Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/06/16
  • Well that was quite the week - I'm still playing catch up on trailers and news from the Electronic 3.  Hard to pull together any cogent thoughts I guess...don't buy a new Xbox unless you're absolutely desperate for space, maybe?  Anyway, that's one type of media that I've been consuming (when I haven't been collapsing at the end of the day with a hard-earned beer in front of some football).  But what games have I been playing?

    (360) FIFA14 See reference to Euro 2016 above...Paul Pogba is the club captain of my all-conquering Blackpool side and seeing him do well for France is all it took for me to think 'Do you know, I fancy a game or two of FIFA'.  You never stop being an addict, do you?

    (360) Minecraft I can explain this less well, but I couldn't face the main game I'm playing at the moment and before I knew what had happened my fingers had flipped me over to loading Minecraft.  Dug a hole, found a dungeon, that's about it.

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tail Much like my experience with that other mechanically-dense combat game Dark Souls, this week I seemed to hit an unreasonable difficulty hump which I bashed my head against until I realised that a) I was using the abilities all wrong and b) my equipment was shite.  Sorting those two issues out meant I was back on course making decent progress, although having previously said that it was moving along nicely, I currently seem to be stuck between story beats.  Possibly not helped by the aforementioned head-bashing and also taking some time to mop up a few side missions (one of which unveiled a whole crafting mechanic that I was not aware of!).  A learning curve that I feel I'm still moving up along has meant that I'm still enjoying my time with this game...

    That's it from me.  How about you - are you also trying to take your mind off your country imminently sleep-walking into the worst decision it could possibly make in your lifetime with video games?  Hiding away from the horror of everyday news in virtual worlds?  Write about it here!
  • God, I have 3 great games I am not playing while I play the most meaningless fallout sessions of my life. Some kind of OCD grind thing is happening that I must interrupt with Ratchet or Drake. Must escape weird gaming hole. Been watching a bunch of TV and thinking about a Roamio since they dropped the subscription.
  • Played the first hour of Uncharted 4. Not sure how I feel. It's clearly following the blueprint laid out by Uncharted 2, but doesn't feel as refined. 
  • Its probably been about a month now since I last posted a WIG. Been super busy with work, so there still isn't much to report.

    I made it to the boss in Downwell with 1 HP remaining and died, so I'm getting closer to beating it, even though I've not made it back to the boss since.

    Ultimate DOOM on the 360 was beaten! Episode 4 was so hard, I'm not great at fps games. Those cyberdemons drove me nuts with their rocket launcher arms.

    I finally went back to Mortal Kombat 9 and beat the story mission, I wanted to do that before I start playing MK XL that I got on sale during a PSN sale the other week. That last boss fight in MK 9 was some bullshit though.

    And for some stupid reason I've gone back to playing Starless, like a lot... its still mostly terrible crap, but I can't seem to stop reading for some reason and now I'm on like day 7 of 14 so I'm about half thru the game now. I don't know why but I can't make myself play other (better) VN games until I finish this one. BUT... I'm not going back to see the other endings, probably.

    That is it from me. Very light if any games will be played this week. Getting new carpet in the apartment and its going to be a nightmare moving all this furniture. Also gotta box up all my gaming consoles tomorrow night.I'm going to try and get everything hooked back up before the weekend, but even then, I haven't been thinking about what I want to play next.
  • Mostly playing Red Dead Witcher PS4, playing Gwent, Killing Monsters, exploring, wasn't there a girl i needed to safe? Ha whatever, a new Gwent card won! :P

    Little deviants on Vita one of the free games this month, some annoying controls

    Oh some warframe and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, no more heroes no puzzles either. 

  • Overwatch - Level 69 now. I've been playing it daily and trying to get the character specific trophies, but they seem to rely so much on luck. A lot of them involve killing 4 dudes at once with a special ability, but good luck getting 4 people clumped together. I've been trying to hang out with anyone I find playing that butch chick with the gravity ball ability and saving my super move for when she uses hers, but even then, if she wastes it and doesn't get 4, neither can I. I've unlocked pretty much every skin I want now, so I no longer even care what pops out of the loot boxes.

    Minecraft - Did some building. I noticed a new expansion has been released. Some sort of pvp battle maps. Don't really care.

  • Just a little bit of Chrono Trigger. It's hard for my to get into because I'm a procrastinating bastard. and even when I do get into it, my old DS phat only last like 1-2 hours before the battery is low. 
  • (PS4) Uncharted 4 - Just finished the campaign and it felt like a bit of a slog at the end. I really liked the exploration and traversal but hated getting into firefights.

    (PS4) Ratchet and Clank - After finishing Uncharted 4 I choose to pick this up as it was on sale and it's a great game. I've never really played a Rachet and Clank game before but I like platformers and this so far has turned out to be a fun pick and play game.

    (Xbox One) South Park: Stick of Truth - I pre-ordered the new South Park game so this came with it and it's pretty much what I'm after, a RPG that's turn based and doesn't require me to put in 100 hours.
  • Overwatch (PC): Around 75 hours now, and feel pretty comfortable with exactly how things go down in the game on all maps and with all characters. 
  • I've been playing Overwatch in between running nights shifts. Lucio has become my main. I manage to rack up a fair few eliminations and helping he team out with a health boost is always cool.

    I'll occasionally do a bastion or soldier run but they are getting rarer the more I play Lucio.
  • (Xbox One) Slender: The Arrival

    It's shit.
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