Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/04/16
  • Yet another placeholder.

    Ask me about my zombie plan.  May need to put it into action soon as pretty much everyone apart from me in the house is ill and I think they might all be Patient Zero.

    More details to follow...
  • I have not picked Slain! back up since I played it last WiG. ;( Still waiting on a patch.

    Not much game playing from me this past week, work has been hectic, and I'm basically just killing time until Dark Souls III! Only 8 more days! :)

    So I started replaying Dark Souls 1 on the Xbox 1 and Saints Row IV on PS4! I've been alternating between the 2 nightly so I haven't made much progress in either, but it passes the time. ;)

    Oh, also I found a new fan Visual Novel, based on Life is Strange, called Love is Strange, I played a little bit of it and its seems pretty ok/cute. :)

    Thats it from me. Probably just more DS and Saints Row IV for me this week, since I dont want to start anything new yet.
  • Dark Souls 3. Yeah, that's about it.
  • A little Track Mania Turbo on PlayStation 4. It's a little toned down from the PC version but still a hell of a lot of fun.

    I'm pretty much the same as Vamp I don't want to start anything yet there's only a week till Darksouls.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) The Division - Just hit level 30 on the PS4 and level 28 on the Xbox One. Going to try and concentrate on getting to level 30 on the Xbox One.

    (Xbox One) Titanfall - A friend got EA Access so decided they want to play this so I joined them and it's a great fast paced pick up and play shooter game.
  • Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)
    I'm loving it so far. Anime cutscenes are beautiful. The combat is right up my alley, but I've only had a couple battles thus far because I'm still getting the story portion in the beginning. I'm 3 hours in, fought twice, and gotten a lot of story. I'm glad though. This being the game I play before I go to bed, it is nice to have a game that is heavy on story and dialogue. It has been substituting my need for netflix while I fall asleep. I feel like it'd make combat more meaningful since my understanding of this is I get more abilities through Social Links so story is vital to the experience.

    Rocket League (PS4)
    When I'm at home and need to get my competitive itch scratched quick, I play this.

    Metal Gear Solid V Online (PS4)
    When I'm at home and have a couple hours, I play this. I could probably make the best "Sniper Montage" video on this game that Youtube's ever seen.
  • Savage Moon Veteran's Awards PS3 this months PSN+  game nice tower defense game

    Dead Star PS4 this months PSN+  game Some kind of topdown shmup online game, finished the tutorial only to see the online is under maintenance.

    Shütshimi PS4 this months PSN+  game side scrolling shmup only played it a little.

    Zombi PS4 this months PSN+  game the original WIIU game played also the tutorial

    Warriors Orochi 3 
    PS3 Doing all the levels on chaos difficulty.

    Warframe PS4 Doing the daily grind ;)

    Legends of war Vita Finished the first campaign.

    Galak Z PS4 Got to the end of season 2 killed the boss, saved the general only to be killed by some low level enemy, annoyed :( 

    Broforce PS4 playing it now and then, some of the bro's are really useless.

    And Warthunder has now trophies now!
  • The Wolf Among Us - Xbox One
    Playing through this completely now that it's currently all free on Xbox One. I only ever played the first two episodes when it dropped on 360, and now I get to experience the full meat of this. I'm really liking it, and is slowly shaping to be one of my favourite Telltale experiences to date.

    Dead Space - Xbox One
    Just became backwards compatible on Xbox One, and free on GWG. So, I'm going back to replay one of my favourite horror titles of last gen/all time, and i'm surprised about what little I remember of it.
  • I hope you forgot all about the hunter.
  • LittleG, Minecraft got an update with more content on console version last week. I haven't played it yet, but the new trophies hint at some kind of new monster / boss to fight.
  • Yeah, I had a large patch sometime recently but no indication of what that contained.  I wonder how much of that might have come to the old versions?

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