Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/06/16
  • God, I have 3 great games I am not playing while I play the most meaningless fallout sessions of my life. Some kind of OCD grind thing is happening that I must interrupt with Ratchet or Drake. Must escape weird gaming hole. Been watching a bunch of TV and thinking about a Roamio since they dropped the subscription.
  • Overwatch - Level 69 now. I've been playing it daily and trying to get the character specific trophies, but they seem to rely so much on luck. A lot of them involve killing 4 dudes at once with a special ability, but good luck getting 4 people clumped together. I've been trying to hang out with anyone I find playing that butch chick with the gravity ball ability and saving my super move for when she uses hers, but even then, if she wastes it and doesn't get 4, neither can I. I've unlocked pretty much every skin I want now, so I no longer even care what pops out of the loot boxes.

    Minecraft - Did some building. I noticed a new expansion has been released. Some sort of pvp battle maps. Don't really care.

  • I've been playing Overwatch in between running nights shifts. Lucio has become my main. I manage to rack up a fair few eliminations and helping he team out with a health boost is always cool.

    I'll occasionally do a bastion or soldier run but they are getting rarer the more I play Lucio.
  • Noobied by 1Dr Flibble

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