Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 02/05/16
  • Because I'm dumb, this week's WiG should read much like last week's, but instead of going to bed like a sensible adult once I've finished working late into the night I've generally been firing up (360) Minecraft to add more to the Minecraft Transit Railway which is joining up my three main residences.  There's been some minor adventures along the way - getting lost in ravines, creepers destroying the rail lines I'd been so laboriously developing, discovering my first ever abandoned mineshaft and nearly losing everything to a pair of monster spawners (one cave spider, one skeleton - which combined with corridors clogged with spider webs is a doozy of a combination, let me tell you) right next to each other.  It's been a wild time!

    Other than that, I've had a little time to set up and check that the Wii remotes that came with the WiiU all work OK.  A couple of them were non-Motion Plus so I had to pick up a couple of the dongle additional things but everything seems ship-shape and fully functional.  Rainy weekends stuck inside with the kids hold slightly less fear knowing that I can pull those out as a surprise (they've still not actually had a go on it yet, oddly - even my kids are too busy for video games!).

    OK, that's it from me, how about some WiG from the Noobtoob army?
  • Not many games for me this week but I've been playing a lot.

    (PS4) Dark Souls 3 - Can't really tear myself away from this game. Even when I'm not playing I'm thinking about my next run through. I've reached level 80 and still exploring as much as I can.

    (Xbox One) Gears of War 4 Beta - I've never been good at Gears multiplayer and this is no different. I got to level 15 and choose to stop (even though level 20 unlocks some skins and boosts in the main game) as I wanted to spend more free time playing Dark Souls 3.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Finished making my 3rd character, and planning to start my 4th maybe this week.

    Minecraft - Building a city in the sky now.

    Nioh - Played the alpha demo. At first I wasn't really feeling it but after a few goes it clicked and I really like it. It's got a Dark Souls vibe in some ways but it is far from a DS clone. It also felt a lot like Toukiden and the main character looks like the Witcher. It's also a loot game, which felt a bit Diablo. Weapons and armor and items of varying rarities drop when you kill enemies, and they are cool. And one thing I REALLY fucking enjoyed was the way they did bloodstains. In Dark Souls we all know a bloodstain remains wherever someone else died so you can watch their final moments, but in this game you can actually summon their angry spirit into your game, kill it, and score loot! Good stuff. It also has co-op similar to Dark Souls. Day 1 buy for me whenever it comes out.
  • I always plan on playing stuff and posting in these threads, but don't because I'm a procrastinating bastard. lol

    So in April I had Gamefly for a month. I got Demon's Souls and Muramasa The Demon Blade.
    Didn't really play DeS until the end of the month. great game, looks real nice being like 7 years old and all. I didn't get to finish it, I want to buy it now.
    Muramasa Looks really really nice, and I was on the Wii version. I just played it off and on all month. the art is great. but I had a lot of little issues with it. it was a bit boring. I beat it once with both characters, then I just watched the other endings on youtube.

    Played Super Stardust HD on PS3 for about 30 minutes the other day. it's alright. 

    Bought a used copy of 1996 Diablo. It installed and ran right off the disk, but then I had issues updating it. 
    I got it running now, looks like Battle.Net still works too. :) 
    This is my first Diablo game. my only issue with it right now are the old controls and I don't feel like I'm winning out of skill or power.. I beat a room of enemies, then save, then I die and die if a room is too hard until I win, then save and repeat.. :\
    Butcher won't die! Fuuuuuuuuuuu

    I downloaded the Pokemon TCG Online client again. Only played 2 games vs the NPCs so far. I tried this about 3 years ago and it was a mess, they may have fixed it up now. I'll see.
  • Final Fantasy VII (PC): I am at the very end of "disc" one, and I still think this game does too many things right to not be considered a lot of fun even in 2016. Finished Dyne's little plot arc and it's tragic and dark and fantastic. Thematically the game is really good at being sort of despair inducing and tragic and yet inserting just enough humour to break things up and prevent it from being a total "man, life sucks" fest. I'm still deciding if I want to just beat the story and call it good or work on beating the Weapons and grabbing more Steam achievements.

    The Witcher 3 (PC): Since I built a new PC, I decided to see how I could run this. Maxed out everything and it was smooth as butter. Nice. This is another game (I've watched a full playthrough) that does so many things narratively and thematically correct. The world is wholly consistent and depraved and violent without ever feeling cheaply so. It features a great cast of characters. The soundtrack is awesome. Just a really good example of making a great open world game. Really the only thing that gets a bit annoying is Geralt's gruffy monotone, but his soft spot for Ciri is really well done.

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC): Well, very obviously I can play this maxed out too, not that I couldn't before. It still looks nice and sounds nice. I worked on beating the thieve's guild questline for the umpteenth time, but I got caught at the very end of a quest and sent to jail. Damn. These quests are always a challenge near the end. Lots of slow exploration to learn guard shifts and then quickly running in and running out as fast as possible. Made even harder if you don't use magic, which I don't.
  • Just more Dark Souls 3 here. Work and allergies still kicking my butt so I've not put as much time into this as I would've liked too, but... My character is finally starting to come along, and I've beaten 2 Lords of Cinder and I've freed Karla, but I think I messed up the wannabe Firekeeper's storyline. Not sure I'll be able to buy all the miracles this playthru. And I'm debating getting my Faith up to 30 so I can use lightning blade. I'm currently trying to clear out the Profaned Kingdom or whatever its called.