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    Uncharted 4 is almost here. Who's buying it? I've been hearing good things, and need something to drag me away from Dark Souls 3. 

    Expectations, impressions, criticisms, comments. Go!
  • Got the game pre-ordered. My original plan was to play this after completing Dark Souls 3 but I doubt I'll get that done before the 10th so I'm going to try and switch between the 2.

    The game looks visually amazing so I'm looking forward to seeing all the environments and everything.
  • GoY contender, obviously. Also ordered, we will see if I have the energy for a midnight launch. Maybe Horizon or Spider Man (if the Sucker Punch rumors are true) will be better or more interesting, but no game is more assuradly excellent. I went from no games to behind on games. Ratchet and Clank are great, but who has the time?
  • Probably starting this tonight. I've managed to keep myself spoiler free (mainly because everyone is talking about DOOM instead) so I'm happy about that.
  • I'm at about chapter 12 now (dicking about with the 12 towers in Madagascar). The game is good, but it feels a bit too cinematic for me. I don't really feel like I'm doing much, just a spectator along for the ride. There have only been about 3 or so biggish gun battles to speak of, with plenty of jumpy jumpy and a few 5 minute puzzles. I'm playing on Hard (why can't they just make Crushing available from the start ffs?) and so far everything has been a pushover. The story and characters are decent, but I think the earlier games were better, because they had more game to them. This one feels designed for the lowest common denominator.

    I also tried the multiplayer, and I think I'll be done with it well before that final online trophy pops. I'm not a fan of the lottery unlock system, nor having the option to skip the fuss of earning in-game points and just paying more real money to unlock everything. Meh, Uncharted has never had good multiplayer, so I'm not too bothered.
  • This is one of the few games that makes me want to pick up a PS4.
  • Chapter 20 or so now. Had a few more gunfights, but still nothing too taxing. I feel like I'm closing in on the ending, and there hasn't been any paranormal shit yet. This installment in the series is just a normal non-supernatural yarn perhaps?
  • Is there any supernatural stuff?

    I felt like that ruined Uncharted 1 for me.
  • Finished it. No supernatural stuff at all. Just a good pirate story.

    I thought the final boss fight was pretty awful, but I enjoyed just about everything else in the game. I do wonder how the bad guys were getting APCs and other assault vehicles onto the final areas of the game (it was supposed to be a lost city and all run down, yet the bad guys are moving about in trucks??).
  • Finished the multiplayer trophies. Not a game mode I'm ever planning to touch again. It's not fun, and those unlocks are bullshit. Another game ruined by micro-transactions, well, I say ruined, but in this case I guess I mean "made even worse" since the online has always sucked balls.
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  • Finished it few days ago. Enjoyed it, but it kinda felt forced. As Fibble said, the lack of supernatural stuff kinda felt a bit disappointing to me. Also thought the villain was a bit flakey  
  • Disappointing. The supernatural stuff was THE WORST parts of earlier games. The last act reveal of ooh mystery mcguffin made everyone into so and so or these blue people protect this. Was utter bollocks and were probably the only things i disliked about those previous games.
  • So you disliked all the endings prior the Uncharted 4 :P?

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