NooBTooB Turns 10
  • Not trying to self-promote at all, but I wanted to pay tribute to NooBTooB turning 10 in some way.

    My biggest contribution to NooBTooB is undoubtedly the "orchestral" intro theme that started being used with episode 97 (the infamous Metal Gear Solid 4 episode).

    About 10 episodes prior, someone had called in, doing a sort of "live performance" of the NooBTooB theme on their electronic keyboard.  Tobin and Yuzo danced to it and gave it praise, and then encouraged other members to send different covers of the NooBTooB theme in.  I believe Locke had done a didgeridoo version four episodes prior to mine, and I became inspired to do my own.  I had done a few other versions prior, but I ultimately canned them because they weren't very good, and thus I created the version that we all became familiar with post-episode 97. (And it's still used when Tobin and Yuzo return!)  I had sent in many other versions of the NooBTooB theme later on, but the first one I sent in was the one that became the standard one.

    Anyway, I thought it'd be nice to try and redo the arrangement I made, staying true to how I made it 8 years ago.  Enjoy!
  • That is very cool and brought back some happy memories!
  • That's a year per active member! 
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  • Btw, based on the NT Facebook account, it looks like we'll be getting an episode from PAX.
  • That's nice.
  • @GoodEnoughForMe  Nice that they use the official site to let us know :P
  • I thought it would be great to have the first episode upploaded to youtube :)
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  • And if anybody wants any of the other early podcasts, they can be found here:

    It's a bit weird that NooBTooB is ten years old and that I've been talking to people for nearly equally as long. I'm very happy that the site is still going and although it'll just diminish overtime, I read every post and am even more happy that it's still going.

    I hope everybody here is doing reasonably well and know that if they ever need some help with something, I'll go out of my way to do so.

    I don't know if everybody here has Facebook with Tobin and Yuzo on it but they're thriving. Yuzo's kids are huge now and Tobin's wining and dining his way around the world. They both seem very happy and there's a constant stream of fans cheering them on. I love that they got that, people, out of his whole NooBTooB thing.
  • I saw Tobin's post on Pax and i got mix feelings about that, T&Y created a great community and when they stopped their podcast they just started to ignore the community they created, i had hoped for some more interaction on this forum from from them :( Maybe i am expecting too much?
  • Aww I missed the anniversary! Ah well, still glad to have remembered it :)
  • Well, to be honest, this thread was the whole thing. hehe. :P
    Not sure why that youtube video is gone though.

    @Epke I thought the same thing when I finally joined the site here after the show ended. 
     To try and give a cup half full point of view though, the site is still here. :)
    Not sure if that's due to just Sloth, or Yuzo too. (I thought Yuzo owned the domain, but I have no idea.
  • I think its mainly down to @sloth we have the forums still up at all.
  • Yeah, this is sloth's site now. I suppose it always has been. He just doesn't have his 2 top PR guys anymore.
  • You know what's weird?

    As much as we've changed, they've changed too. Kids, marriages, jobs... it's really evident in what they talk about in the newest episode. But I mean, they are still the same old jokers too, I laughed pretty hard at the whole bit about VR porn stuff.

    I live in a small town, for the last 4 years I've really hated my job, because I've been working with some real awful rednecks, but my current boss is kinda awesome. He talks about doing puzzle rooms with his son, who is a gamedev in Montreal. Him and his wife are both IT/Machine programming professionals respectively. I give him a free hour of work every day because he works hard to train all of us new folks in the department. And then, we geek out sometimes. He's a real gem.

    I guess my point is, never underestimate having people in the world you can relate to. This community gave me that in a time I really needed it, I've made a lot of friends, people who have genuinely cared and talked me through rough stuff and honestly celebrated good times, argued, laughed, cried, freaked the fuck out... together. Tobin and Yuzo have that in eachother. I think it's awesome they still do this, I think it's great you all still collect in the forum here, and I hope it keeps happening. Even however randomly.

    e-hugs to everyone, take care of yourselves <3

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  • Tobin and Yuzo are just always great entertainers, the chemistry between them is awesome. Even after all this time apart It is like nothing has changed.

    Happy Birthday NoobToob
  • Happy anniversary!

  • 10 years, and I've been a member for 8 or something? Time flies when you're having fun or something.
  • This is a link to a site that rates individual attributes of Noobtoob.  If you scroll down to domain age you will see that Noobtoob expires in July 2017.  Does that mean that this website will be gone this year if someone doesn't pay to renew it?  Because I'd be pissed off if a great forum like this is gone but the horrible Gamefaqs forum is still going.
  • @sloth Is the domain safe? 
    Edit: I bet it's fine.
  • Everything has to end some time.
  • If it is the end and I hope it's not, it's a shame we are going out with a whimper and not a bang. NooBTooB used to be great, such a community. Its a shame we are now 8 or 9 strong  now.
  • Yuzo holds the domain and I imagine it'll just be auto-renewed like it has been every year.

    I don't think the site is going anywhere soon.
  • Good because I need to start planning Noob's Choice 2017.
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