Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 18/04/16
  • That'll be another placeholder for me, then.  Update incoming when I get a moment.  Spoilers - not much to report.

    Spoiler 2:  WiiUs are holding their price very well on eBay & people are snapping them up like crazy...

    Kind Regards or something

  • I'm waiting on my code for the Gears of War 4 beta but until then I'm pretty much playing 1 game.

    (PS4) Dark Souls III - Seem to be taking up most of my gaming time. I've got my mercenary to level 33 and I'm really getting into it. I'm trying to avoid looking up things on the net so I'm not sure if I am missing anything or making the amount of progress I should  (beat 3 bosses so far and not found the 4th yet) for the level I'm on.

    (Xbox One) Doom Beta - Played 1 game and then decided it wasn't for me.
  • Dark Souls 3 for me too. Not very far at all. Only put 5 hours in beat a couple of bosses and done some co-op. This games good. I still prefer the way bloodborne plays (please don't hate me).

    Oh and an update on my girlfriends gaming. She has decided to buy herself a Xbox One when she gets payed to play some co-op with me.
  • Marvel Heroes (PC): Did more dailies. This is a really nice MMO to just pick up and play for a time and smash some stuff and get some loot.

    Dota 2 (PC): Did another bot match and once again wasn't terribly compelled to play more. Maybe I'll do a full human vs. human match next time, only to inevitably question my poor judgment when someone rages.

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC): I've almost completely wrapped up my favourite quest lines on my latest character, leaving me sort of aimlessly wandering towns and cities to try to pick up miscellaneous ones. Probably nearing my end on this character's journey.

    Tree of Savior (PC): Made a little more progress on leveling, got my first full armor set with some pretty rad statistical bonuses. Still trying to get to the Rogue class on my archer, since that interests me more than pew pew with arrows. Although I wonder how much harder boss fights will be as a melee class, since most of their AOE attacks are close range attacks so far.

    Assassin Creed's II (PS3): I am at the very end, where I have to collect all the remaining codex pages and then do the very last stage. This has always been a bit of a contentious ending for me, because it relies so heavily on combat and doing certain things over and over.

    Kind of feel like playing some more PS3 games after I finish AC2, but Dark Souls 3 is set to arrive this week so maybe they'll be put on hiatus.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Platted it after some grinding. Now embarking on new adventures with new characters.

    Minecraft - Checked out some of the new content in the latest patch.

    Amardilo, what was bad about the Doom Beta? I didn't play it myself but I was hoping it would turn out OK.
  • Dark Souls 3, it is hard and there is lots of it. If I ever get free, Rachet and Clank await.
  • Dark Souls 3 (PS4) :) Not much else. I've been trying out the different classes while I get used to how things work in the game. :)

    Dark Souls 1 (XbOne) I was playing this right up until DS3 showed up in the mail. I currently have the Lord Vessel and have the abyss walker ring and was on my way to The Four Kings when I put this down to play 3. :)

    Thats about it, ... there were a few other things, but with me playing Dark Souls 3 and work being super hectic and my allergies zapping my brain, I can't recall at the moment what else I played last week. ;p
  • @Dr Fibble nothing was bad about it, it's just not for me. It played like a modern Quake 3 in that it's a fast paced arena shooter that pretty much requires you to constantly be moving. Plus it's doing things I thought would suit me too such as it's movement is a bit slower than Quake 3 but it's still an arena shooter. I think if I was to play Quake 3 now I'd get dizzy so a slower pace sounded good.

    I just couldn't get into it and I didn't really want to put too much time in as I just really want to spend my free time playing Dark Souls 3 at the moment. 

    I also think my style of gaming has changed since the 90s and I prefer my FPS games to either be like Battlefield (slow paced squad combat), Titanfall (fluid movement with wall running) and Halo (my go to console shooter).

    I imagine if people want an arena style shooter that doesn't do Aim Down Sights this would be good for them (I've heard PC players saying it's not enough like the old Quake but I don't have a PC so I looking at it from a console gamers viewpoint).
    Noobied by 1Dr Flibble
  • Borderlands The Pre sequel PS3 Last boss i think now the level system is stupid, according my level stat the mission is normal, except that the enemies kill my shield in 2 shots, also they drop terrible loot, soon finished with this game and a racing mission with those terrible controls? Really?

    Savage Moon Veteran's Awards PS3 this months PSN+  First moon done on to the next.

    Warframe PS4 Interesting event with stalkers disciples as enemies, got a shiny new gun! ;)

    World of Tanks PS4 trying to get thehang of it but the controls are annoying, it is easier in warthunder to keep on target than in World of tanks.

    Warthunder PS4 have been playing it more, trying to unlock some better tanks

    Legends of war Vita Still working on the second campaign.

    Geometry wars Vita Could not defeat the boss and hadn't played in a while, last week got it done in the first few tries ;)
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  • @epke Geometry Wars on Vita? :o

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