Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/05/16
  • Try to contain your disappointment, but I can't write anything right now.  You'll have to use your imagination in the interim, it's probably only Footie, Forza or Flipppin' Minecraft anyway...
  • Tried Forza 6 Apex on PC. It's pretty great. Same Forza as Forza 6, basically. Just free, and limited in that regard. Great spot to jump in. Also has dynamic video options that prioritize framerate, so if you're dropping, it'll switch things off on the fly. Great enhancement.

    Ended up with more Dark Souls 3 on NG+. I felt done with the game once I beat it, but eventually it got its hooks in me again, somehow. The Cathedral of the Deep is still nerve wracking your first time through. Everything can just abuse your butthole like no other. Once you ride that wave, can't nothin' stop you. That's the breaking point in the game.

    About to beat Pokemon Y, finally. Been a long time comin.

    Still playing One Piece Treasure Cruise. Been playing it for a year now. Love it. Great mobile game.

    HITMAN's second episode is incredible and the best the series has been. A+ game still.

  • Diablo 3 (PC): Started a new seasonal character but didn't get too far, completed about 30% of the season objectives to get my free armor set. They're much harder this season, and to get all the vanity stuff you have to progress really far. Still want to at least hit the level cap on this character, but I am a bit burnt out from playing so much last season.

    Overwatch (PC): Played a lot of the open beta, and it's fun, especially in groups. It's pretty casual and accessible and competitive. Nice variety of heroes and maps. Absolutely a shooter you can come back to after awhile off and not get totally sandblasted. I'll be picking it up on PC if anyone wants to play.

    Morrowind (PC): Started playing only to remember that I've done most of the fun quests. So I started to go through the story. Might be THE LAST TIME EVER I play this game because I've just spent so much time with it and know too much of it.
  • I've just been making my way through the first Diablo game. No mods, haven't tried online play. and I don't have the Hellfire expansion. I think I'm almost done with single player.

    I need to finish Dragon Age: Origins. I've been planning on playing it all week.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Lots of phantom helping and red hunting.

    Minecraft - I was dicking about with a mod that allowed you to make Japanese trains and rail systems.

    Mario Kart 8 - Since I haven't turned on my WiiU in a while I bought some new games for it. MK8 is fun, because it's an MK game. They're always fun.

    Super Mario Maker - The other game I bought. It's Little Big Planet done Mario style. The BabyMetal stage was fun, and I've mainly been playing these event stages rather than making my own or playing random people's stages, but I'll give them all a go eventually.
  • Mad Max PS4 Finished the story missions, liked the game, fighting has some annoying timing issues, the end boss fight was kind of anticlimactic, and most of the bosses are the same. 

    Borderlands The Pre sequel PS3 Going through my second playthrough gettting killed way to easily even do i am at same level or higher.

    Warframe PS4 Still trying to get a new mastery rank and not having a mouse and keyboard is a detriment :(

    Tried some of the PSN free games these month
    Bionic commando rearmed 2 PS3 side scrolling shooter and platformer, only tried level 1

    Table top Racer:World tour PS4 mario cart clone which is quite enjoyable

    Tropico 5 PS4  strategy game? haven't finished the tutorial yet

    Switch galaxy Ultra PS4 Puzzle racer, going from a to b alone on tracks without hitting gates that slow you down, kind of meh, but relaxing ;)

    God of war Ghost of sparta Vita It is a ghost of war game bloody combat same as the others.

  • Epke if you want me to power level you in Borderlands or give you some epic loots let me know.
  • (PS4) Dark Souls 3 - I did a check online and I think I have a total of 3 bosses (including optional bosses) to go before I finish the game but I'm really struggling on one and I've heard another is one of the toughest in the game. So I've spent most of my time running round in a loop levelling up.
  • Dark Souls 3 (PS4) I'm getting really close to the end of the game now, only 2 bosses left. I have missed a bunch of NPC side stuff this 1st play thur so while I'm definitely playing NG+ to see the other endings I'm not sure I'll do it right away, nor am I sure I feel like grinding covenant items to get the platinum, so this might be the 1st Souls games besides Demon's Souls that I don't get the Platinum trophy in. ;p Again not sure on that yet.

    As I have been super short on free time and energy no other games have really had my eye. Sure there are like 5 other games I'm wanting to try out/dive into right now! Dark Souls has consumed all my free time. So much so I can't even recall what those other games are at the moment ;p
  • Flibble man that would be nice!
  • Vamp, if you want to boost the boostable covenants I can help you out. You can't get everything that way but you can lessen the grind. The only covenants you'd have to grind would be the Aldritch Faithful, the Hounds, and the Darkmoon Blades. The pale tongues and bones can be boosted pretty easily if you have a host willing to die over and over again.

    Epke, OK, next time you're playing it lemme know.
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