NooBTooB's Week in Gaming -- 15th or the 18th or Whatever
  • This week's never got posted. It's Thursday. I just realized that! So here is a late one. As for me...

    Diablo 3 (PC): I have poured a ton of time into a seasonal character with @Winsord. We have gotten to GR40 and Torment VIII. We are closing in on paragon level 200. Basically, we've made a ton of progress and gotten very deep into late game. Still a buttery smooth experience and enjoyable game. I do find now, however, that the level 1-70 before-end-game process feels a bit too slow and unrewarding nowadays. There are a multitude of ways they could try to fix this, but I am sure they don't want to completely devalue that period of gameplay, so it is tricky. But yeah. The end game is so good still. And they keep adding so much content and make so many changes to make the end user experience more elegant and more geared towards the core gameplay. Although the amount of Torment levels is getting ridic and I sometimes wonder if they hand seasonal characters a bit too much on a silver platter.

    Monster Hunter: Generations (3DS): I have finished up many 2 and 3 star quests and my hunter is pretty loaded with sick armor. I still need to get better at mounting monsters to attack them, I am wildly inconsistent on success rate. Traps seem a bit OP, or maybe I am just expecting to be punished more if I misplace them. 
  • (PC) Overwatch - Still playing Overwatch.

    (PC) Rocket League - I had Rocket League on PS4 as part of a PS+ promotion but never played it as all the talk about "soccar" put me off as it seemed very little like soccer/football to me. I picked this up on the PC and decied to give it a go (iniatally as a way to test my PC) but found out I really liked the game. I've not gone online with it yet but might give that a go.

    (PC) Hitman - After watching several videos on I decided to buy the game. It's a lot of fun to try and figure out how to go for a target.

  • Fallout 4 - Finished it. Did all the faction quests and now just trying to level to 50 and do companion quests while exploring the wasteland. So much better than I was expecting it to be. This has eaten up most of my game time this week.

    Minecraft - The usual. A bit of digging and dickery.
  • I played a little of a game called Secret of Raetikon on Steam the other day. and by total chance it had a similar flying and grabbing mechanic as a neat looking game called Owlboy that I saw on Jim Sterling's channel.
    I wish I recorded my first look, I was doing and saying funny stuff as I played just shenanigans. (Funny to me at least)

    I played and beat the XB1 version of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons last night. It's on ok game, charming in a way, great visuals. Totally linear, really easy puzzles, they could have done more with the mechanics of the game. It's only about 3 hours long, and ends before it overstays its welcome. 
    Reminded me of Journey a bit, but I liked this more. 
  • Played a little Fallout 4 after leaving it for a short while and coming back to it. I am around level 75 and wow I am playing on hard and the enemies are terrifying and strong. Came across a terrible puzzle section along the lines of minecraft In an animus, most unenjoyable of the game so far, possibly the only part of the game where I was having no fun at all.

    Arrrgh my 3ds was broken in the middle of Pokemon, constantly giving me an error screen every few minutes. I took it apart and re-seated the wifi chip. I have not tested thoroughly but I think that I have fixed the problem It didn't crash when I played It for twenty minutes. So fingers crossed I don't have to buy a new NEW 3ds for Sun and Moon. 

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