Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 11/04/16
  • Well, I didn't even manage the slightest of updates last week.  Has been quite the month, with kids and significant others being ill, dog in the wars and work being...well...not sure I have words for how work is at the minute. Sub-optimal, let's go with that.

    (360) Minecraft A 2-week update and this is pretty much all that's worth mentioning beyond a couple of matches in FIFA14.  A new location has been added to my burgeoning Minecraft property empire - High Plains Hideout. It's an unassuming wooden shack on a high plateau in the South West corner of the main landmass of my map which conceals an entry to what has become the largest mine network that I've developed so far.  So large in fact that I got completely turned around last night and just had to simply dig my way diagonally upwards until I hit sky (I came out on the side of a mountain a stone's throw from HPH).

    HPH is not that far from the first house I built (Overbase) and midway between the two is an open-air lake of lava which I have a half-formed plan of turning into a bit of a factory where I can farm the lava to run multiple furnaces.  From there, I'll probably extend the as-yet incomplete Easter-Overbase rail line into a triangle that runs from Easter Observatory - Overbase - as-yet-unnamed factory  - High Plains Hideout - Easter Observatory.  Although that will involve a lot of iron and powered rails...

    OK, enough from me.  As much as I am enjoying Minecraft, it only feels like a temporary dalliance and I plan to get back to my massive last-gen backlog soon enough.  Only other bit of news is that my daughter went around to a friend's house over the school holidays where she got to play with a Wii,  and that caused my other half (unprompted) to say that we should probably get something like a Wii that the kids can enjoy.  I may or may not currently be bidding on a 2nd hand WiiU on fleabay...I mean, the kids'll probably love Mario Maker, right?  And could I really be about to be the owner of every console in a generation for my first time ever?  And two of which I will have bought well after the release of the current gen of consoles?

    How about you?  Whatcha been up to, buddy?
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  • Tree of Savior (PC): It's cute and combat is fun enough, other than that it's mostly a grind MMO, not much story content or production. I like the boss fights. I can't really play it for long stretches. I really want to make more progress into the advanced classes because classes that interest me most, like Rogue, Monk, etc., are later ones.

    Marvel Heroes (PC): I did a couple dailies for the first time in forever. Still one of the best Diablo-likes out there in MMO form.

    Dota 2 (PC): Did a bot match and didn't find it all that compelling, but playing with people in this game is hell.

    Assassin's Creed 2 (PS3): I had started it up for a 2nd playthrough near the end of 2015 then stopped. Spent a lot of time over the weekend redoing that. Got through 9 of 14 segments and cleared all 6 tombs. I can pretty much just plow through the story at this point. It's still a fun game that occasionally frustrates because your character doesn't do what you want him to. Looking back, though, even 2 was a bit of a map clusterfuck, although not nearly as egregious as Unity.

    Street Fighter V (PS4): I did some training and I know I suck at SF games but whatever. I got it new for $10 and I will definitely get my money's worth at that price point. The last SF I played much of was Alpha 3.
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  • Ok, I've basically just been killing time waiting for Dark Souls III but I managed to play a number of other games.

    Love is Strange (PC) I finished Chloe's route, and it was a decently cute story, and stayed pretty close to how I would expect the characters to act from playing thru Life is Strange. I will probably run thru this again at some point, I want to see if/how Max and Victoria get together, b/c that could be interesting I think. ;)

    Saints Row IV (PS4) I continued playing this and Dark Souls 1 alternating evenings, but as Dark Souls III got closer I stopped coming back to this. Its a great game, I'm just a bit distracted right now.

    Dark Souls 1 (XbOne/360) About 12 hours into this now, and I have the Lord Vessel, and I'm on my way to fight The Four Kings and join the Dark Wraiths. :) I'm going to stop playing this once I get my hands on III, but I think I'll go back and finish after I'm done with III and then maybe finally go back to DS2 and do that Fists only run I've been thinking about for sometime now. ;)

    Thats it from me, as of this evening I have DS3 and ... I dont know how I feel about it. Yet. I won't say more know since this will probaly be all I'm playing for sometime now. ;)

    OH! and before I forget I finally went back to Starless, and the game takes place over 14 days, and after a few hours I'm still on the 1st day, but... I'm at the end/dinner of the 1st day and its finally starting to get interesting. Its been a terrible slog up until this point and I didn't think I'd ever come back to this game, but here I am, thinking about reading some more. Probably won't distract to much from DS3 though.
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  • Dark Souls 3 - Every day. Working on my 2nd and 3rd characters when not trying to get auto-summoned with my main.

    Also bought RE6 Remake and Life is Strange but haven't touched either of them yet.
  • (PS4) Dark Souls 3 - Just started and only got past the first boss so far.

    (Xbox One) Quantum Break - I've not got far but I've seen up to the 2nd "TV" style episode.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) The Division - Got to level 30 on PS4 and 28 on Xbox One but I think it might now take a back seat as I have plenty of other games to play.
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  • Borderlands The Pre sequel PS3 Plays just like Borderlands :P, Had some crashes, though, and while the low gravity is an interesting mechanic, the fact that in the future a person cannot walk over an object that is below the knee is annoying.

    Savage Moon Veteran's Awards PS3 this months PSN+  game Still working on the first moon

    Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 Platted it on to the next ;)

    Warframe PS4 Yep, doing the daily grind ;)

    Legends of war Vita Working on the second campaign.

