Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 25/04/16
  • Too overworked and too tired to write a summary of how I had been too overworked and too tired to do any gaming in the previous week.  That's pretty much last week in a nutshell and it isn't looking like things will be all that different this time round.

    There has been one small, minor development - remember how I said I had been bidding on 2nd hand WiiUs on eBay?  Well, Mario Maker might be my favourite video game thing from the last few years.  The WiiU I ended up buying was in slightly more used state than I had hoped, but I suppose that's the risk of effectively buying something sight-unseen over the internet - still works though so I'm looking forward to experiencing some of the Wii and WiiU highlights from the last few years.  Erm, and playing some Wii party games with the kids.  Yeah, definitely that too.

    OK, let's hear it from you lot.
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  • Dota 2 (PC): The usual, I did accidentally do a bot match on Normal difficulty and the AI on that level is hilariously horrendous at anything resembling good play. Also trying to get used to the new items that have been added since I last played.

    Assassin's Creed II (PS3): I collected a few of the codex pieces, still the most annoying part of the game because of how repetitive and tedious it is, but the last level after them is fun.

    Tree of Savior (PC): Made some more progress leveling. Still haven't made it to any of the advanced classes I want. The zones are also getting harder, too. I now have to rest after fights and be careful how many enemies I aggro. Bosses are pretty easy to kite and burn down. I've really been aggressive about leveling two skills in particular and they're kind of really powerful now.

    Final Fantasy VII (PC): Put about 10 hours into another playthrough of one of my favourite games. There are so many things thematically done so well here. The scenes with Shinra's president and the music and his attitude of profit at all costs, and the related geo-political situation in the world. It's actually aged really well in an era of rampant global warming that humanity collectively continues to plug our ears and say "la-la-la" to and that real life corporations have poured tens of millions of dollars into trying to cover up.

    Dark Souls 3 (PS4): I had my first death shortly after the Dragon-That-Breathes-Fire (tm), against a knight. I actually managed the tutorial boss first try, although I went through my firebomb stash to do so. I dunno when I will play more but I should do so. But I have so many other games in limbo.
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  • (PS4) Dark Souls 3 - Really into this game at the moment. I'm currently around the mid 50s level and I've found 2 new areas I need to explore.

    (Xbox One) Gears of War 4 Beta - Only played a few games so far but I'm planning on getting a few more games in. It looks a little plain and angular but plays smoothly.
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  • Dark Souls 3 - Still playing this to death.

    Minecraft - Made a wither boss spawn and promptly died. These assholes are tough! Not sure how I'm supposed to fight it since they can obliterate everything around them.

    Nioh - The alpha demo came out last night iirc and I downloaded it this morning. I haven't played it much, but it feels and looks kinda like Dark Souls meets The Witcher meets Toukiden. I will put a bit more time into it tonight maybe. I've heard it gets hard as fuck.
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  • Between work and my allergies kicking my butt, I haven't had much time or energy to play games lately. But... all I've been playing is Dark Souls 3, I haven't had eyes for any other games at all. Whenever I'm not playing, I'm thinking about playing.;)

    This week isn't looking much better at work, and also my allergies are really not liking this spring weather. ;/ Not sure how much game time I'll get this week, but looks like there will be a DS3 patch tomorrow, so I may not play the game again until after that.
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  • A little Dark Souls 3 and I picked up Ratchet and Clank today with some birthday money I got. It's a really nice pallet cleanser after a good Dark souls session.
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  • Borderlands The Pre sequel PS3 Finished the storytelling, Jack is a Dick from beginning to end, didn't like playing my character as i would have gone with different choices. Moping up on challenges.

    Warframe PS4 Trying to get a new mastery rank but you only get one try per day :(

    World of Tanks PS4 Playing it now and then, still think warthunder is a better tank game

    Warthunder PS4 Unlocked some better tanks, still getting my @ss kicked :P

    Shütshimi PS4 18/16bit lookalike smupp which makes me think of  Parodius, not sure about the game yet.

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  • (PC) Assassin's Creed Syndicate: My partner and I have been swapping controllers back and forth each playing one of the two twins. The final boss fight was a double fight where lots of controller swapping happened as each character had a phase and it was multi-sequenced. We made the game a lot more fun than it really is and I'm happy that this was the Assassin's Creed that I actually finished - its mediocre but the most polished in taking every lesson learnt through the franchise. In hindsight, I think Black Flag or Assassin's Creed II were the best in the franchise but this is the stake in the sand of the the franchise's peak play for me.


    I have no idea what to play anymore and feel homeless.
  • ...But you didn't tell us which twin you were Sloth!
  • @Littleg I was Jacob, the bottom.
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