It's Official, GOP Loses Its Damn Mind
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    We would have to pass an amendment to ban guns. I cannot imagine the horror it would take to make that happen. Maybe we should have published photos of the Connecticut shooting. Twenty some tiny corpses, mauled with chunks missing. That is the level of horror it would take for the political will.
  • America has consistently proven it's not the kind of place where you can just "ban" things. We can try it. It's the only valid "gun control" argument there is at this point. 

    We'll see a lot of people go to jail over their guns, or the Government will turn a blind eye to the millions of current gun owners.
  • Australia pulled it off, but I agree, hard to imagine. American guys confuse their dick with their gun more than most.
  • It is simple, there should be at least a waiting time for guns and a test like a driving license and maybe mental check up, some people just shouldn't have access to guns, the right to bear arms was meant against the tyranny of a corrupt government foreign or domestic, not for every idiot who has a grievance, against someone/people/ideology  

  • In my country, Sweden, it is extremely difficult to get hold of guns. does it stop, people from acting as they want? No .. We have 55 no-go zone for a reason .. Where the bottom parts of Sweden police have to deal with grenades getting thrown at them.

    By the way in Islam it is considered that gays should be killed. something that this tragic event had its root in. ..That is a belief, which should not belong in the west...
  • Yeah, why add another violent Abrahamic religion to a section of the world that has killed more people than the rest of the world combined.
  • An article with some thoughts on guns and how to try to make a dent in the 30,000+! that die every year in the US from a gun:

  • Trump is now retweeting from actual white supremacy sites. His latest attack on Clinton has "Most corrupt candidate ever!" printed inside of a blood red Star of David. Straight from Goebbels graphics department. Not an associate of Trump, Mr. Trumps actual tweet. The GOP has lost its mind. I hope America has not.
  • The convention was bizarre.  Poorly planned, the Cruz debacle, culminating in a dictator speech.  Only I can save you should have been the title.  Trump just sells fear, based on sensationalism, not on actual data.
  • I would vote for Trump all days of the week. Just from the fact how much Hillary has done during her career. Stolen money, flip flops on decisions, are sexist against men (feminist ideology), promotes a movement which has been extremely unethical and racist (BLM), have received money from the same people that brought down the country in 2008, has good contacts with countries which advocates that women are objeckt, people which she has received money from.

  • Hillary ain't my first choice, and she is not as racist and just plain dangerous as Trump. Stuff like Vince Foster and White Water are made up crap. The server in her house was stupid and dangerous, but not as stupid or dangerous as Trump. If you think Trump would reform Wall Street you are living on Mars. His tax plan is an unbelievable giveaway to the very rich. Trump is an open, unrepentant bigot. He thinks a federal judge cannot do his job because of his Mexican heritage.

  • What is more giveaway? a person who became rich by relying on capitalsim, which in turn has given many people jobs. Or a person which advocates banks will, the same banks which have been successful in getting the country into a debt so large that it will take several generations to pay off ... Same debt which has done so every 3 americkan live on foodstamp.
    by the way to give free stuff (obamacare, and all the other programs that Obama has brought) and have a large loan pay off, that means you have to raise the taxes. for how else are you going to pay off this?

    Hillary advocate for an group   which believes that white men are the root of all evil and shooting of cops is ok. While trump
    advocate that illegal immigrants is the root of all the US problems due of crimes, high cost, that is true.
    ask me this Trump is so racist as some say, why is he with someone who is not born in the US?

  • "Trump is an open, unrepentant bigot. He thinks a federal judge cannot do his job because of his Mexican heritage." This?
  • Nobody thinks shooting cops is ok. What crazy crap are you reading? Get out of that bubble. Also, read Trumps tax plan, it is plain nuts, especially when you think about all the expensive promises he has made. Trump said the judge could not do his job, because of his heritage. That is definitional bigotry. He was asked directly about that and still did not recognize the obvious, inescapable bigotry. He is therefore, an obvious and uneducatable bigot. Also, the tweet with a blood red star of david, on a background of cash? Plucked from a white supremacy site? The one he never apologized for? The one straight from the Goebbels graphics department? What does the guy have to do to clue you into his fascist tendencies?

  • What the hell are you even talking about? Trump inherited all of his wealth and would be even wealthier today if he simply invested it all in mutual funds. He was completely and resoundingly outgained by the market.

    Before Obamacare we were spending more than any other country in the world on health care.

    We don't have to pay off debt. Every single country in the world has debt, and America has had debt since its founding. Think about what debt is. Almost every single citizen of every single country has some form of debt in a house or a car or a student loan. It gets rolled over all the time. Japan has been running a debt 200% of their GDP for years and years and it didn't result in a government catastrophe. The real interest rate on loans right now is less than 0%, so it makes a ton of since for countries to take on debt right now because it's essentially interest free. Interest free loans are incredible for a country to use to invest in infrastructure or something. This idea of countries having to pay off debt or something overnight is silly and has no basis in reality, much like the right-wing echo chamber you appear to be a part of.

    Hillary just named a white man as her vice presidential pick. She hardly thinks white men are the root of all evil, and she has firmly condemned the two recent cop killings.

