E3 2016. Trailers, News, Rumors. Come, Stay awhile and listen.
  • So far, EA sucked and Bethesda rocked the house, but not as hard as NewAge, who is organizing this shit like he is getting paid.
  • I don't get the Xbox strategy. If Gears and Scalebound will be on PC, then why wouldn't I just get a PC? It's weird that I really would have been tempted by the new mini Xbox, if they had announced DVR. DVRing the NFL is the only thing I miss from pay TV. MS promised DVR last year, but dropped it. I am not really their market anyway.
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  • Lot of good stuff from Sony. Star Wars and Batman seem like good VR ideas, but I bet they are thin. New God of War at least won't have any yells of Calliope. Horizon had my favorite game play footage. VR Resident Evil looks way too scary for me. Man do I not give a crap about Crash Bandicoot. Kojima is so far from releasing a game. The thing I wanted happened, Spider Man game, though I thought it would be Sucker Punch, not Insomniac.
  • The most depressing news is that TES VI is a long way off and it sounds like we've got quite a few years of waiting still.
  • Not surprising, they are still doing Fallout 4 DLC. I am surprised I don't care about Skyrim remastered. I played more than hundred hours of it. I played enough. I may pick it up again when it's twenty bucks cuz trophies. What is the next region for TES? I am rooting for Cleveland. If you thought Morrow wind was grim......

    I am waiting to try a PS VR kiosk. If they ain't setting that up, they won't be selling me one anytime soon.
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  • VR, don't care.

    Surprised to see Last Guardian finally looking like it's going to come out. This game has been prick teasing me for so long I kinda don't care about it anymore. I'll believe it when I see it.

    RE7 was expected. I downloaded the demo today but haven't tried it yet.

    Interested to see what Titanfall 2 brings to the table, and the PS4.

    I really want to cut people up as Jason in the Friday 13th game. Please let it be good.

    Watch Dogs 2....hahahahaha. Fool me once.
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