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  • grim dawn is extremely my shit

    sonic mania is fun but sonic has always felt really weird with how you control your velocity

    blue revolver is extremely my shit
  • I now know that buying a Switch was the right decision.

    Noobied by 1vampirelich

    February 28, 2018, the Demon's Souls servers will be switched off at last. Anyone want to go for one last journey to Boletaria? 
  • Man, I never got to play that beautiful game. It's a shame we never got see a re-release on PS4. 
  • Don't you have a PS3, Manio? Or only PS4? It's a shame Sony went the idiot route of locking the PS3 library behind PSNow on PS4. 

  • My PS3 kicked the bucket, so only a PS4 as of now unfortunately.
  • Well, there may be cause to rejoice in the near future if the rumours of a Dark Souls remake turns out to be true. There is talk that From is bringing the first game to the Switch, and all other platforms, which would bring the entire trilogy to current gen. If this is true, I'll lose my shit. 
  • Dark souls on switch oddly seems perfect.
  • Switch just keeps hitting those fucking home runs!

  • Looks like we're getting a new Tenchu game. I'd be down with that. It would also fit well with From's claims to be working on an open-world rpg type game. Running around feudal Japan stealthily knifing chonmage taking a bath sounds fun.
  • The single frame of From art in the trailer looks bloodborny to me.
  • Possibly, it could be the mechanism in a trick weapon, but the music is very traditional Japanese and the writing in the background is old Japanese too, with what looks like some kind of throwing dagger stuck in it, so yeah, unless it's Bloodborne 2 set in Asia or a massive red herring, I think the Tenchu prediction is more solid. "Shadows die twice" sounds more like ninjas to me, since the only shadows in Bloodborne were the shadows of Yharnam. Tenchu would also lend itself more to an open world setting. But hey, From are apparently working on 4 projects at the moment, so we might end up getting both! And DS1 remastered! Ooh, Tenchu with Souls mechanics maybe? Nah, might be a bit too close to Nioh. Whatever it is, it's got to be better than Kojima's latest self-indulgent wank load to the face. 

    edit: it could also be some kind of torture device. Tenchu means something like "divine punishment" in English, with the "chu" in Tenchu referring to the death penalty. Possibly some sort of execution taking place? Goddamn, Tenchu or a Japanese Bloodborne, bring it on. I have to stop watching this trailer, and go play the Surge DLC. It's actually quite a cool bit of DLC.
  • Elex demands a certain species of patience, a particular brand of mental acuity.
  • Can't believe people even play this trash, let alone that it was a GOTY contender. I'm sure it runs better on PC, but you can't polish a turd. I heard it's out of early access now. Bwahahaha. It looks like it was coded by chimps. And those visuals, probably should have given the job to someone who wasn't colourblind. Oh, but that tense gameplay you say? Are we looking at the same game?!

  • It's apparently horrid on console where the controls and pacing just don't carry over at all, but honestly, it's not that great on PC either. The community is trash, there's too much time spent looking at menus and running across empty fields perpetually, and the driving is really shitty.
  • I'm having fun with it :( but it's by no means GOTY contender.
  • I am sort of having fun with it. I haven't been back and played again yet. I don't feel the urge to. But the handful of matches I played were fun.

    No way is it GOTY. Look at this game next to a Mario or Zelda game with the amount of fun they are and the polish those games have. Fuck off can you even compare.
  • Sold my copy of Destiny 2 today. The grind was getting to me and with the revelations of how Bungie has been handling the game and content being locked behind the DLC paywall that was previously available to everyone has left a sour taste in my mouth.

    It was fun at the start, but the game just...felt lacking in terms of content, so I haven't played it since the end of October.
  • I just came back to the Path of Exile, the new league is great. I think PoE is the best MMO, and certainly the best MMO RPG. The game itself is light and pleasant, the music is so-so, great gameplay. I really like character development and creating your own items using orbs. After that, the trading system is great, because the main currency is not gold (which quickly devours inflation in other games), but only orbs that are still used.
    Sometimes I use the forum, sometimes with PoE Shops, but the most important thing for me is security. When it comes to buying exalted orbs, this is my favorite PoE currency
    When I want to buy PoE currency I used to use PA sometimes, but now I use Odealo best PoE Shop with cheap exalted orbs
    Are there other PoE players here? Do you know other similar MMOs with similiar currency?
  • @vampirelich

    Welp, if I run the Noob's Choice Awards again I have an idea what may win some.

  • Confirmed for all major platforms too.

    Who's ready to return?
  • Manio, I never left dude. :) 

    Not really surprised since the rumours about this have been buzzing for a while now, but glad to have a release date set in stone. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Dark Souls 1 is easily the best of the 3, and to have it back with a lively community again. Fuck yes! 
  • Especially in the DS3 engine which I saw tweeted today. I mean, I never left either. I just beat O&S the other day for the upteenth time.
  • My wallet is going to be in pain in May. Quadruple dipping and all.

    In unrelated news, anyone else think Blizzard is taking the piss with the Overwatch League skins? They all look pretty shit imo, and are way overpriced.

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