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  • With new Pokemon games set to be released later this year, I thought it would be fun to discuss Pokemon teams and how you put them together. Do you design a team based on their compatibility in battle? Do you build a team that consists solely of your favorites? Maybe you're an avid player in the meta game and you have a team that consists of Pokemon solely brought together based on viability. Whatever the reason, post your teams and the reasons behind them.

    Also, for those of you who are excited about the upcoming release of Sun and Moon, what are you looking forward to? What changes are you hoping for? And do you have any fears regarding the upcoming releases?
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  • Cant wait for Sun and Moon. Do you wreckon it will be worth buying a new 3ds for?

    My worst worries are poor Pokemon design, such as in recent memory their was a Pokemon (cant remember the name) based on household appliances which seemed awful.

    As for a team it fluctuates but off the top of my head.


    These are mainly just pokemon I have a soft spot for rather perhaps the best for the job. I realise they are all mainly gen 1 Pokemon but if i spent some time thinking I would probably change most pokemon in the list. Personal other favourites are

    Garchomp, Florges, Togetic, Golbat, Talonflame, Raichu, (most of the starters from all of the games) , Charizard, Machamp and loads more I cant remember off the top of my head.

    Basically I always have to have a grass pokemon that can learn sleep powder and or a psychic pokemon with hypnosis and things like that.
  • I've been wanting to purchase a new 3DS due to all the special releases it has gotten anyway. On its own, no I don't think it will be worth purchasing a whole new version of the console.

    The designs for last generation were actually pretty good for the most part. I think their balancing issue is in regards to cute Pokemon evolving into more intimidating versions. Also, they tend to constantly rehash old designs and concepts over and over again, which is depressing. I'd like to see some more originality.

    If I could make the team work it'd be:


    I tend to like Pokemon that are fast and hit really hard. The only real defensive type I have on my team is Ampharos, which I usually have cotton guard on to increase its defense. Three of these are starters that I've made it through multiple games with, and the other three are Pokemon I got to fill out various teams and ended up being heavy hitters that I became dependent on. 

    Crobat and Ampharos are the most interesting for me because I hated their base forms for the longest time. Zubat always annoyed me with how often it showed up in caves whenever I was traveling. In Pokemon Sapphire I finally got tired of running into them and tried using one. Once it evolved into Crobat it easily became the strongest Pokemon in my team. It was a complete 180 from there as I've added Crobat's to any team I could.

    Ampharos was different in that I desperately needed an electric Pokemon in my team in Silver/Gold. It eventually ended up fully evolving from Mareep and became a defensive powerhouse on my team. 

    Some other Pokemon I like to have as backups are Infernape, Blazekin, Salamence, Snorlax, Dragonite, Umbreon, Blastoise, and Venasaur. There are others I've liked, but none that I've used as frequently, or have been as important to my team(s).
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  • Ironically I have never bothered with zubat in any of the games until a couple of days ago. Now I have a Golbat and it is completely awesome. Quite a coincidence you mentioned that.
  • I haven't played a Pokemon game since Pearl, so bear with me.

    Gengar (Favourite Pokemon of all time)

  • Espeon

    Fight my gay ass.

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