Noobtoob's Week in Gaming 27/06/2016
  • I have been playing a lot of Rachet and Clank. Really liking it. Varied and just beautiful. Sometimes I throw the groovatron just to see the animations. I always forget you can die playing Rachet and Clank. It is not hard to play right, a maxed out bouncer kills every thing what don't fly. It is possible to play wrong. Not a GoY, but just a joy, nothing to not like.
  • Overwatch (PC): Five man group marathon play on Saturday meant lots of wins. Made sure to work on my tanking since that's the class I've played the least of. Didn't have any great games but performed adequately in terms of damage and healing offered. Notably higher quality of opponents given they try to match groups together. 

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PC): I beat XIII and XIII-2 on release but got about 4 hours into LR when it came out and wasn't really feeling it. Since I sold my hardcopy for console, I picked it up on the Steam sale for $10. Logged a little over an hour and a half so far. Remains a clusterfuck of writing and voice acting (both English and Japanese). Really want to beat it to finish the trilogy. The world is neat. It is still pretty, like others in the series. Lightning is compelling to a certain extent and she has had growth in her actions over the 3 games. Some of the things are just weird, like Hope being a kid again. I never read how this game went so I am curious what all happens to them and Snow too.

    Limbo (PC): For a few days you could add it to your library for free on Steam. I played a couple hours, which I imagine is pretty close to the end. Horribly dark and at times disturbing, great art style and sound design. It's still a physic-y platformer/puzzler by heart and that will automatically turn off some. It's alright. I don't find it mindblowing or anything. It is pretty and grim but playing it once is plenty enough. Not really my favourite genre but I appreciate the thought that went into it.
  • Very few games were played this past week. The new carpet is finally put in, and I'm slowing putting my games and movies and furniture back into order. I only just got my consoles hooked back up on Friday. So a tiny bit on Friday night and a little on Saturday is the extent of gaming I got in last week.

    I managed to play a bit more in Starless between the two days it took to install all the carpet, and I'm not on Day 10 of 14 I think. I will be very glad when I'm done with this game, so I can move onto some better VNs.

    Downwell (PS4) Of course this would be the 1st game I play after getting the PS4 hooked back up. I streamed a bit of me playing on Saturday too! I made it to the boss again and got to the 2nd phase before dying. VERY close to beating it now. I probably could have beaten this game twice by now if I didn't only play games when I was dead tired, but whatever gotta take the free time I got.

    Thats it from me for last week. I am really hoping I can scrape the time together to beat Downwell this week! I still have no idea what I want to start playing next, and I'll probably continue to push along in Starless this week too. ;p
  • Havent played too much with all the football but did buy a gtx 1080. But Geralt, creatures and co look amazing with nvidia hairworks and 60fps in the Witcher 3.

    Playing through a Fallout 4 restart i'm about 10 hours in.

    Obsessively playing Pokemon it took me hours to get all my pokemon from Soul Silver to the pokemon bank. 

  • Overwatch - Almost level 100 now. I'm enjoying the trophy hunt with this game. When the stars align and Satan farts, and everything goes just right, and you manage to kill 4 assholes with 1 use of the ultimate and that trophy pops, it's pure euphoria.

    Minecraft - I bought this again for the WiiU to check out the Super Mario stuff. Apparently more Nintendo only DLC is in the works to tie in other franchises, which I'm looking forward to checking out. Still a fun game to just chill out with.
  • Witcher 3 the wild hunt PS4, enjoying this immensely (maybe because of the places you can unwind :P ) It really reminds me of Red Dead redemption without the guns, just reaches Skellige.

    Not really played much other games, some warframe, and i just started up going home yesterday, but i just went into the house and that's it. Oh and some Army corps of hell on my Vita 
  • Overwatch and night shifts are my life it seems now. I only manage to get one or two matches in a day. Lucio seems to be my main but Reaper is creating in there.

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