pieces. Find all the air vents and secret entrances at your leisure among the corpses, then use those for the No Alerts playthru coming up next. Slaughtering everyone, even police, even though you are some sort of police unit yourself, has zero repercussions. And the response range of other enemies is laughable. You can be blowing dudes apart and 50 meters away their buds are just chilling and watching Netflix. Not a care in the world.

    The story is garbage, the fantastically bad attempt to draw parallels with all the hullabaloo about racism in the modern world is deserving of nothing other than merciless mockery, and the gameplay is the same shit as the last game only somehow worse because none of the locations or people are interesting, immersive, or atmospheric in the slightest.

    I think I'm closing in on the end now and my evaluation of this game so far is I should've waited for the bargain bin. There's so much more wrong with the game that could be said, but I'll end the post as I've heard the game itself ends; unfinished and abruptly.
  • The last couple of missions and ending were pretty good. It's a shame the game ends at that point, and spent so long getting there. I'd recommend waiting until they release the ending in (hopefully) in the next game before getting this one. Playing them back to back would be much more satisfying.

    Now starting my 1 life playthrough and then I'll start on trophy cleanup.
  • Yeah, @Dr Flibble, my last moment in this game was pretty ridiculous. I punched in a wall to 'sneak' into this random home, snooped through it all with great abandon and realised that there was a police officer there to investigate. So I sneaky PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE, and just hide there until the counter resets.

    So much counter resetting because I'm really shit at this game. Its only when I've cleared everything else that I realise how much more clever I could have been in using the environment.

    I know its really terrible to be resetting the counter but I kind of really like it as well because I don't know. I feel like years of MGS and splinter cell have conditioned me that when it resets, I have won. (I'm embarrassed by this sentiment)

    I really like the four different control schemes and have found the breach one to be the one I like the most. Its something stupid like square plus L2 for holstering your weapon and even that's just ingrained in my head now.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying this and am doing all the side quests. I wish it felt less like half life and more like the previous deus ex game though.
  • Have you finished it yet @sloth ?

    I was also surprised that the game has only 1 boss in the entire thing, and if you find a certain item you can actually skip even that 1 boss fight. Interesting way to fix the boss fight problem from the first game -just remove all the bosses!

  • I just finished Mankind Divided.

    When the New Game + mode unlock happened, I blurted out "was that it?"

    I thought I was about a third of the way through the game given it was the first boss fight and I've really only had one city - Prague.

    I thought there'd be two more cities as I was only about 20 hours in and that the ending of having that AI tv person read all the consequences of your choices back at you like was so stale. I guess not as much as the Human Revolution's press one of three buttons. But still!

    Overall I really enjoyed the game but the architecture/scenery wasn't as pretty or impressive as the previous'. The combat was fun, I liked my zappy blades, and the rebalanced battery life.

    I don't know if I'll play it again given that Skyrim SE comes out in a few hours and then there's Civ 6 to contend with before Pokemon hits. I would rate this more fun than HR but definitely not as cool.

    I'd recommend this game at a $20-$30 (or less!) price point for those interested, as you'll get 12hrs if you don't do any sidequests and about 20+ if you're like me and did them all.

    Thumbs up~
  • If you do Breach you'll get more hours out of it too. At around half price I'd say grab it. It is only half a game after all.
  • I really didn't enjoy breach. I play Deus Ex like a failed assassin in that I'll go stealthy kills until I blow it, then just wait it out in the safe harbour of vents and pick off enemies one by one. I know this is a failed attempt but I super enjoy the possum's path and this is how I play every stealth game - tom clancy, assassin's creed etc.

    Now onto Skyrim SE!
  • How much playtime did you get out of it? I had my 35 hours save being lost to dead HDD and I am still hesitant about starting it over again.
  • I was totally wrong on my play time. I thought I had only played 20ish hours but looking at Steam, I'm sitting at 32 hours for the one play through!

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