Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 18/07/16
  • Games! Actual real-life games on a games console with a game controller in my hands...

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tail A bit more progress and a boss defeated - the zone I was in started out very hard and by the end was a bit of a cake-walk, as I suddenly figured out the Dust Storm abilities about midway through and started pumping experience points into that.  I'm creeping closer to that 1000-hit combo...Given the careful design of the game, I wouldn't be surprised to see that difficulty curve repeat itself in the next area.

    Still enjoying playing my way through it, although it seems to be taking me an awfully long time for what is a very short game.

    (360) FIFA14 I miss real football...

    Think that's about it for me, apart from maybe a quick go at Minecraft somewhere in the week.  What you been up to?
  • Work kills a lot of my gaming time nowadays. So my weeks are now probably a game or two of Overwatch a day and I also picked up Dirt: Rally that's some serious shit. 6 left, 4 right and all that. I like how serious this game is especially after coming off of Dirt 2 and 3 which are great games. Rally is just amazing in a different way.
  • (Xbone) Dark Souls III

    I was late to getting around to this game having only been playing since Saturday. I think I've put in a good twenty hours already, and I just defeated the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and have made my way into Lothric Castle. I rolled a Pyromancer like I've done previously for my first runs, and think I might tackle a Sorcerer as my next character, or wander around and take out all the optional bosses.

    I'm really enjoying it. I've only been invaded a few times though. Before entering the Dancer's fog-gate, some guy invaded and was greeted by my squad of four people thanks to the Dried Finger. He didn't last too long. Using the Uchigatana +6 with the Fire Gem, but keeping an eye peeled for Titanite Chunks to work on getting this thing fully upgraded.
  • Overwatch (PC): More competitive mode failure in a 3-man. We suck. We started like 0-4 before ending with 3 of our last 5 as wins. I played my best as Rein but we also had our worst team results so I dunno lol. Expect everyone to be playing Ana, the new character who is a healing sniper.

    Evolve: Stage 2 (PC): Still needs more content and more free content especially. Fighting an endless stream of Meteor Goliaths is uncompelling. It needs a good 5 more monsters and then needs to rotate like 2-3 of them as the free ones, not just one. Also needs some patches for the matchmaking. The base game is solid still, but there are so many ways this game could be so much better.

    Monster Hunter: Generations (3DS): Decided to do the tutorial quests even though I don't really need to, because it gives you standard quest rewards and I'll want as much zeny as I can grab early on. But man are they comprehensive. I might give up on them at some point. I've played an hour and finished like 1/3 of them. Also, this game is so pretty for a 3DS game. It's a wonder but bold colours and wide open stretches of land can be to handheld games that often don't have them.

    Fallout 4 (PC): Put a lot of time into this game but didn't beat the story. So I did some of it. With my new PC I can max all the graphics out, which is fine I guess, but the engine isn't as groundbreakingly pretty as it was back in the day of, say, Oblivion.
  • @GoodEnoughForMe  as far as iknow iy is still the same engine as fall out 3.

    Finally finished up the Witcher 3 PS4 main story line, now i am mopping up some trophies.
  • Been really busy and tired lately. I was playing Saints Row IV and liking it a lot last week, but my bookshelf got sent away for repairs so all my disc games wound up in boxes so I had to find a downloadable game to play, so I picked the new free game with PS+ for this month:

    Furi OMGs this game is fucking awesome! I love the combat and the art and the soundtrack is amazing! Its a boss rush game and for the story you walk or auto walk to the next fight while a guy wearing a purple bunny mask tells you about who you're fighting next. I'm super digging this game too! I'm not to far into it yet, but I recorded some gameplay and here are a few fights that I really had some trouble with but completed.

    Thats it from me. I have not even really been thinking about anything other than Furi lately. ;p
  • Overwatch - Since platting it I don't play it much but if there's a group doing competitive I'll join. I'm hoping Ana will come with a few trophies to chase after.

    Battleborn - A loot special started over the weekend and will continue for the next week or so. The number of people playing has increased because of this so I've been levelling up various characters. I also have some nice epic loot now that makes me almost unkillable on Normal depending on the character I use. I can regen health and shields faster than mobs can hurt me.

    7 Days to Die - I haven't played much yet but first impressions are it's a crappier version of Minecraft. It basically is Minecraft, but replaces cutesy charm with a more realistic Fallout style brown everything and grotesque zombies.

    Dark Souls 3 - Did some white phantoming for randoms.

    edit: @epke if you want to co-op Gat Out Of Hell and plat it let me know. I'm planning on making a start on it soon. 
  • @Flibble sure just platted Witcher 3, tried furi and it plays like a shmupp not for me i think
  • Was Witcher a hard plat? I'm guessing not since you got through it so quickly.

    Yeah we can start Gat maybe tomorrow. My TV blew up last night so I'm currently spending my free time staring at the living room wall. Hopefully the new one I ordered arrives tomorrow.
  • Witcher 3 was not hard just time consuming, the gwent card collection takes the longest and there are some that can be missed if you are not careful. Also popped in the the division yesterday
  • The Division?!?!? You want a walnut pom pom beanie so badly?

    You should have grabbed Battleborn if you wanted an online shooty game. Cheap as shit now and better than Division.
  • I bought the division really cheap, and now i know why it is shit!

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