Overwatch (PC/Xbox One/PS4)

  • Orisa drops March 21st.
  • This is some pretty hardcore arseholery.


    In other news I wonder what the big April 11 surprise is going to be? I'm guessing whatever it is it will include new skins.

  • Yep, lots of new shit to collect from loot boxes. It does look pretty cool though. Just as I was getting bored with the DS3 DLC too.

  • The new modes are fun, yes they are.
  • Not really a fan of the PvE. It gets old quick when it's just the same map and same enemies over and over.
  • Yeah, it's gotten stale for me too unfortunately.
  • I still can't jive with how Doomfist feels, also I missed Lucioball the first time around and I gotta say with this new event, it's just not a fun mode at all. It feels like a poor man's Rocket League.

    The new skins are mostly meh too. Soldier 76, McCree and Reaper having the stand outs in my opinion.
  • The new outfits are kinda ass. I don't mind Junkrat, Mercy, or Widowmaker but the rest don't do it for me. I did like that I could pick up skins from the previous set for cheap though, so I finally got the Swiss Mercy. I'm more looking forward to Halloween since I missed it last year. I want that Dr Junkrat and FrankenRoadhog set, and witchy Mercy too. 
  • I really like the Widow, Soldier, and McCree skins. They're fun.
  • My luck is terrible. Out of loot boxes so far I've had both variants of McCree (the USA and swimsuit ones), the BBQ Soldier, and the motorbike Reaper pop out for me. In other words, all the skins I didn't want. I did get enough gold to buy police D-Va though. Maybe I'll get lucky in the remaining days but I doubt I'll get much time to play it. Maybe next year. I wish there were some kind of trade-in system so we could swap the skins we don't want for the ones we do.

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