Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 13/06/16
  • I'm way too busy on delivering hot takes and shit-posts on E3 announcements to play any video games this week.

    Only joking.  I've just remembered that I hadn't posted this week's WiG as I was about to head to bed so a full report from me will need to wait...

    Don't let that hold you back though.  It has been a week since the last one of these, after all...
  • Well was 3 weeks in Michigan for work bought some games, Witcher 3, Life is strange, Skylander Trappthingie , until dawn, and the bad dead island spin off zombie game for 5 bucks.

    Mostly played on my Vita, Geometry wars 3, Little Deviants (which is quite frustrating at times) Kickbeat (was doable until the final level), Girls und Panzer (the game would be more fun if it wasn't for that moronic control scheme). Downloaded some free PSN+ games for this month haven't tried them all.

    Mostly playing Witcher 3 the wild hunt, liking it so far except the auto sheathing which can be quite annoying
  • Epke, didn't you already have Life Is Strange? Weren't you raving about it last year? 

    Witcher 3 is great. I gotta get back to it before I forget everything again.

    My week involved:

    Overwatch - Played a lot of this now. Level 45 and closing in on that level 50 trophy. Seems like nobody is ever going to get the plat though since one of the trophies is broken and can't be unlocked. Oh well. I posted a lot of my thoughts on this in the Overwatch thread. I like it, it's fun, but it's not very fleshed out. If Blizzard drop some free dlc and the price drops a bit this is totally worth picking up, but for what it is at the moment, unless you REALLY want to play it, I recommend waiting it out.

    Battleborn - Only played a little so far. It seems OK, but I can't understand why they dropped this on the heels of Overwatch. It does a lot of things differently, but at the end of the day you're still mainly shooting things and opening loot boxes for costumes. Having the campaign is nice, but it says on the jacket that you have to be online to play it, so no internet, no campaign.

    Dark Souls 3 - Just a few bosses as a white phantom. 

    Minecraft - The latest patch on PC came out a week or so ago so I was messing with that. I wish these patches and extras would make their way to console. 

    Republique - Crap. I'm going to try soldier through it, but I'm not liking what I've seen so far. 
  • (PS4) Uncharted 4 - Onto chapter 14 but I'm not enjoying the game as much as I did Uncharted 2. I think I just can't get used to the combat and would rather just do the climbing and exploring sections.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Overwatch - Just playing the odd game with a few friends.
  • A lot of Overwatch (PC). Level 61, passed 200 wins a few days back. Still really fun. Community niceness has deteriorated a bit, so I can't wait until competitive mode gets released and I can play stress-free casual mode. My character I have played the most got a heavy nerf yesterday, which was needed. Playing really well with Reaper and Hanzo right now.
    Noobied by 1vampirelich
  • Her Flibbie, only got the first episode of life is strange until Yahoo killed my email and my american account is gone :(
  • Epke, if you were that excited for just the 1st episode you will probably love the rest. Easy plat too.
  • I haven't played anything for like 7 days, except for today, played over an hour of Chrono Trigger

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