    Trump is more anti-capitalist than Hillary. He wants to rip up free trade agreements and institute more tariffs and all kinds of things that are contrary to free-markets and free-trade.

    I know you live in Sweden, but if you're going to talk about American politics at least make some effort to know what you're talking about. 
  • Trump inherited 40m in net and 200m worth of real estate, which he then converted to 4b. Something that takes a lot to achieve.

    The federal government will ask flirting with $ 30 trillion in debt within a decade, the Congressional Budget Office reported Monday, blaming an aging population, new spending and tax cuts Approved on Capitol Hill, and the growing burden from Obamacare for erasing the progress Washington had made over the past few years.

    Analysts said Obamacare will chase more workers out of the labor force over the next five years, Adding pressure to an economy still struggling to spring to life more than seven years into the Obama recover ....

    Governments are like drunken monkeys. They
    always run the show in deficit and need a constant shot of debt. As long
    as they play by the rules, money keeps coming in to pay the deficit.
    However, the moment they attempt to default to their most powerful
    lenders, everything stops. Argentina and other countries that boldly
    declared that they would not pay to the IMF had to eventually kneel down
    and pay the loan with interest.Remeber Greeze?

    Here is what happens to a country that messes with the IMF:
    1. Everyone
      else stops lending to that country. That would force the government to
      drastically cut back on expenses, leading to domestic riots.

    2. Foreign
      investors would quit the stock markets and eventually even direct
      investments would vanish. That would ransack the stock markets and
      destroy domestic companies. More unemployment and more riots.
  • Hillary considers herself a femininst. A movement that is extremely sexist against men.

    However, Hillary has been very good at changing side, when it suits her.

    Hence. flipflop Hillary

    I may come from Sweden. Of which, I hope not that you are going into the same disaster that my country is going. By having these Marxist / Socialist values, turning the country apart.
  • Socialism is the idea of the means of production being owned collectively. Which part of Sweden, which interacts with other countries on the global market, and whose economy is predominantly made up of the private sector, is Marxist? Why do you people call anything you disagree with Marxist or socialist? The closest thing to a socialist country on the planet is maybe something like Cuba or Venezuela, not a capitalist member of the EU. Are certain elements of public spending socialist? I guess you could make the argument. But even that is a stretch because government programs often work as subsidies to private industry. That's not very collective.

    Trump still would have made way more money just investing in mutual funds and sitting on his ass. Having that kind of capital inherited is what makes acquiring more capital even easier. Look at people who inherited that kind of money and where they are now. Many of them were able to become even wealthier.

    I don't even know what to say about your financial stuff because you appear to be equating household debt with government debt which aren't the same thing. 

    also lol at feminism being sexist against men. I suppose gay rights are sexist against straights too.

    How'd that recovery in the UK, headed by a right wing government go, with their austerity? Oh yeah, they double-dipped into recession. looooooooool.
  • Also, do you have any idea how bad health care was here before Obamacare? It cost the most in the entire world. Heath expenses were the number one source of bankruptcies in this country. Not, you know, houses, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but health expenses. We had the worst results, the longest wait times, the most inaccurate diagnoses, and the most egregious costs in the entire developed world. Obamacare ain't perfect but now only a small percentage of Americans don't have health care, which wasn't true before it.
  • 1.In classic Marxist theory, Communism is the final stage of the evolution of human socioeconomic relations. In the Marxist model, the feudal state is overthrown by the rise of the bourgeoisie, ushering in the capitalist epoch. Capitalism is then overthrown by the rise of the proletariat, which ushers in not communism, but the Socialist state. Each previous step is the necessary precondition for the next.


    2.The amount does not matter. if you do not know how to invest it ... Then the fact that Trump lives on money which he himself he has created, should be far safer than relying on a person which received money from banks .. "hmm can be purchased easy"

    3.Wrong picture oh well.. thx for letting me now D

    Modern Feminist


    significantly better than the path that Europe is heading.
    1.Grece bankrupt
    2. Daily doses of terrist attacks
    3. Germany is about to fall apart.

    Significantly better than feeling compelled to rules which do not england agrees.

    But let's see

  • If you have the knee-jerk reaction that all feminism is anti-male and bad, there simply may be no helping you. Various phases of feminism led to women voting and being able to own property, rather than simply being property, which was their essential state in much of the West, prior to feminism. You should probably start with something simple, like John Stuart Mills " Subjugation of Women". I cannot overstate the ignorance of calling all feminism bad, in a blanket statement. It would be the logical equivalent of calling the civil rights movement anti-white.
  • That may be the feminist of the past. Modern feminist is all about manhating.
    Once more
    And so on.

    Even their basic ideology, based on that the man is the root of all evil. The word "patriarchy" Man  control over woman. Woman victim. Man bad..
  • Again, you are being simplistic and stupid. It is certainly possible to be against specific policies, which are described as feminist. To call all feminism bad is to call the powerless seeking a place at the table, bad. You either need to be more specific and nuanced, or remain stupid.

    Again, when am I gonna hear back about that Goebbels tweet?
  • By the way about Kill all cops.. And BLM

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