Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/07/16
  • I missed posting last week's WiG, and I'm late this week. Sorry about that. I'm afraid I've had nothing to report game-wise and have been busy with work too.

    I did marathon the last season of Game of Thrones once it appeared on Amazon, but between one thing and another, I just haven't been able to face playing any games. I'm sure I'll get my mojo back soon...

    How about you?
  • Overwatch - Still pumping out those trophies. Found some people to team up with in ranked and doing a lot better now. Ranked is actually enjoyable with a good team.

    Battleborn - Finished all the story missions except the final one. I'm not really feeling this game. It's OK, not terrible at all, it's just meh.

    Minecraft - Playing around with mods.
  • Overwatch now and then. Just trying to hit 25 so I can try out competitive.
  • Overwatch (PC): My pace has slowed down but did play some competitive and some casual. Competitive on PC is a fairly large step up in quality, partly because people take team comp more seriously, so you much more often see 2 tank-2dps-2heals and other top comps that you just don't see in casual. It's also a mess though. Making the games longer was literally about the worst choice I can imagine for the game. It's also noticeably more troll-laden. Oh well.

    Final Fantasy VII (PC): Got through the annoying glacier/ice segment and got through the meteor section too, so made good progress. I'd estimate I am about 60% through the game. Still really fun. The writing remains some of SE's sharpest.

    League of Legends (PC): I had to create a new account, so I have to level up via bot matches before I can do PvP. For some reason, had a guy on my team who took the bot match very seriously. "I go top you fucking noobs" were the first words he typed in chat as we waited for the game to load. Nice.

    Dota 2 (PC): Played one match with people against the hardest difficulty bots and we got totally owned. 

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PC): Have poured about 13 hours into this, and have cleared the main quests for Luxerion and Yusnaan and am working through the Wildlands. Have also done about 20 side quests and 20 Canvas of Prayers quests. Fun game, not sure why I didn't get into it the first go around, considering I enjoyed XIII and XIII-2. The writing is definitely lackluster and it's not the amazing visual experience XIII was (seriously, that game still is sort of mind blowing in its visual design and splendor, like a Shinkai or Ghibli work). But it can still be pretty and the music is great, and Lightning continues to show growth and the build customization options for her are rad. The most frustrating thing is the encounter rate during the "dungeons." There are times when enemies spawn every few steps and it makes sections that aren't very big into massive slogs. Luckily, combat has gotten easier. It's rough the first few hours, but given that you only get XP from completing quests, they had to balance the game for people who basically just do the story. That means if you do a lot of sidequests, you can get pretty powerful.
  • Downwell (PS4) I am so mad that I wasn't streaming when I beat the game!!! I hit the share button but the run was too long and it only saved my winning run from the start of the 3rd area. ;( GREAT FUCKING GAME! I really had a blast with it. It took me plenty of hours to beat it too.

    Super Mario RPG (WiiU) I've been wanting an rpg to play recently, and this just released on the WiiU, and I thought I could get thru it pretty quickly. :) I've gotten thru the Sewers so far.

    Thats it from me. I'm still slogging thru Starless but its really slow going as I get closer to the end. Its just not very good. More Super Mario RPG this week probably. :)
  • Playing Fallout 4 a bit too obsessively. Spent last night drinking lager and energy drinks after the football had finished while playing all night. Started a homosexual relationship with a ghoul which keeps things fresh (and fleshy) , I don't even want to know the orifices which are being abused when the lights go out.

    Also now playing Pokemon Trading card Game on the side every now and again. I used to love it back in the day all because of an impulse buy in the local supermarket that led me to the online game as it unlocked various things.

    Consolidation to Wales but what a great achievement to get to the Semi Finals. I enjoyed every game they played as well as the way they played ( I cannot say the same at all for England,what a mess) .
  • Still addicted to Witcher 3 PS4 mopping up all the stuff in Velen before i continue with the story
    Downloaded some of the free PSN+ games these month, some i already had, I tried Furi PS4 which was already a frustrating game, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell PS4 only played the first few tutorials
    And i downloaded Prince of Persia Revelations? for the Vita but haven't tried it yet
  • I cant wait to play the Witcher on my GTX 1080 which is pretty much why I bought the video card replacing my GTX 780. The hair physics are gonna be amazing at 60 fps. I am too wrapped up in Fallout 4 at the moment Fallout is crack to me, I cant stop playing..

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