Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 25/07/16
  • Think we could all be forgiven for wanting to withdraw into games a bit this week.  Can't seem to move without hearing some horrible bit of news from various parts of the world.

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tail Getting very close to the end now, the amount of time I have left with the game probably dictated by how bothered I can be to go back and finish some of the side quests.  Fell asleep with the game pad in my hand the other night and walked Dust off a ledge to his death, losing one of the incredibly valuable Revive gems.  I'd have rather just reverted back to the last save...

    (360) FIFA14 Paul Pogba (the Captain of my Blackpool FC side, in case you haven't been taking notes) may or may not be about to join the club I actually support in the real world and I'm sure that won't be an even bigger clusterfuck for everyone involved than the whole Angel di Maria episode, no siree.

    Right, posting this late because I was up in that London for a meeting today - time to shut down for the night...
  • Whilst watching the world die in an orgy of Democrat stupidity and hypocrisy, European brown on white completely took us by surprise violence (nudge nudge, wink wink), acts of Japanese financial terrorism against their own people, and Pokemon Go, I have been enjoying the following too:

    Minecraft - Building stuff.

    7 Days To Die - Building stuff.

    Overwatch - Played a little bit since the latest patch. Blizzard have fucked their game, so I'll wait until they unfuck it before playing again.

    Battleborn - The community saw a bit of revival with a recent loot event and it seems to be sticking around waiting for the next character to drop, which is tomorrow iirc. I've just been working on levelling up the various characters. It's a grind-fest.

    Dead Island Retro Revenge - This came with the Dead Island PS4 remake (don't buy it by the way, only the first game is even on the disc, the sequel and this retro garbage are DLC). This is like a crappy looking side scrolling beat em up. It follows the story of a dude running through a zombie infested city trying to rescue his cat. It's awful. Why do they insist on relentlessly releasing crap associated with this franchise? Do they deliberately make it crap to fit in with the rest of the series at this point?

    Dark Souls 3 - More of this.

    Destiny - Did a few missions of the DLC, and mainly just trying to get gear and light levels to take on the harder missions.

    It's only going to get worse folks. Have a nice week.
  • Don't remind me of Dead Island :(

    Dark Souls III

    Started NG+ last night, and made my way to the Curse-rotted Greatwood. Nothing too special. Got the achievements for doing all infusions, and for fulling reinforcing bonfires, and the estus flasks. Picked the ending where you give the Fire Keeper her eyes. Time to tackle the remaining achievements, and take on Nameless King since I forgot to take him out last time.

    Got the ring that turns you into a white phantom, so I did some hilarious invading earlier and doing some fun trolling. Can't believe people can still fall for this crap, but I owe it to a Blue Sentinel, and some other people invading as phantoms.

    I'd love to do some stuff as a Mound-Maker, but nobody ever seems to summon us :(

    Need For Speed

    Playing this through the "license game share" stuff for Xbox One. My buddy bought it digitally so I decided to give it a go. It's alright. The live-action cutscenes feel really jarring though, and I wish they were skippable. I'm not playing this for story.

    The Solus Project

    It's just alright. The 23 gamerscore achievements really rub me the wrong way though. I feel like if you've played one sandbox survival game you've played them all.
  • @Manio you can also invade as a Mound Maker. You'll be a purple invader. You don't have to be summoned. If you invade it's better, since the AI enemies won't attack you, plus you can still attack either the host or the other invaders.
  • Still not too much gaming coming from here. I picked up a Macbook Air. Manly for work stuff. I've been sent on a course with work because of a promotion and I didn't have a laptop. I have been hankering after a Macbook for a while so I used this for an excuse. It's a nice little thing. So, so pretty. Gaming wise I have played a little bit of Counterstrike: GO on here. Not doing so good. I haven't touched the game for a while. 

