Nintendo NX - March 2017 (And Wii U Post-Mortem)
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    What's everybody's thoughts about this and Nintendo indirectly saying that they'll be shifting from the Wii U to the NX?
  • My first thought were the games on the Wii U. Here are some notable ones that come to mind.

    Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze: Pure platforming goodness that you'll play through once and never touch again. Just like Rayman.

    Mario Kart 8: Aww yiss.

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: I really hated this. So much shitty grinding but I know that people love this and its a well made game for its fan base.

    Nintendo Land: This was an ok launch title that you sort of made into awesome fun. You know when you were a kid and you only had one game, and it wasn't very good, but you played the hell out of it and had lots of fun anyway? That's Nintendo Land. It's ok but fun times were had.

    New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi: This was my first Wii U game and it was great to co-op through.

    Pikmin 3: The only RTS I can play. Charming, cute and oddly murderous.

    Pushmo World: Pushmo is quietly my favourite franchise of the Wii U/3DS. It feels like you're playing comfort food - like a marshmallow to be precise. It's a puzzle game that's worth trying especially since you can get it free in some form on the 3DS and then buy more levels.

    Smash Bros: This was my main reason for the Wii U. Using your 3DS as a controller was a treat too because I got so used to those controls.

    Splatoon: I never got this but am very keen and am waiting for it to go on sale somewhere.

    Super Mario 3D World: I really liked this. Its very safe and nothing new like Galaxy on the Wii or Sunshine on the Gamecube. To be honest, I felt that it was like the 3DS game but with different levels. Nothing to write home about but an enjoyable romp.

    Super Mario Maker: Waiting for this to go on sale before I pick it up. I'm worried it'll be like LittleBigPlanet in that I'll play through it once, marvel at how creative everything is, and then never actually make any levels because I'm too shitty.

    The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker HD: Bought it was good intentions but never really got to playing it because its a HD remake.

    The Wonderful 101: Just play this.

    Ultimate NEW Remix: Reminded me of this Nintendo DS game about some gaming champion that travels back in time but without that quirky story. Its a nice formula - take ye games of old and add achievements/mini challenges that are served at you like Wario Ware.

    Wii Fit U: I actually really like the Wii Fit franchise. I like the shitty yoga, I like the rubber stamp of achievement, I like that it charts my weight and BMI, and I like the applause after everything. I really like Wii Fit and its become a hidden staple of my private life that nobody must ever find out about.

    Wii Party U: So massively lame and daggy but kind of fun in that "I hope you don't realise how much I like this" sneaky multi-player. Because I'm totally too cool to ever like a mini-game collection like this. Totes.

    Zombie U: Too scary.


    In hindsight, while I enjoyed dabbling with the Wii U, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody unless one of those games (like Smash) could warrant the price. Personally I don't mind given how many hours the Wii U has provided in the form of Mario Kart, Smash and New Super Mario Bros.


    I'll be going into the NX with the same sluggish patience as I have with the other current gen consoles. Until that killer game comes along, I'm happy with just the PC.
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  • Just stupid they will not be showing it at E3. Part of WiiUs problem was terrible marketing. They are just going to announce it in a direct, only to the ever shrinking faithful? I love video games and have NEVER watched their tree house bullshit. They need to convert people to Nintendo, not just smugly wait around. They have let the rumor phase go on for way to long. This thing will have to be OfuckinMazin to keep them in the console game.
  • I'm pretty much done with Nintendo aside from the odd DS or WiiU game. If the NX has some decent games I might pick one up on the cheap years later like I did with the WiiU, but you'd have to be a retard to go all in on this day 1 given Nintendo's track record lately. They seem to want to go bankrupt at this point. Surely even the die-hard fans will get tired of the bullshit raining down upon their heads soon.
  • ZombiU and Super Mario Maker are incredible games that kinda make me happy I purchased the console. There's Splatoon and Mario Kart too that were decent but apart from the above the WiiU has been a barren land of nothing since its release.

    As far as what's next I think this time I'm actually gonna wait it out and see what happens.
  • As has been discussed elsewhere, I've just jumped in on a WiiU purchase and I did so with my eyes wide open about a) the strength or otherwise of the system's library and b) the impending release of the NX.

    So this thread is pretty cool as a summary of what did work on the system.  Throw in backwards compatability to some kid-friendly Wii party games and the simply incredible Mario Maker and hopefully I'll get something close to my money's worth out of it.

    Also, I had no idea that the WiiU had become a left-field home for indie games, which came as a pleasant surprise.

