Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 11/07/16
  • For the third week in a row, absolutely nothing to report on a gaming front.  Literally not a thing.  Often when I say 'nothing' in a WiG post, I actually mean 'nothing exciting and just a couple of evenings of Forza or FIFA' but this time I literally mean nothing.

    (Littleg) Mid-Life Crisis It beats dying, I suppose.

    Got to laugh, though, haven't you?  Or play video games I suppose - how are you doing on that front?
  • Overwatch - Platted it. Most of the trophies were pretty easy, with a dose of devilish for variety. I'm now focused on competitive mode.

    Minecraft - Same as always.

    Battleborn - Finished the campaign on Normal. Playing a mission here and there.

    Destiny - Managed to get Taken King for cheaps, so spent a few hours downloading and installing updates. I plan to find a clan and finish off the trophies I missed from before.

    I was also offered to join a Battlefront team. Does anyone still play it? Is it still shit? I notice it's only $10 to buy here, so I'm tempted.
  • Still farting around with Rachet and Clank and Fallout 4. Had family in, so not much room for gaming, just trying to keep the toddler ball from rolling off a cliff. I think actual dust and typography was coming out of it, ala Peanuts. I gotta get back into Uncharted 4.
  • Overwatch (PC): Did a bunch of competitive and finally made some headway. Doing a large-but-not-6-man group is tough, because it pairs you against 6 man groups then. Still not that great but getting a handle on competitive more at least. Grabbed some wins too.

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PC): I have done about 80 side quests and Canvas of Prayers quests, and cleared every zone's main quest, which kind of leaves me with 4 days to do jack shit. I was so worried about running out of time, but the reality is, I had like, too much with chronostasis always being used. I can always grind monsters to hunt Old Ones or whatever they're called but that's tiring. I'll probably just go to an inn and sleep for 4 days until day 13.

    Evolve Stage 2 (PC): It went free to play so me a couple other people have been playing as a group. It's fun. Requires co-ordination and good reflexes and understanding your positioning and map awareness. Just needs more content. All the maps sort of blend together (and there are only 4!). Needs more monsters. About 75% of fights are against the same one. We're like 0-4 against Elder Kraken. That dude is a closeup AOE beast. The excitement of trying to find the monster and then just glimpsing it in the corner of your screen and gunning for it is cool.
  • Not too much playing games this past week. I did manage to beat Super Mario RPG so thats something.

    Also the GamesOnly Podcast were talking about Saints Row IV, so I've gone back to that. I started it before Dark Souls 3 released this year, and then stopped to play Dark Souls. Currently about 50% thur Saints Row IV now. I beat this game once before on PS3, but now I'm replaying it on PS4 since I got Gat Out of Hell and I wanted a refresher. ;)

    Thats it from me. I've been too busy/tired for much gaming lately. Also SGDQ 2016 just ended, so I'm going back and watching the vods for the runs I missed. ;) Makes me want to go back to some of these old games.

    [edit] I just beat Starless. I got the Good (read boring) ending. I kinda want to see the other endings, but I'm really not sure I want to go thru any of that again any time soon. Looking at the gallery while I did unlock a lot, there is still a hell of a lot of stuff I didn't see. But I'm not sure I will go back to it right now, as I've got more than enough new stuff to play right now anyway. :P
  • Dark Souls III (Xbox One)

    I'm really late to the party on this one. Took out the Catacombs boss today, and making my way to either Smouldering Lake or Winter Town since that's what I saw some of ya'll calling it. The Lake didn't kick my ass nearly as bad as Winter Town did. Sitting around SL40 though, so I feel like some leveling up is in order.

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