It's Official, GOP Loses Its Damn Mind
  • You know what, I can understand people's issues with Hillary Clinton in regards to the management of her emails as Secretary of State, or the fact her election victory would mean that four of last five presidents would have been a Bush or a Clinton. But comparing Hillary to Hitler just means you're not using valid arguments about why she shouldn't be elected and just being a simpleton. 

    No one here is saying you can't say these things because A) No one has taken your posts down and B) Quite frankly, only about six active forum members will read this. 

    I will defend your right to make these stupid comparisons, but that doesn't mean other people cannot think you're a fuck nugget. 
  • Well herr Flibble if you have to choose between chtulhu and lucifer, i would choose Lucifer, as one wants to be in control and one just wants the world to burn, Hillary is still the lesser of 2 evils, and i want Hillary to shag all the male (or female) interns in the white house just to get back at Bill :P
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  • No one should ever get compared to Hitler and the Nazi's until their actions are comparable. 

  • Trump spent the weekend bad mouthing the family of a dead American army captain.  His supporters continue to do contortions to back behavior that has literally never been ok before.  Maybe they should get T-shirts.

    Trump 2016
    Bigotry before Sacrifice
  • VFW has now condemned Trumps attacks on the Khan family. You wonder if he has to punch a baby, twice, on TV, for some of his supporters to reconsider.
  • His claim about being able to shoot someone and still have support is probably the only true thing he's claimed all campaign long.
  • As if to test my previous statement, Trump had a baby thrown out of his rally. Between that and refusing to endorse congressional leaders of the Republican party, this is looking more and more like performance art. I think his poll numbers will crater, but I have been repeatedly proven to be out of touch with the average level of decency in my homeland. I mean, Dakota Meyers, medal of honor recipient, impending Palin family member, Dakota Meyers has said he has to apologize to the Khans. If you don't have that vote as a Republican, you must be doomed, but that is only based on political reality and faith in my fellow man.
  • Reportedly, Trump has also repeatedly asked his security advisors why we can't preemptively use nuclear weapons. Jumping the shark doesn't even begin to appropriately sum up this.
  • Trump supporters are acting like zealot, if you do not see it our way you are heretics!, to the stake!
  • More of congress is bailing on Trump, along with 50 republican security experts. Goldwater did not get this sort of mass defection. Crazy and angry is gonna get less and less appealing as we approach November and shit gets real.
  • Well, we are up to 7 GOP senators being against Trump. And he is now standing by his thinly veiled threats of gun violence. Another day another really stupid Trump statement.
  • You could post insane stuff Trump says everyday.  I suppose it bears noting that, "Grab them by the pussy." might be the actual nail in the coffin for this bizarro world candidacy.  Anything remains possible but it is remarkably hard to imagine this not coming up at the next debate.  His response is must watch TV, but like a car wreck, not a candidate.
  • Love those who have to condemn him every week but still endorse him. Way to be ethical.
  • Well Kasperov had the best take away from the debate.

    President Trump's day 1 to do list:

    1. Jail opponent.
    2. Media crackdown.
    3. Support Assad.

    Coincidentally, identical to Putin's list.

  • If trump had looked as informed in the first debate as he did in the third, things would be different. Then of course he said he may not respect election results and blew his face off again. If he had ignored the Khans, and looked vaguely presidential in the first debate, then he probably woulda won.
  • As non US citizen and only watching the fiasco unfold from the sidelines all I can think is: " Is this for real? How can anything Trump says and does is not a PR stunt. It has to be, nobody can really think that. It must be a clever PR stunt to sway in the votes, it just have to be"

    From my understanding, Trump is successful bussinessman that have exploited the system to the very limits of "legal". I think it makes perfect sense to put the man in charge, right there, next to Underwood.

    Modern feminish in western world is toxic radical movement .
  • Trump absolutely looks like performance art.
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  • Well, only like 36 hours to go before this crap is over. Man, am I ready for this to end.

    In other crazy white people news, courts in the UK ruled that Parliament must sign off on the Brexit. Probably won't save them, just another exit sign to wave at on the way to crazy town.
  • What the fuck.
  • Already doing what I should have done long ago. Spent all night emailing a Dem worker in Grand Rapids, Michigan how to get involved. She's going to get me in touch with people here in Kalamazoo. My only regret is that I waited this long.
  • After realising Republicans have the Presidency, House & Senate under their control, I managed to stifle the disbelief long enough to make a paper fortune teller to see whether their first order of business will be to illegally round up immigrants, enforce conversion therapy, cut taxes for the rich or launch a fucking nuke for the hell of it.

    Fuck 2016 in it's colossal gaping abyss of an asshole.
  • The South has arisen! I have seen the way, being nice, considered, for equality is wrong, being like Trump gets you the Presidency!
  • The Double-whammy of the General Election and then Brexit prompted me to sign up for the Labour Party too, GEFM...Just in time for it to go into complete meltdown and fail to function as an effective opposition to the Tories.  At this point, a former footballer who makes his living selling crisps these days is providing more of a challenge to the ruling party.

    Basically, I came in here to echo what @.Ethereal. said...
  • I was vary entertained, time to check that my bomb shelter is in operational condition, haven't checked on it in almost two years.
  • It's Official, United States Loses Its Damn Mind.
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