    That said, the discussion of whether the WiiU was a success or not is surely a fairly straightforward one as, by almost any reasonable measure, it has been an enormous flop.  How much longer the Big N can survive on releasing consoles that are the best/only place to play their own games is the million dollar question.  Them playing with mobile releases indicates they are maybe starting to think about life post-hardware manufacture, but is it too late to shift gears?  And, as a small company, what will they do with all the people who are good at building consoles but perhaps not so good at programming video games?
  • Had my Wii U since launch. It's been a pretty rough ride for the most part. What i will say is Monster Hunter 3 ult, ZombiU and Bayonetta 2 made me happy to own the system. Plus all the typical Nintendo goodness

    Does this mean it won't even be very powerful? or maybe it'll cost a ton? :o
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  • @NewAgeRed Imagine Pascal (GTX1080) baked onboard on the Super Wii. And with waggle controls!

    I think its great to see that everybody's enjoyed their Wii U despite how weak the console is relative to others. I think its a solid little console and worth picking up when it goes on clearance.
  • Latest rumors are that it will run on an nvidia tegra chip.  If that is true, power will likely be for shit, but maybe it will be their cheapest console ever.  I want Gods gift for five hundred dollars, but a Mario crap box for two hundred or less, with controller, is worth thinking about.
  • I dunno, Nintendo has really been hit or miss for the last couple of years. That said, the only thing drawing me to the console is the new Zelda and that alone isn't enough. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  • Finally something of substance :) .
  • Trailer was fun, and was exactly every rumor, no surprises. The big missing piece was price. My guess is they will go four hundred which feels a little steep. Probably even worse than that, since the Wii was the master of getting you to buy another hundred bucks of crap to actuall have a functional set up. I am never gonna buy this at launch cuz I am not a Nintendo person and will need to wait for the library to build. Might have three killer titles at launch, but then the desert. The third party support will suck. I wanna like it. My kids will be the perfect age. Most here thought the WiiU reveal was killer, and we were wrong.
  • Here's a link.
    Looks like it is what people thought it would be. :P
  • I need more third party support information before I dive in.
  • Zero fucks given. Is it region locked btw? Nintendo needs to get with the program with that shit. I won't even buy from the bargain bin if it isn't region free this time.
  • Wow, way to go Nintendo. This looks like everything that i wanted in a portable console. If they deliver, this could be awesome.
  • It does look like it blows the Vita and 3DS outta the water. I do not know if it is a console I need, but it definitely seems to set a new portable standard.
  • Sign me up, I'm keen.

    Between Pokemon (so excited for November) and Smash, I've enjoyed hundreds of hours that the cost of the consoles don't phase me. I feel like these games are my palette cleansers. Even now I'm booting up the DS Lite just to play HeartGold at night with a pokedex app on my phone to unwind. I'll still wait until the price is reasonable or unable enough games are on it (namely just Pokemon and Smash will do).

    Very excited for a 3D mario game as I've finished every single one and especially enjoyed Sunshine on the gamecube.

    I just hope the Australian prices are $60 per game instead of $80 like they're trying to do with this "new" current gen.

    I know its all speculation but even the ridiculous stuff Nintendo has pulled out of their ass like the Pokewalker or WiiFit board I've enjoyed because I'm probably that tepid casual market of assholes that fits most comfortably with their design ethos.
  • @sloth couldn't agree more. Imagine a full mobile pokemon game on this thing?! Shame that the prices are still incredibly shit down there, I thought that this would be sorted by 2016. Is there some sort of additional tax, or is it just greedy game publishers keeping the price artificially high when compared to similar countries?

    I am a sucker for portable consoles and tend to always buy on release.
  • Meh. The 3DS has been a success, but has not sold nearly as well as the DS (and the Vita compared to the PSP, well... lol), and I find it hard to justify carrying around something way bigger, bulkier and (likely) pricier. Who else is going to want to do that? The phone has won the pocket/travel/handheld space. This thing is huge. I feel like they're vastly over-estimating how handy the travel component is. It's going to have to have killer battery life too. Phones these days last 24+ hours, is a giant screen sized console going to? I'd also be nervous about the tendrils Steam is putting out for a Steam box. Or even Sony's early efforts regarding streaming. Both of those have a much bigger userbase to tap into. I'm skeptical this thing can sell.
  • January 12th is the day of the actual reveal conference. They will get down to the nitty gritty. I want to get one for the kiddos, but it better be three hundred or under. Price point is always crucial.
  • I think at 250 bucks it sells well. 300 it scrapes by. 400 it is dead. 200 everyone on Earth buys one.
  • Can they really sell it any cheaper than £350 with all the tech that's going into it? The cost to make that system will be pretty damn high surely. Even if they sell at a loss initially i'd expect 300-350.

    If its £250 I will be in for a premium model day one.Oh who am I kidding I'm getting it mo matter the price.

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