    Broforce PS4 playing it now and then, Nothing much to add

    I am alive PS3 Played this, some of the mechanics are annoying, as is the save system
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PC)
    I've been playing as Jacob and then my partner's been doing Evie; we pass the controller over and are making our way through the campaign together. We're about 40% through if the menu is to be believed and its been a very enjoyable experience.

    It's all the good bits of the assassin's creed franchise put together. And I get to punch Englishman in the face.

    The world is very spread out and the maps are mostly noise in between the set pieces, but I'm enjoying getting all the chests and hidden treasures like some sort of trained poodle. It's become my go to game afterwork where I don't have to think very much and can just go about collecting things.

    This'll probably get finished and be the favourite/last Assassin's Creed game. The reason for this was that games that have overstayed seem to plummet hard in my face. I felt like this for borderlands the pre-sequel after doing borderlands 2 twice, and far cry 4 after far cry 3. I don't want to sully my good perception of a franchise and fall into that uninspired rut of playing the same bunch of games all the time. Weirdly enough, I'm kind of super keen for Ratchet and Clank.

    Diablo III (PC)
    Did a full run through the campaign + expansion as a new paladin. I had a 60 wizard when the game first came out and sunk a lot of hours into it. Without the auction house its a lot more enjoyable. They've also balanced/perked up items favourably whereby there are some very interesting and compelling augments. I would recommend this for groups of 2+ with the understanding that your first campaign run is just about familiarisation for new players. The game really starts afterwards with increased difficulty.
  • I found the oxygen mechanic more annoying than the gravity in Pre-Sequel.
  • Just got back from my trip to Cuba.

    Persona 4 Golden  (PS Vita): Can't say enough about this game. Logged in 10 hours total over 5 days. Feels a lot like Pokemon collecting with FF turn based greatness. The high school roleplay deterred me from buying it sooner, but I enjoy how everything is directly linked to the dungeon crawling progression from earning $ doing a job or getting bonuses by building relationships with certain people. I also enjoy the voice acting, making the story even more appealing.

    As of this moment, I'm rescuing Kenji. I've taken my time with it by completing side quests and fully exploring every dungeon. The majority of my Personas are above level 20. Also, sometime during Yukiko's rescue I switched to direct input for all of the characters. When grinding to level my personas I'll set their automatic setting on, but during bosses I like having full control of the combat. 
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  • Track Mania Turbo more online racing madness for me.

    More importantly I gave my girlfriend a real introduction to gaming. She decided she wanted to learn more so she wants to play through some of my favourite games. I'm trying to think of games she will be into and not get bored of. I actually started her off on Far Cry 3. Not only is it my favourite in the series the sequel is a game she has said she liked watching me play. she about an hour or two in. Just passed the tutorial. She is finding it hard to get along with the looking and moving of it all but she's getting better.

    My question to you is. Do you have any rev commendations of what she should play next?
  • Nutta, give her Monkey Island, Mass Effect, Ass Creed, Oblivion, Viva Pinata, and stuff like that. I know a lot of chicks who don't like first person stuff, but 3rd person they go for. Or just give her Dark Souls and tell her if she can beat it you'll marry her.
  • Flib when I was playing through bloodborne she had a go she did surprisingly well in Old Yharnham. With me backseat driving. Telling her when enemies were gonna pop up and how to pull single guys. She just got stressed out at the boss. Blood Starved Beast was it?

    I was probably a little over levelled for the area but she actually surprised me.
  • I think it's hilarious that you had your gf play Bloodborne's loose flaps/skin, bloody gashes boss monster. I thought it was one of the more fun fights in-game but the monster itself was so disgusting even I was 'ewwing' at it on my couch. It's like showing people a fuzzy spider and hoping they like it but given the context of Bloodeborne welll...

    Monkey Island is a great suggestion.

    Recommendations for entering gaming go:
    • Walking Dead (much cry)
    • Ni No Kuni (so wow)
    • Eternal Sonata (it's a journey through Chopin - very enjoyable)
    • Pokemon X/The Sims/Animal Crossing (for dress up/grinding to collect things)
    • Minecraft (she opens up her game/hosts when you want to join rather than you host - accessibility is key)
    • 80 Days (iOS but still really great)
    • Civ 5 (everybody loves Civ; but its slow to start. Hopefully she'll be cussing out Ghandi soon)
    • Fifa 15 (For Ash)
    • Rayman Legenders (with you; highly enjoyable but don't play any game within the franchise twice unless you really love it)
    • Heavy Rain (Press X to Jasoooon)
    • Journey (so pretty and immersive)

    @Juic3 I'm both so jelly and happy that you're enjoying Persona 4 Golden. I gave my Vita away and Persona is the only thing that I long for sometimes. Try and get the fox social link up pronto as it lets you heal and regain mana like no tomorrow to make your dungeon crawling essentially infinite.
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  • Dr Flibble Didn't have an issue with oxygen, enemies drop loads of them, the only annoying thing is the jump button, if you use it a tad too long you are using oxygen to jump
  • Nutta, she sounds like a keeper already!

    Epke, yeah that's what I mean. I was always burning through my oxygen doing jumps, and having to turn those oxygen stations on or off all the time was annoying. Playing as Claptrap was good for the oxygen since he doesn't use it but his special abilities were a pain in the butt.

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