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  • I often wish I could discuss and talk about random gaming thoughts as they occur while playing a game, or updates on what exactly is happening. This is not meant to be a replacement or anything on WiG, which is a nice way to some up a week's worth of gaming activity, but more of a place to say "hey, just beat a boss in x game and that was tough" or "really digging the mechanic in x" or "just started up x and am loving it, really enjoying the setting and the music and the mood it creates." Think of it as sort of a gaming thread microblog repository, where we can share and discuss any little ideas we have. Maybe they're not even about games you're currently playing, but perhaps you were just reminded about a killer track that features an awesome simulated string section from Chrono Cross and you wanted to let it be known. Things of a short, digestible, spontaneous nature that you wish to share and discuss. For instance:

    In recently re-playing Final Fantasy X, I am sort of fascinated by the massive design differences from X to XII. One is a linear, apolitical love story, (X,) the other is a psuedo-open-world, very political story. One is loved (X) and one is polarizing (XII). And yet the more recent XIII feels like, in many ways, more of a continuation of ideas from X and definitely not XII. We all know how that went over with fans.
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  • This is cool. Often I have thoughts on the games I'm playing in between WiGs that I don't always remember when WiG comes around. I will try to throw up some thoughts sometimes as I'm playing stuff. ;)
  • FFXIII still sits in my backlog pile, but it always puzzled me how people criticised its linearity when, from hearing them talk about it, the structure sounded very similar to FFX which everyone seems to love.  Of course, FFX and FFXIII were made by the same team, whilst FFXI was its own thing and FFXII was made by the FF Tactics people so that probably explains it.

    As an aside, in some ways FFXII is my favourite in the series - I loved the world and the look of it, I quite liked the shift in story, while the music was pretty good too.  Vahn was a pretty rubbish main character, but the rest of the ensemble (including Balthier and Fran) more than make up for that.  I liked the levelling system and the way the weapons were so varied in their effect.  Thumbs up in general.
  • I forgot how hard Lost Number in FF VII can be in his physical attack form.
  • Was just playing The Afterbirth dlc in Isaac Rebirth on PS4 and I forgot that there are a shit ton of items in that game, ... its fun, but it really feels super luck based on if I'm going to get good drops or not.

    I never really got very far into Rebirth Vanilla but I'm going to see how much I can stick to it this time.

    I just had a pretty decent run and got a bunch of luck boosting items which helped a bunch. But in the end I made too many deals with the devil and made a bad room choice after beating MOM and died before getting to the end of the run.
  • Played some more BOI Afterbirth today and I forgot how utterly crap I am at this game. There is just so much stuff in the game its something I feel I could play forever and still not beat it, similar to Nuclear Throne which is why I stopped playing that game to.

    Makes me a bit sad, because I love these styles of games. But with my limited free time lately I like to feel like I'm making progress and play something that I could actually beat sometime before I turn 100 lol. ;)
  • I like Doom, quite a lot.

    Multiplayer is still dick
  • I just started Doom. The weaken and then melee mechanic is amazing. Feels a little like Bulletproof.
  • Played 1 hour of Shadow of the Beast on PS4, and ... I'm not to sure about it yet. The 1st hour I played was basically me playing the 1st stage a few times b/c when you die, unless you have a revival item you are playing the stage again from the start. I was playing on Beast difficulty though... after a few runs I had enough money to upgrade my health, but I also dropped it down to normal, I completed about 76% of the 1st stage, now I'm debating whether to go back and beat the stage on Beast before moving onto stage 2...? Also I missed a couple items in the level too.

    There is also some kinda social aspect to the game. I dont really know what it is yet, but there are death spots for other players in your game and you can either gift them something, or devour them which puts you into a button mashing mini game with their phantom, based on some kinda timer thing... you get $$ exp for doing it so I usually do when I see them, but I've gotten a couple in game messages from people... idk it has not hooked me yet. But I'm still willing to give it another go I think.
  • I doubt I will ever be all that great at Overwatch, but the variety of playstyles via the characters and the general ease of learning means I won't be a total drag on my team like in some shooters.
  • Finished episode 1 of Life is Strange. This is some boring cringe-worthy shit! I hope it gets more interesting in episode 2, instead of more high school angst and climate change fear-mongering. The "acting" is really bad too btw, or maybe it just feels that way coming down from Uncharted 4.

    I also picked up DOOM, Overwatch, and Republique yesterday.
  • Up to ep 4 of Life is Strange. It's become slightly more interesting but not by much. Having a hard time seeing what all the fuss was about.
  • Finished Life is Strange. The last 2 episodes were a bit more interesting but overall this thing was rather boring. Every scene is basically walking around clicking on shit until you find whatever it is that triggers the next event. The rewinding was more tedious than it was fun imo, and other than that, with the exception of a scant few puzzles and stealth sections, this was Talk: The Game.

    People will no doubt defend this game citing the story as its saving grace. I have to say I disagree. The story was slowly paced and played out like bad teen dribble, which made the fact they made a jab at Twilight for the same reason at one point amusing. The "acting" -for I loathe to call it that- was atrocious. Whoever voiced Max has the emotional range of roadkill. The climax that the story comes to was also pretty crap. I know what they were going for, but they failed. In fact I hate games that pull shit like that at the end.

    Ending choice #1: Go back to the beginning and everything that you did in the game becomes meaningless. You choose the town over your friend (a town of generally unlikable shitheads under the thumb of a family of psychopaths).

