Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 01/08/16
  • Later than ever. Sorry, have the week off to look after my daughter during school holidays (and to have a birthday, but I'm well past the age when I care about the passage of yet another year).

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tail Soooooo close to the end...

    (PS3) FIFA 16 Not a typo. Was visiting some friends and their eldest son was playing this on his 360.  It looked a little better than 14 and had more up-to-date rosters, then I looked online and saw that it was on sale on PSN.  Bish, bash and indeed bosh.

    I've jumped straight back into a management career, seeing if I can get Notts County out of the bottom tier of English Football.  I've also set an additional challenge of no mucking around with budgets (editing world-best players into your squad or bumping up the stats of a few key players and then selling them on at vast profit) and also playing on a harder difficulty than I had been doing with my old Blackpool career.  I've been holding my own so far and have won two and lost one of my league games.  I've been ruthlessly pruning what is a pretty bloated and ageing squad and loaning in a whole host of decent young players (Iheanacho from Man City being  the best so far) and trying to weed out some decent free agent players from the chaff (they don't have to be too great to stand out at this level).

    That's it from me. Cling to your youth, rail against the dying of the light and play video games...
  • Mostly Dark Souls III, but I've got a review code/season pass for Telltale's Batman series that just came out so I'll toss up some thoughts about the first episode sometime tomorrow! Watch this space, or the next few.
  • Played some Skylanders Trap team PS4 fun if you are into the whole miniature aspect of it all.

    Did some Division PS4 this game maybe fun in co-op but alone it is way boring

    Saints Row Gat out of Hell PS4 finished the main story and working on the last challenges, need to do one annoying trophies, which is more based on luck, and one co-op trophy.

  • My working schedule is still taking its toll on my gaming time. I did however purchase a Macbook Air on which I have been playing a shit tonne of Stardew Valley. You know doing a bit of farming and mining on my breaks. Trying to pull the snobby bird who turns her nose up at every present I give her. I finally got her to like me enough to let me into her room so we all know its on now....then she just showed me her camera.

    Still popping Pokemon GO on whenever I'm walking anywhere and me and the missus are still going on walk's and what not to catch them little things. Level 20 now. 

    The only real gaming time I have had is with Uncharted 4. I am slowly making my way though the game. I think I have 2 chapters left. I have a 3 day weekend so the plan is to finish that up, play the first chapter of Telltale's Batman and make a start on Doom. 

    Oh I also picked up a new 3ds and Monster Hunter Generations. I'm only about an hour in and i'm still in the tutorials. This is my first ever monster hunter game and so far I really like how it plays. I guess we will see if I stick with this or not.

  • Ark: Survival Evolved (PC): Lots of time into this, which presents some very intense moments when you have to make a long journey on foot, and whose sound design is great and sight distance is too. The grind is real, and too severe, for sure, but the satisfaction in progressing along and becoming less afraid of everything killing you is really well done.

    Monster Hunter: Generations (3DS): I've basically done all the 1 star quests there are to do, and none of them were challenging. Trying out different weapons and techniques while I still can, lategame you want to know what you're doing in MH.

    Overwatch (PC): I still suck, but the recent changes still left Mr High Noon very viable again, and it's a great game to play with friends for sure.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC): Downloaded a bunch of mods, didn't really do anything but load the game and make sure all my previous ones were up to date and the game wasn't broken.
  • Dead Island PS4 - Platted it

    Dead Island Riptide PS4 - Finished 1st playthru and got all the co-op trophies. Just cleaning up on my second playthru now.

    Battleborn - Played a few games. Kinda bored with it now.

    Minecraft - Building stuff.

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