Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 08/08/16
  • Lapsing into bad posting habits, and next week is unlikely to be any better as I'm back on holiday again, sorry!  Normal service will resume after that, I promise.

    (PS3) FIFA16 That torrent of FIFA-related spam threads posted in here this morning was probably my fault.  I make no apologies...

    Played a tonne of this - that early phase of setting up a team with good or promising players that you can watch develop is my favourite bit of a FIFA career, and that this version is at least vaguely up-to-date makes it that little bit cooler.  Notts County are riding high in the fourth tier of English football and just the other night were drawn against West Ham in the FA Cup.  I was fully expecting to lose that game (being seriously out-classed from a player point of view and still learning the ropes with the slightly higher difficulty level) but one of the oldest members of the team popped up with an early, flukey headed goal from a corner and from there I was able to hang on for a vintage FA Cup Giant-Killing.  One of the new tactical switches you can make mid-game is 'Park The Bus' and I was in that mode from the 7th minute in this game!

    That's it from me. No progress on Dust: AET, and with being away from Saturday-Saturday next week I'm not sure when I will get round to it.  That said, I am giving serious consideration to packing my PS3 to take away with me on holiday.  We're in a self-catered cottage and those can get pretty dull when you're sat downstairs and the kids have gone to bed...

    That's it from me - looking forward to hearing everyone's WiGs!
  • ARK: Survival Evolved (PC): I built a second house/shelter/shack and did some dangerous night exploring for item caches. I have a lot of gunpowder on me, so I just need to hit level 20 I think and then hopefully I can craft some actual guns, because my only ranged weapons right now are bow and arrow and spears. Not particularly threatening to big dinos. I am a bit dismayed at how much poop is required to grow your own plants, so I will have to work on getting the item that allows you to make mulch out of poop and thatch. Otherwise, I'd somehow have to have my character defecate like every 10 minutes to keep my seedlings fertilized. Anyways, that's enough about human feces.

    Diablo 3 (PC): New season! Didn't do much in last season, and I'd like to change that, so me and @Winsord have created new seasonal characters and played a couple nights now. We're closing in on level 60, and have completed the first of the 4 sets of seasonal achievements to unlock gear and stuff. I have played this game so much.
  • Big gaming week for me. I just built my gaming PC so I'm playing a lot of games on PC and trying to learn to game with a mouse and keyboard.

    (PC) Overwatch - I've now tripple dipped on this game! But it's so much fun for short bursts on PC.

    (PC) Cities: Skyline - I'm enjoying this game but it doesn't really explain much of what you need to do to fix things when they go wrong.
  • Dead Island PS4 - After platting it I went and did all the DLC trophies, which were pretty easy but grindy.

    Dead Island Riptide PS4 - Platted this one too.

    Dead Star - Gave this a try. Free on PS+ this month. Meh, it seems OK, but I'm not in the mood for this type of game.

    Furi - Another one free on PS+. I can't stand this game. It looks awful, the script and voice acting is just pitiful, and the gameplay is boring. It reminds me a bit of Nier in some ways, in that it can't decide if it wants to be a hack'n'slash or a shmup. Except Nier had other things going for it. Nothing about this grabbed me, it evoked a response more along the lines of "Yikes. Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!!"

    Battleborn - Double XP this weekend and the new character became available for everyone, so I did some missions and got some levels.

    Overwatch - Logged in to check out the Summer Games event. I like some of the new skins, but fuck playing the loot box lottery to get them.

    Minecraft - Making giant pyramids.
  • Dark Souls III
    Did some invasions, killed some folks, and just messed about in the Crucifixion Woods. New Game plus doesn't feel like much of a challenge yet.

    Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
    Never got to finish this bad-boy when I had it on 360, so I'm just replaying it now on the Xbone. Still stands as my favourite of the AssCreed franchise to date. Can't wait to go sailing and explore those wrecks again. Time to scoop up all those achievements this time around.

    The Fall
    A cute little puzzle-platformer on Xbox One. It cost me about a dollar and some. Seems like an easy gamerscore title. The developers also added in commentary that you can enable and listen to while playing. It's a great thing to listen to if you're at all interested in the development world.

  • Dark Souls 3 didn't start getting noticeably more difficult until around NG+3 or so imo. NG+ and NG++ will have items in different locations though, so there's reason to explore a bit.
  • Made an embarrassing discovery last night - you know how I've been saying that I've been playing FIFA16 on a higher difficulty than I had been on my '14 career?  Well I had a moment's doubt and went back onto my 360 to check and it turns out that, nope the reason this new game feels difficult is just because the controls are subtly different and I'm not playing with my team of megastars.

    Soooo, went back to the PS3 and '16, bumped up the difficulty to Professional...and promptly lost the next game 5-1.  Admittedly, it was in the Capital One cup against higher-league opposition, but the sudden jump in challenge was surprising.  Passes go awry, tackles don't land, shots fly into row Z...

