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  • Yeah, my first thought was dust.
    Building a PC, and reading about Xbox 360 RRoD issues. I've also learned that thermal past just gets old after awhile and becomes less effective. :\

    It could also be none of these issues. who knows. 
  • Yeah I cleaned it all out, it's still the same. It may be the thermal paste. There is a lot of people online saying they had to replace theirs. Oh well. I no way feel comfortable doing that one.
  • @NewAgeRed 

    Sorry, i didn't mean it like that, the moment that the console becomes like a dedicated PC system then i am probably done with consoles, and will be playing free to play games on PC only, as they make sure that the game works on all systems, it is their income after all.

    Instead of lazy publishers that make half assed ports.
  • @Epke It's all good. :)

    Gaming thought.
    On reddit I saw a few posts about driving on the right side in games like GTA which are in the US. and how it can mess with people living somewhere like Australia.

    To those of you that drive on the left, what do you think? is it odd to you?
  • Australia and Japan both drive on the left, and I don't feel weird driving on the right in games. When I lived in Germany for a few years however, it did my head in. Looking the wrong way before crossing the road. Jumping in the car and finding no steering wheel in front of me. Turning into streets in the wrong lane. Honking horns, verbal abuse. Ah, memories.

    Fun story. On my first day in Berlin I was walking from the station to my new office and there was a woman coming the opposite direction wearing a business suit, looking straight at me as she approached, all smiles. When she got closer she hocked the biggest loogie at my feet while calling me an asshole in German, then continued smiling as she walked on by. The birds in Berlin are classy, and perceptive.
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  • As I draw near to the end of Mafia 3 I thought I'd write a collection of ramblings about it, so here goes.

    First of all this game has been getting some shit canning because all of its missions are the same. This is not true. Easily only 90% of its missions are the same. This has been a long grind of a game doing very samey missions over and over again with almost no breaks in the tedium. Even the major "bosses" often have no special missions devoted to them. Some of them do of course, and those can be really well done (the freaky carnival ride, Olivia's party, etc) but for most of the game you'll be driving around the map making quick pit stops to relieve a bunch of goons of the burden of their existence before rolling on to do it all over again. The breaks in the monotony are few and far between.

    The story however, is quite interesting. A standard revenge story on the surface, but it also deals with the subject of racism and discrimination, and does it pretty well. Coming straight after the shambles of Mankind Divided and its laughable attempt at the same thing Mafia 3 is like coming to Schindler's List after watching Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS. This game starts off on the very familiar "whitey is bad" BS but also deals with the idea that blacks can be just as racist as anyone else, even among themselves as shown in the relationship between the US blacks and the Haitian blacks. Of course they don't push those angles too far, that would be way too radical a topic for the day's muggles to handle without melting down, but it is nice that it was at least there. The diversity is also in full swing with the cast of characters, a black lead with a can murder attitude, a female black, an Italian mobster, and an Irish drunk. While there are many comments that could be made regarding this new diverse fantastic four, they are saved by one element of truth; they can't stand each other. They tolerate each other to destroy a common enemy, but they hate each other. Bravo. That is "multicultural society". Tolerance is not a virtue. Anyone telling you how tolerant they are to get brownie points is really telling you how much hate they have stored up in their ugly little hearts. They've simply tried to twist it into a virtue so that they can continue living with themselves. Normal healthy people in healthy relationships don't tolerate anything. If you tolerate your best friend, or your wife, then my advice to you is to maybe start looking around for a new social circle, or therapy, one of the two. But I digress.