    Apart from that I have been all over that Pokemon Go hype. It's not a good game, not at all. But its something me and the missus can do when we are out. We have actually been spending less time in the cinema (our usual go to date) and more time wandering round a park swiping our phones, we even had a picnic Saturday (I am a romantic bastard)

    Finally completed my 10 Overwatch placement games. Ended up with a placement of 67. Is that good? 

  • Platted The Witcher 3 PS4 last week, fun story great game, strange ending

    Played some Skylanders Trapmaster, PS4 more of the same with some added features

    And started to play Destiny light, oops i mean The division PS4, Don't understand the hype, game is boring as hell.
  • Overwatch (PC): Did some more competitive and casual. Still suck at competitive. But it sure makes casual feel like a breeze. Haven't even tried Ana yet because I am not too interested in being asked to snipe heal, probably wouldn't be that great at it.

    Monster Hunter: Generations (3DS): Cleared out all the tutorial and multiple level 1 quests, which were hella easy anyways. Lots of early material gathering and weak monster hunting as per usual. Still not sure what weapon I want to settle on but the flexibility in combat type and weaponry is greater than any previous Monster Hunter game, and you don't really have to be wed to one thing, which is always good.

    @nutta27 67 is reaaaaaaaaaaaally high. 50 is average. 67 is apparently the 97th percentile according to Master Overwatch. 
  • @GoodEnoughForMe itll go down I have no doubt about that.
  • Furi (PS4) I beat the game, but had to drop the difficulty down to easy to get past the 5th phase of boss 7, b/c it was impossible, days later turned out that boss was bugged and got patched so if I had just tried a few more days I probably could have beat the game on normal and got the trophies because no trophies on easy mode. :/ So I decided to try to play thru it again and I got to boss 6 pretty quick, but there is a choice in that stage with a trophy for not fighting anymore, I thought I could get that and then just restart the stage, but NOPE credits rolled and back to stage 1. I think I'm done with this game for now. Too bad b/c except for a few nit picks its a great game.

    Maldita Castille EX (XbOne) OMGs! this game is a blast! Its Ghosts and Goblins, but its really fun, and its from a Spanish dev who I'd love to see more of their games on consoles. I beat the game with the bad ending, and immediately started replaying it. You have to collect 5 tears throughout the stages to unlock the final set of stages after stage 7. Really fun.

    Soul Calibur V (PS3) Played a few rounds with my sister. This game is really fun! I'm not usually into fighting games, but I've been enjoying them more lately. Also went back and played a few rounds of Soul Calibur 2 HD to compare, it still holds up nicely.

    Highway Blossoms (PC/Steam) Started another Visual Novel on Steam this past week. Unlike the other one I was playing, I'm actually enjoying this one. Its about 2 ladies in an RV driving in the Midwest looking for buried gold. Really liking it so far.

    Thats it from last week, More Maldita Castille EX this week I think. I'm still wanting to try Dragon Ball Xenoverse or maybe playing Darksiders 2 soon. Not sure yet though.

    edit: I almost forgot that I tried the new The King of Fighters XIV demo on PS4 and I liked it a lot, enough to plan on picking up the game when it comes out later in August. :)
  • @Dr Flibble

    Invading as a Mound Maker was fun with the ring that turns me into a white phantom. I really wanna catch some newbies off-guard with it. Some dude in the Crucifixion Woods was getting ganked by some invaders, Farron guard came rolling in, the works.

    I ran over, he must of confused me for someone he summoned (thanks to the ring) and I helped him kill one of the invaders or something, but didn't get a Shackle. He was out of Estus, because I didn't see him heal so I went for the backstab, switched to Firelink Greatsword and took him out with the Weapon Art.

    Chap he summoned came running over, I got my shackle and vanished into the air. I wish people didn't know not to summon Mound-Makers though now. I've been hoping to catch some DS3 newbies like myself off guard.
  • @Manio, I think you have to kill 1 host, 1 blue sentinel, or 3 white summons and/or invaders.

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