Steam Sale
  • The Steam sale started yesterday. It has continued to evolve from its hype inducing rapid fire flash sales and temporary price slashes to now a constant giant block of a sale. I find it less fun, and I think a middle ground between 2 hour sales and two week sales should have been found. Like last year's or something. Clicking on the queue to get cards is also as fulfilling as a blank loading screen.

    Use this thread to discuss purchases, possible purchases, or inquire about games you might buy but want an opinion on, or to discuss the very nature of the sale itself, our perpetual rat race, and the eventual heat death of the universe.
  • Back when they first dropped flash and daily deals (Last year?), I didn't think it would be a big deal. I thought it would be good, save time and not have to waste time checking the site every 12 hours.
    I thought they'd hit a price point to make everyone happy, but a lot of games don't even go near their old flash or daily deal prices anymore. 
    I mean, there are deals to be had, but it doesn't feel like amazing deals.. you know?

    Also I may as well remind everyone of and the Enhanced Steam plug in. good stuff.
  • I have no money for steam as I bought a gtx 1080 (which is a beast of a gpu, I am not boasting just complaining about my impulsive behaviour throwing a load of cash on a gpu out of the blue ) . Thankfully everything plays like a dream on the highest settings, i would totally recommend it. But it has left me a little skint for a short while. My steam library is already huge with plenty of games I have never played but intend to at least some of them. ( That is if I can get away from playing fallout 4 ever )
  • Jotun is pretty cheap, it's awesome. Kinda like a top down Darksouls but drawn like a cartoon. all got dat norse god stuff too
  • All I bought is Lightning Returns. I should be able to finish the badge twice when all is said and done. Just this weekend left!

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