Overwatch (PC/Xbox One/PS4)
  • 92% done. I just need to do the 4-kill ultimates for 6 characters and the plat is mine. It shouldn't take much longer. I managed to get Genji's deflection trophy, Winston's rage, and Tracer's 4 sticky bombs in 1 match done yesterday.
  • 97%. 2 trophies away from plat. The last 2 should be pretty easy. 
  • Platted. I am the 0.1%

  • The big D.va buff is almost here (it's on the PTR) as well as a big Zenyatta buff. D.va's defense matrix is now much more constantly useable, her ult takes 3 seconds instead of 4 before boom, and it can't kill her. Zenyatta is getting 50 more shields, and a big healing and movement speed buff to his ult. Slight buff to McCree by increasing his damage at long distances with left click. Self-healing will power ultimates, so anyone with a self heal (Bastion, Roadhog, Lucio, etc.) had their ultimate time to power increased, most prominently Roadhog, who got a whopping 45%. Mercy gets an ult charge speed nerf but it can be used while moving now, and a damage boost buff.
  • D-Va and Zenyatta are the 2 characters I've been playing a lot of recently. I've changed my mind about D-Va, she doesn't really need a buff. The problem is so many players just suck at using her. I've been destroying people with her. Zenyatta is the same. McCree is rubbish now so he could use that buff to range. Mercy didn't need to be changed imo, same as the other healers.

    I'm interested in the new character. Not sure I care about another sniper class, but I'll give it a go.

    I also read that competitive mode will limit teams to 1 of each character. Halle-fucking-loo-yah. I wouldn't mind that rule being put into quick matches either. I'm tired of troll teams.
  • Early (read: early) results on the patch seem to suggest:

    Zenyatta and D.Va are finally viable in high-level play! They both got big buffs are are pretty good now.
    McCree is OP again and is a super-powered Soldier 76.
    Pharah is completely countered now by McCree.
    Ana is ok but Lucio and Mercy are still probably the best.
    Defense heroes for the most part are shit in anything but casual and low-level ranked, particularly with McCree now a sniper
  • Wow. I hate the new update. I also hate how every other team now has either 3 Ana or 3 D-Va, or both. Bravo Blizzard, you fucked it. Game balance? What's that?!

    Also, Ana is shit.
  • Every one is paying those characters at the minute because Ana is new and D.Va has had the buff it'll die down. 

    D.Va was way too delicate before she definitely needed a buff of some sorts.
  • D-Va is OP now imo. She didn't need the buff. Now she's almost unstoppable if you play her well. I also read that Symmetra's turrets got nerfed 30% of their damage, which seems kinda dumb to me since they were already pretty weak. 

    Blizzard need to make the only 1 of each character per team a thing across all the game modes (excluding custom games), especially if they are going to keep introducing new characters and buffing / nerfing every other week. 

    I think I'll put more time into Battleborn or Destiny, or try out Battlefront, while Blizzard sort their shit out.

  • D.va needed a buff for competitive play. She does well in casual but like most games, I suspect they balance for competitive and then just try to make sure nothing is too ridiculous for casual. She was the least played tank by far at high level play/competitive, as she didn't do enough damage and suffered from having less self-sustain than other tanks.

    I don't think they'll ever do 1 character per team in casual play, and that would be a change I really would hate. Getting together a 6 man Mei or something is hilarious and when it works it feels awesome. It's not worth anything so why bother implementing such a rule?
  • I've not been keeping up with this topic, but I may as well bump it for this. 
    I came to post it to the PC Gamer thread, but this is for XBone and PS4 as well.

    Free weekend starting in the 18th. I'm going to download it on PC.
    I think it's about 13GB.

  • It's still really fun. They just released a massive content patch with 4 new game modes, a new map, a new character, and big balance changes.
  • I haven't touched the game since Ana came out so I might put it back in for all the new blood that will be coming.
  • I have it downloaded on my Xbox from the free weekend. Gonna buy it hopefully this pay or next. It seems fun, I just pray I'm not too late to really sink my teeth into it.
  • Reaper is so gooooood.
  • @Manio I just saw your facebook post. you think you'd be up for trying Paladins too? see what you think of that as well?
    The games do take a lot from eachother, but I feel like they have a bit of a different feel. 
    It could be because I only had 4 hours with Overwatch though..
  • @NewAgeRed

    Possibly if it comes to consoles anytime soon. Gaming rig is currently dead in the water.
  • @Manio I feel your pain, mine died a couple of weeks ago.
  • I'd sell my soul for the El Blanco skin for Reaper.

  • Manio, just keep playing, you'll end up with plenty of gold eventually to buy whatever you want. 

    What happened to those World Cup skins btw? Can they still be had? Or are they locked away forever now? I kinda wanted that Swiss Mercy skin. Are they doing any Xmas skins? I might start playing again if they have a Sexy Mrs Claus D-Va skin or Rheinhardt Santa skin.
  • The Olympic skins are long gone, I dunno if they will come back or not. They had Halloween skins, one was a sexy witch Mercy, the Reaper one was cool, so was the Zenyatta one, and the Symmetra one was solid. I haven't heard of any holiday ones but it wouldn't surprise me if they came out with some.
  • Halloween ones will no doubt come back around Halloween next year. I'm positive we'll see Christmas skins since there's been stuff about the holidays hidden away in the PTR (christmas sounding overwatch main theme).

  • New Hero - Orisa.
  • I've hardly touched Ana or Sombra yet, although I did like what I played as Sombra. Orisa looks interesting.
  • Ana is alright, probably the highest skill cap among healers, not that that is saying a ton. Have to aim though. Sombra has a really fun kit but she's too weak right now, doesn't do any damage. Glad to see a new tank added.

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