    Anyway, lets jump on the actual gameplay. The cover system and stealth mechanics in the game work well, too well perhaps, as the game has been quite a pushover in terms of difficulty, provided the enemy never sees you. If you plan to run and gun this game you will die quickly, as enemies can cut through your health very quickly once they find you. That said, there have been very few instances in the game where I've had to run and gun. They seem to want you to channel your inner Viet Cong fighter by remaining unseen and knifing people when they aren't looking. Pro tip: if you see a pair of guards talking in your Batvision, don't go near them. If you approach them you will trigger their dialogue, and after they say what they want to say they will start their patrols. So if you never trigger their dialogue, they never move. If you do find yourself needing to go through a pair of guards, just run up an knife them. You can get through the first animation and be knifing the second before he has a chance to raise the alarm. This is just one of the many ways I found to exploit the stupid AI in this game. Oh, and then there's the whistle. If you whistle you can lure an enemy to your position for easy knifing, and this can become quite comical as you sit in one spot luring every enemy in the area to your kill spot. Like a morbid Pied Piper Grim Reaper. If you get yourself in a nice position its even possible to lure the boss and insta-kill him, ending the mission in seconds. And depending on the mission type, once the boss is dead, all of his underlings will run away, so you don't even have to do clean up.

    Finally, the music is great in the game, but it's just a soundtrack of hits from the 60's so it's kind of hard to fuck that up. The graphics on the other hand, holy shit. They can look great at times, but usually don't, and I think it's due to the weather. The weather patterns and day/night cycles are insane. They change suddenly and jarringly, and unfortunately when this game goes into its night cycle, it is pitch black. Lucky you have the batvision, because the game will make sure you're blind as a bat for a good portion of it. Outdoor night missions have been a nightmare, made even worse by the game's lighting sometimes coming good for a few seconds before plunging you back into darkness. It's really frustrating because you can see the game you're meant to be playing, only to have it cruelly snatched away.

    TL;DR, this game is so much wasted potential. There's a fun story in here but it's buried under a mountain of lazy mission design and dodgy programming. Don't buy this at full price.
  • So herr Flibble would you say that it is better or worse than Maffia 2 (and how are the trophies?)

    And how did that German woman know you so well? :P
  • Epke, I think this game is bigger than Mafia 2, but not better. The trophies aren't too bad, mainly story related with some driving and money ones. The problem is I think you have to do 2 playthrus to get everything, which I don't think I can handle.

    I know right? Usually the spitting and name calling come later, maybe 2nd or 3rd date.
  • Ashes of Ariandel review by me -

    Also, I was curious about Mafia III cause I adored the second one. That's a bummer.
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  • Just saw this video about in game health. Reminds me of my page one thought.
    This channel seems good too btw.
  • Bought all the Dark Souls games again on the XBone. Damn does DS1 chug so slowly. I don't remember it being that bad on PS Triple.

    Speaking of Bones, don't suppose anyone has any of those 14 day trial codes going unloved in their game cases do they? I used the one I had so I'm good for a fortnight, but after that, no Live for me. If anyone wants to sling a few codes my way, much appreciated. Without the invasions and jolly co-op, it just isn't Dark Souls.
  • I just saw a good IGN video with Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny & Hermen Hulst. Talking about how Death Stranding will use guerrilla games engine, same one as Horizon Zero Dawn.
    I didn't realize HZD was Sony only.

    Anyways, game thought: Oh, they are using the same engine, and both seem to have some bio-machine vibe going on. weird.
  • FFXV is fun but it might be my least favourite FF game since the pre-PS1 era.
  • Nice. I own it on 360, haven't beat it but want to. was happy to see that it now works on XBone.

  • Nice indeed. Lost Odyssey was one of my favourite games from the 360. 
  • Lost Odyssey is very good indeed. Never thought power point presentations could be so moving.
    I liked it a lot and wish I finished it. Unfortunately my 360 red ringed and I was too far in to pick it up again.
  • I started writing for a horror games site called Plenty Dreadful which is run by the games writer for Bloody Disgusting. Come take a peek!
  • Game over man, game over.

    RIP Bill Paxton.
  • This can be Happening man! RIP way too young!
  • Game thought: Paying money to change your XBL/PSN etc name to fit in with a clan. 
    I've seen people change their name twice within a month, on more than one occasion. where they joined, then left a clan. HA
  • It's amazing to me how much work has been put into making No Man's Sky better. It's still completely and utterly without any redeeming qualities. I can't imagine it at launch. Literally every facet of it is complete horseshit.
  • @GoodEnoughForMe I know right?, abandon ship, call it a bad job and move on!
  • Bit like Destiny.
  • Or For Honor

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