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  • Any of you guys heard Jim Sterling's interview with the developer of The Slaughtering grounds? It is cringe worthy and comedy gold. This Robert Romere seems to live on a different planet (probably a planet made from assets bought from the unity store) .
  • Just 1000/1000 INSIDE.

    Talk about a game.
  • @8drawt Only some of it, back when news about them suing him came out. I didn't care to watch it all. 
  • @NewAgeRed They have no chance of winning the lawsuit. If they succeeded youtube would have to completely change it's current format. This Digital Homicide guy is really I would say deluded, he seems to have a poor understanding of critics and their role in media. He is claiming that reviewing / squirty plays of games which involve criticism is slander and a personal attack against himself. Anyway at least he is entertaining in an incidental way,
  • 8drawt, that's the way the western world is now. Criticism is hate speech, which you can pay me for. Thank the regressive lefties. 
  • That's not true at all, Flib.  Some criticism is censorship, ask the thin-skinned righties.
  • Trump has said he would love to change libel laws in the US. Ass hats of many persuasions can have a tough time with opinions they disagree with.
  • The last major lawsuit to try to shut down an individual or group in this regard (Fair Use) was Michael Savage, a hardcore political conservative radio host in the mold of Rush Limbaugh, and he got shut down in court. US libel and fair use laws are so friendly to just about any kind of speech that this has 0% chance in court, but given that the last major court challenge and the presidential nominee who wants to change them are both far right, it seems that blaming solely the "regressive lefties" isn't really apt. There are people who claim damage at speech in every corner.
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  • @GoodEnoughForMe It is genuinely scary how libel laws could adapt in the future in the US. Particularly if a certain individual was to get the presidency, I imagine far right policies concerning libel and criticism etc would become very backward and controlling. Arguing fair use is a subject that is very prevalent on sites like youtube between certain devs/publishers and youtube critics (or influencers which some devs/publishers classify people such as total biscuit and those who produce similar content}  . Overall these youtube personalities have a very positive effect on the industry I believe, they are very helpful for the consumers and also the publishers as at the end of the day it is often free advertising.

    @GoodEnoughForMe The case you mentioned sounds interesting and very relevant. I think I will go and have a quick read about it cheers.
  • So I managed to finish off Battleborn's last mission the other day and it pissed me off to the point where I'm going to rant about it a bit.

    If you're thinking of buying the game or trying to decide between it and Overwatch, get Overwatch. I know the 2 games are different but in all the ways that count, they really aren't. And Overwatch does everything better.

    Battleborn has a "story" that is maybe 8 missions which all involve kicking some generic samey aliens' asses before a final boss fight. Sometimes there is a mid-mission mini boss. Each mission takes between 20-30 minutes to complete. So you're looking at a 4 hour game if all you're interested in is the plot. After you finish all the main story missions the finale is unlocked and it is imo one of the crappiest final missions I've played in a while. It is divided into 2 parts, the first being a run to 2 points and activate switches within a strict time limit, and the second is an arena boss fight in which you fight almost every boss in the game AGAIN before the real final boss. And to make things more fun the arena is covered in holes and many bosses enjoy flinging you off the map to insta-death, which would be fine if you didn't have a life counter. When you run out of lives, mission failed, game over. It's not so bad if you have a team and someone can revive you before you bleed out, but if you're playing alone, or if everyone gets blasted off the map, that life counter drops quickly, and you're screwed.

    Every mission is basically horde mode defend the point or escort some shit somewhere before a final boss. The enemies that spawn are the same in every single mission, with a few additions here and there to spice it up. But essentially every mission is the same. The pvp is Borderlands pvp on a random map.

    Leveling is kinda slow, and after you finish the story you can then play through them all again on advanced or hardcore, but they are still the same missions. I have finished each mission on normal at least twice, and I still haven't maxed out the sole Battleborn I've been playing as, and if you are a trophy guy, you will likely end up maxing out all the characters, because to reach command rank 100 is going to take some grinding.

