Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/05/16
  • Well, here we are.  One week on and I'm in barely any more of a position to write a summary of what I've been playing.  Not that it has been that much in any case...

    (360) Dust: An Elysian Tale I like it so far, the story (whilst pretty rote - dude wakes up with amnesia and is being led by a talking magic sword) is moving along well, with Dust getting a sense that his history may not be entirely rosy.  I suck at the combat, because it seems to be very timing-based, but even just thrashing at the buttons is fun.

    (360) FIFA14 The end of the real season made me want to play this a little again.  So far, Blackpool have yet to have a game postponed due to a suspect package.

    OK, that's it for now.
  • Not gaming much. Been exploring the job market. Don't need a new gig, but always willing to listen. Anyhoo, little bit of Uncharted 4, which is gorgeous. Little bit of Rachet and Clank, which is beautiful as well. Stranglely, neither of them are digging their claws into me. I like them, but I am puttering. I may need to pick up the Valkyria port, nothing makes me compulsive like turn based strategy.
  • Final Fantasy VII (PC): Finished up Cosmo Canyon and made my way to Nilfenheim or however it is spelled. The rebuilt one. So far pretty easy going as I am getting all the enemy skills and items I need. Still really like it.

    Final Fantasy X (PC): The X and X-2 HD version hit Steam the other day and I logged 9-10 hours in X over the weekend. This is a really interesting game to come back to in a post XIII world, because it is every bit as linear, but people love X like few other FF games. I wonder if the world has moved on from the series fundamentally. Anyways, FF X introduced some slight annoyances to the series that were continued in XII, namely, some super duper early hidden treasure chests that if you don't get, you're fucked in terms of getting some of the most powerful weapons. The party switching is way more elegant than XIII's hard separation, and I wish this was how they handled all the characters. It features some of the most over-the-top and fun summons of the series. Tidus is kind of a brat still but his heart is in the right place. I just got to the part where they try to trap and destroy Sin using Al Bhed machina and stuff. One of the more slog-y sections, just a ton of combat that eventually wears on your resources. X definitely ingratiates you to the main relationship well. It is still a pretty game. Luca is nice. Fun cast of characters, really good game, think 7 through 12 was the high point of the series, with both the former and the latter probably my favourites. 

    Tree of Savior (PC): Played about an hour with Winsord and Xero560 on a new character. I still think it's really flawed. The healing mechanic is a mess because basically all your spells are cast out right in front of you, and the game uses a grid, so all your spells are like "fill two squares in front of you with a healing/buff/ AOE." Blech. What a clunky way to handle it.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Started and about halfway done with my 5th character, Mr Sac Gargler.

    Mario Maker - Unlocked all the parts and played a few stages.

    Mario Kart 8 - Unlocked most characters now.

    Borderlands Pre-Sequel - Gave epke a hand, and a stack of guns and gear.

    Lego Avengers - Did another level or 2.
  • I haven't really had the energy for anything. My last week has been spent in bed feeling sorry for my self listening to podcasts.

    I have pneumonia. Don't ask me how I caught that on the hottest week of the year but I managed it.

    I'm feeling a lot better now and have managed to muster the concentration enough to put a bit of time into Uncharted 4 but that's all. Just finished the section in Scotland. This is totally Uncharteted. I love it.
  • Dark Souls 3 (PS4) I picked the 1st ending I wanted to get and I watched it and the credits, and I decided not to move onto NG+ right now. I'm taking a little break from the game until the dlc drops by the end of the year. Fun game and a bit shorter than the other Souls games.

    thats enough of that... ;) I started this game up on Friday evening after some Dark Souls and I beat it last night. It was decent fun. Very puzzly, I played this when I was tired so I only did 4 or 5 stages at a time before my brain got tired and I had to take a break. It turned out to be a lovely distraction to fill the void after I beat Dark Souls until I figure out what I want to play next.

    That's it from me for last week. I'm still getting slammed at work and my allergies are still giving me trouble, so not sure how much game time I will have this week or even what I fucking want to play now. I'm thinking maybe Shadow of the Beast on PS4 if its not too much $. ;)
  • Mad Max PS4 Still working on some challenges 

    Borderlands The Pre sequel PS3 Just killed the AI again, i really liked her Jack is a dick, maybe i should play the first game again, just too murder the bastard, Flibble helped me level up some

    Warframe PS4 Getting this mastery rank is hard :(

    WWE '13 PS3 played this a for a while, but because THQ is no more, so there are no servers anymore.

    Table top Racer:World tour PS4 Played some Championships

    Switch galaxy Ultra PS4 Played this a little, my reaction time sucks.

    God of war Ghost of sparta Vita Angry dude killing stuff, must be offended quickly
  • (PS4) Dark Souls 3 - I got to the end of the game and got the basic ending. Great game in general.

    (Xbox One) Doom - I got a little caught up in the hype and picked up Doom. I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer beta but I've only just started the campaign and so far so good. It's a great looking game.
  • Hey I played a whole hour of Dragon Age: Origins last night. that's something.

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