Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/06/16
  • So a two-week gap has passed since the last posted WiG.  I have to assume everyone's been super-busy playing all these exciting new games and creating hot Overwatch gifs while I've been away in the land of Bakewell Tarts...

    (Android) Banner Saga Seems to work remarkably well on a touch-screen device (when it's not crashing intermittently - fortunately the auto-save function seems OK once you get past the intro, which was also where the game seemed to be having most of its issues).  I love the tone that the game sets out very early on (the first words you read on-screen are "The Gods are dead") and the cold, Nordic style sets it apart very distinctly from any other game I've experienced.  I barely got a couple of hours into it while I was on holiday (days full of herding small children around tourist attractions or along National Trust footpaths meant I just wanted to sleep come evening), but already I was getting a sense that there were decisions I was making that were going to work out badly for me whichever way I went.

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tale Something strange happened over the holiday where I didn't play this game for over a week and, whereas before I had been totally OK with Dust's motion, suddenly I was all over the place.  The game has extremely conspicuous animation priority on the movement and the combat, and I guess I was just previously dialled-in but this time I couldn't do anything right.  Possibly not helped by saving the game in the first cave to feature some precise platforming and spikes that do damage and bounce your character back, but I spent most of last night (my first time back with the game after the holiday) ping-ponging between platforms or getting to the top of long climbing sequences and then plummeting all the way to the bottom after fluffing the last jump.  Still enjoying the game though and, despite the long gaps in my time with it, the story is moving along at a nice clip.

    OK, that's all I've got time for now - how has your fortnight been?  FiG!
  • Overwatch (PC): Lots and lots, 36 hours of gameplay so far. I've gone from being pretty awful at it to pretty good, particularly as McCree and Reaper and Lucio, all of whom I can routinely run 2-3:1 K/D on. Last night was the first night I experienced some fairly consistent rudeness from some players. Luckily, as matches are short and there is no penalty for leaving, it's pretty easy to get away from any flames or trolls. I'm sure I'll get burnt out on this at some point, but for now I really enjoy it. Nothing like being down 99-0 in a capture map and coming back to win.
  • Witcher 3 - In the 2nd area of the game doing odd jobs for people while searching for Ciri. I'm liking it quite a bit.

    Republique - A very simple stealth game with the worst camera idea ever implemented. It's bad. Don't buy it.

    Overwatch - Level 15 now. As far as the shooting goes I have no complaints. The gun fights are solid and fun. It's everything else that is awful. You wouldn't think a company like Blizzard would make such a horrendous loot system but somehow they managed it. I'm enjoying it, but I can't imagine I'll last long with this one. It has no meat on its bones. A campaign or some more interesting game modes at least would have been nice.

    Minecraft - Still dicking around with this.

    Dark Souls 3 - Did some white phantom work for randoms.
  • I made the mistake of not jumping into DA:Origins when I was in the mood before, and now it's on the side again.
    Played a bit of
    Diablo 2 single player. I only bought it now because I wanted to play something online, and a FB friend kept telling me to hurry up and get it. now he doesn't even try to play it, and I'm not looking to play with randoms. :\
    Chrono Trigger, I started a new game. This is the 3rd time I've started playing Chrono Trigger over the years, I've still never beat it. Idk why. 
    Lure of the Temptress, It was a free point and click game on GOG, really seems to show it's age ('92). It crashed on me after a bit and I hadn't saved.. meh
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • (Xbox One) Doom - I finished the campaign. I found the last boss fight extremely difficult.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Overwatch - Playing the odd game with some friends.

    (PS4) Uncharted 4 - Up to the 5th chapter but I'm finding myself liking the parts that don't involve combat.

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