    Each Battleborn is unique, sure, but most of them are locked and you have to work to unlock them, whereas Overwatch throws everything at you from the start and lets you play however you want to play. Overwatch's roll call of characters is better imo, but some sad losers may disagree. Both games have stupid loot systems and cosmetics you can pay for, so in that regard they both suck, but Overwatch has more maps, and while Battleborn has a story it's so flimsy it barely rates as an advantage. Both games will also die once the servers are taken down, likely to come sooner for Battleborn, and when that happens even the story mode will be inaccessible. Also the pacing in Overwatch is a bazillion times better. Character selection, set up, in-game waiting between waves in the horde, all take ages in Battleborn. Overwatch is generally pretty quick once you get into a game. There's maybe a minute for setup at the start of the match and then it's balls to the wall for the rest of the mission. Battleborn is very stop and start, which ruins the pacing.

    TLDR; Fuck Battleborn.
  • NES classic edition is hard to not like. Two bucks a game for that list is simple enough. I suppose I could just pirate all that crap onto my Nvidia shield tv, but why be a dick when they offer a cheap, convenient, legal alternative? Everyone's fear is that they will short the market. False scarcity is classic Nintendo. Of all retros, I probably want to revisit Super Mario World the worst. Hopefully NX will not suck and will have the ancient library for cheap.
  • Gaming thought.

    Is there some magic rule in life that every time you flank a whole team in a game, and get the drop on em from behind, your aim goes to shit?
    I always do it. I'll move around behind 2-3 people, and start shooting at a dude, and fail to kill him, and none of them see me, then I reload and one spots me and I panic and do even worse on my next clip. >:(
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  • Gaming thought.

    Some day, Steam and Valve could go away. The loss of game libraries will be catastrophic, PC gamers will wail out to the sky.
    What should we call those dark days?

    Post your ideas here please.

    Edit: A word.
  • I thought Steam had it arranged so that if they go bankrupt, you had a week to download. Granted few have the storage for their library. Is that an old wives tale?
  • I have no idea. 
  • I think I read somewhere that alive had some backup plan if things go wrong with steam. I'm not sure what it was though.
  • I have also read about Valve's plan to make everything in your library transferable in the event of bankruptcy but then bankruptcy is all about promises not being kept so there could well be some tears. People today actually think their money is in their bank accounts after all.
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  • Console gamer anyway so i don't care, on another note
    Hope that GT7 will have similar mechanics as the recent forza, although i like the races in GT7, the rest is boring as hell, the must make it like forza or test drive unlimited 2 
  • I didn't mean for it to be a console vs PC thing.
    It's all good though, consoles are being put in the same position. Console makers are throwing away all of their console advantages at an alarming rate. 
  • Yeah, the future of both consoles and PC is one where you don't own your games, you either own digital rights or rent them via a streaming service.
  • Just broke 100k gamerscore. Finally.
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  • Grats. 
    I was always jumping between caring and not caring about my gamerscore. I think I'm totally indifferent to it now.
  • 1000/1000 on Dark Souls III about 8 minutes ago.

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  • My PS4 has suddenly gotten very loud, even in rest mode. Anyone have any idea's of the reason? 
  • Yeah, my seven year old Mac now runs the fan all the time. Never a good sign. Probably the fan in your case as well, but who knows. I think my machine is having trouble telling its own temperature. The first thing you can try is changing it's position. Maybe it will not be as loud in the vertical position as the horizontal position, or vice versa. If you are feeling ballsy, there are many YouTube videos on opening your PS4 with a T9 screwdriver and trying to blast all the dust on the fan out of the vents with a compressed air can. I am up a creek since you need industrial suction cups to open my Mac and all I would do is break everything. If you do decide to open your machine, watch several videos, be real gentle, force nothing, and give up at the first sign of trouble. Both of us will probably have our shit break because the second law is relentless.
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