    Ending choice #2: Let it be. You choose your friend over the town and let nature do what nature does so well.

    I've since read online that many people struggled with this choice. It took me 0.001 of a second to make my mind up. Be "moral" and sacrifice the one you love for the faceless many, or be "selfish" and save one at the expense of many. A "good" ending and a "bad" ending (internet's words, not mine). This choice, as far as I'm concerned, is no choice at all. That it capped off what was easily the least interactive and shortest of the 5 episodes was just another dick slap. They also tried to further ham-handedly push the "good" ending by not only having your best friend tell you to do it (out of concern for her mother), but also by implying that the storm was not really natural, and was in fact the by-product of the main character's actions. A nice bit of final emotional bribery to do the "humane" thing. Only Max saw the storm before she even knew she had her rewind power.

    This "greater good" bullshit is one of my pet peeves. There is no greater good. Anyone pushing for the greater good is really just trying to emotionally blackmail you. If someone made you choose between 1 or 100 or even 1 million stranger's lives for the life of the person you love most in this world, and you say you'd choose the strangers, you're either a liar or an idiot Sir.

    Whatever. It's a time travel story. And like all time travel stories, it makes no sense if you think about it for longer than it takes to put the disc in.
  • I should have posted this when the topic was new and I first thought about it.
    In the "Worth A Buy" youtube review for DOOM the guy made a bit of fun at how enemies always drop health or ammo when you're low.
    So I asked @Viiper what he thought, and we had a super short chat about the types of healing in games.
    I was thinking about how the way you heal in a game can totally change the way a game plays and feels.

    The common ones I can think of are:
    Health drops, from enemies etc.
    Health pick ups, around the stage etc.
    Regenerating health. 
    Then there're things like health items that you can carry, vs getting used as soon as you pick them up.
    Also healing items that make you regenerate health rather than instantly refilling it. 
    How about cool down after using a health item?

    What's your opinion? Do all of these have their place in gaming? Are some crap while others are just right? Which do you hate/love most?
  • IMO unlimited potions/health items that you can activate and are given a usage cooldown are the most elegant solution. You still get punished for too much damage taken or whatever. Regenerating health is the most flawed. It rewards just ducking and doing nothing for a time. We've all turtled before with it I am sure. Completely uncompelling. Game time where we are sitting around waiting for regen is game time that is poorly done.
  • I love regenerating health because I'm a chicken shit coward and I'll take any cheap shot I can get, especially in stealth games. But now that you two have both laid it out like that, it does look like cooldown heals seem most balanced across the board. I still would prefer to grind up health pots and just drip them into me to get around bosses I don't have the skills to beat and eek out an undeserved victory.
  • I've spent the last two weeks in limbo trying to find a game to settle into. Its either too samey like something else that I've played or just rubbing me the right way.

    I'm hunting some sort of economy-based game. The closest I've come to it is Offworld Trading Company but its $60AUD and doesn't seem worth a buy:

  • Crikey, Republique is a bloody awful game. Even at $10 I can't recommend it.

    I finally got around to Witcher 3. I ended up restarting because I'd forgotten everything and I'm loving it this time around.
  • Gaming thought.
    Every now and again over the past like, 5 years. I think about the old NES Wizards & Warriors games. and I wonder how could they be rebooted. 
    I feel like the answer is simple, yet it doesn't click in my head. To me it seems like anything done to renew this series would change so much, it wouldn't really be Wizards & Warriors. 

    How would you make a modern W&W?
  • Well this is something
    I'm watching a video about the making of Mighty No. 9, (MIGHTY NO. 9 documentary // Episode 1 [Official Version])
    And they keep saying stuff about sending their ideas to Inti Creates. At one point Keiji Inafune says "We're churning out ideas on our end, and Inti Creates is brings them to life for us."
    So I look up Inti Creates and they have a lot of games under their belt, as well as Mega Man games. and on there wiki is also Bloodstained.. whaaat?
    I haven't played Mighty No. 9 yet, I see it getting a lot of hate. I wonder if the issues are because of Compcept or Inti Creates.
    Seems like Inti Creates would know what they're doing, Bloodstained looks good still. so weird.

    Edit: What the heck, Comcept also has a hand in ReCore. o_O
  • Red, there's quite a lot of incest in game development.

    Anyone planning on picking up Umbrella Corps or 7 Days To Die? I've already ordered 7 Days because it looks like Minecraft with an R rating. Umbrella I'm more hesitant because Operation Raccoon City was a bit of a trainwreck. I enjoyed it, and platted it, but it was a trainwreck. 
  • Wow, Umbrella Corps managed to be even more terrible than Operation Raccoon City.
  • Flibbie i watched Jim Sterlings review it was hilarious, one step forward 3 steps back :P
  • Yeah I saw that. Angry Joe ripped it a new one too. I watched a dude playing it on Twitch on release day for about 20 minutes or so and knew it was a turd. It doesn't even look like something I'd pick up for $1.
  • Resident Evil 7 seems to be super fucking interesting right now. 
  • The demo of RE7 was interesting. It didn't feel like an RE game at all, and I don't know how I feel about that. It's clearly being made with VR in mind, which I give not a toss for. Part of me is thinking "what is this shit? It feels like they ripped off PT" while another part is thinking "the last time they moved away from the formula in such a big way we got RE4". But still, RE in first person mode?

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