Tree of Savior (PC)
  • Tree of Savior is a new F2P MMO from the original designer of every aught's teenager MMO, Ragnarok Online. It comes out later this month, although has been available for a couple weeks to those who purchase special DLC content (cosmetic items, xp boosts, the usual).

    It's an isometric cel-shade looking game, charming and sort of cute and retro like RO.


    Combat is pretty action-oriented, as there's a button for standard attacking, and most skills have fairly low cooldowns, and boss battles have required me, as a ranged character, to do quite a bit of kiting. The production values are nonexistent and it feels a bit old from that end of things, but it has modern features like being able to teleport back to a quest giver when the quest is done.

    I guess the BIG feature is the number of classes. You start out by choosing one of 4, but every time you increase your class rank (separate from standard levels) you can continue developing your current selected class or choose a new one, and that goes on and on for awhile. So you could have a character that's one uber developed class, or maybe 3-4 fairly developed ones, or like 6-7 lower developed ones.

    I don't think there's much interest on this site in MMOs, but if anyone played RO and wants to play this when it comes out, it seems solid so far from what I have played. I'm on Orsha server.
  • I used to play RO, Tree looks pretty sweet but at this point the only MMO i'm probably going to play (again) is WoW when Legion comes out...i feel like i gotta lol

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