    So I've forked my save and kept the one before I switched and will see what happens if I take this one forward.  I like the idea of a challenge and it not being utterly brainless, but when the main appeal for me is the meta-game and the Catch 'Em All nature of the transfer market, I have to wonder if I'll just end up getting frustrated at the players on the pitch not appearing to do exactly what I ask them during the, y'know, actual football bit.
  • Saints Row Gat out of Hell PS4 Almost done with the challenges but i mostly played;

    Free PSN+ games this month
    Rebel Galaxy PS4 Elite dangerous for beginners? ;) fly around do missions kill stuff, upgrade ship. I find it an relaxing game. Mission difficulty is wonkey though, i sailed through mission that supposed to difficult and got wrecked on missions that are supposed to be easy.

    Tricky Towers PS4 an annoying tetris clone

    Ultratron PS4 a retro shooter, it is OK

  • Night shifts still on going Stardew Valley is still is distraction of choice during my breaks, that and Monster Hunter Generations. 

    No Mans Sky came out Wednesday and I am amazed by how vast the world is, right now all I wanna do is play that game and wander round.

     oh and Uncharted 4 (finished the story finally).
  • What are you all still doing here?!?

    Also I can't believe my login still worked

    I haven't been able to play a video game in a meaningful capacity for the past 5-6 years, but hey anyways
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Hello @xombie5 :)

    Idk what we're doing, these people don't even seem to play games with or even like each other anymore. jk :P

    Not sure of you care, but it looks like we may get another NoobToob episode soon.
    Tobin and Yuzo are going to be at PAX, and I guess there's going to be a NT meet up too.

    and on topic. I was playing a bit of
    WarFrame everyday until my XBL trial ran out on the 12th. 
    Played through and beat Halo Reach on normal for the first time.
    Little bit of Borderlands GotY and Fine Sweeper on Steam.
    Downloaded MineCraft on PC, Only played for like 10 minutes.
    All single player because I'm a lonely bastard. 
  • Overwatch - Opened some Olympic loot boxes. Got a couple of new skins, almost everything I wanted actually.

    Neverwinter - Started up a 2H sword swinging half orc and levelled up to 10. It's not bad.

    Alienation - Played a few missions. I like it. If you liked Dead Nation or Helldivers give it a try.

    Grim Fandango Remastered - Platted this over 2 days. I haven't played this game since school days (which was a long time ago) so it was a nice trip down memory lane. Monkey Island is still the best LucasArts game though.

    Fallout 4 - I am enjoying the crap out of this. No crashing or chugging every 5 minutes, and a decent story! I haven't finished it yet, but that Institute twist was one you could see coming from miles away. I'm enjoying dicking around with crafting my weapons and upgrading power armor (even though I rarely use it). I'm mainly cosplaying with high charisma, stealth, and pistols. And I drag Valentine along for any computer terminals I come across. I don't give a toss about outposts and building settlements. Those guys can fend for themselves. There's a few weird things about the game that caught my attention, but overall I'm having a blast.
  • @Dr Flibble What were you playing Neverwinter on? I played the first area on PC a few months back, but my Laptop was so slow. I gave up after I got to the main city, after the first boss guy on the bridge. 
    Now that I got a better PC, I thought I'd try again. Though I know I should stay away from MMO type games..

    Thinking of MMO type games, I'd like to jump back on Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, I had a character around Lv78 on SCHTHACK.
    I used to really really want to play PSO2, but it stayed JP only. There are lots of English people on the JP servers with an English mod, but Idk if it's worth bothering now. Games about 4 years old.. 
  • Clearly Flibble has been replaced by a synth. Saying nice things about Fallout, dead giveaway.
  • Just giving credit where it's due. I'm no fanboy and will call shit wherever I see it, but I don't see it here. If they went and did a HD re-release of Fallout 3 and New Vegas and they played as well as this one has for me, I'd snap them up. I was not a big fan of the plot in Fallout 3 or some design choices, but I rather liked New Vegas. The thing that killed them for me was how atrociously they ran.

    Almost level 40 now, finished all the plot lines and a bunch of side stuff, and the game has crashed on me only once during all of this. No chug. No broken missions or other stupid game breaking crap. I'm actually shocked at how smooth the ride has been. Fallout 3 had me tearing my hair out by this stage. And having a decent (if fairly by the numbers) plot propped up by interesting characters has helped. Getting to fire up Liberty Prime again and watch him wreak havoc while spouting anti-Communist slogans had me gushing like a school girl.
  • Fair enough.  It runs great, which is not in keeping with previous traditions.  Far Harbor is good.  Nuka World is clearly gonna be good.  I would advise skipping the rest of the DLC.  There are also rumors we may get an Oblivion Fallout off this engine, sooner rather than later.  That would be pretty exciting.  The Vegas DLC was stunning, but ran at single digit frame rates.

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