Final Fantasy XV
  • Well everyone, a release date is finally here. You can expect to be able to play FF XV on September 30th of this year. Also, they have a free demo out right now. If you play the demo, please post your thoughts about it. Sorry for the lack of info, but I'm on my phone, so it's a little harder to add trailers and such. Yow
  • I played the demo and I thought I was playing Kingdom Hearts.

    The gameplay, the environment, the combat... It was all next gen Kingdom Hearts. I also felt like the frame rate wasn't where it's supposed to be, but I won't pass judgement on that based on a demo. Since you are playing as Noct in his childhood & using toy weapons, this demo isn't a good representation of the final game. It did show the potential scale with the final battle, along with the dope cinematic like events featuring the giant monsters (summons?).

    Like I said, the final battle was very satisfying. Picking spells and changing between weapons felt good. The auto attack and auto dodge might have me disappointed like the auto battle in FF13, but what can we do. I have no doubt in my mind that the game will be phenomenal. This demo on the other hand... subpar. I only learned how nice the weather and lighting effects are gonna be in the final product.

    Those summon transformations were cool though. Controls were a little off when using them, but I like the idea.
  • I'll probably not be playing the demo because I already know I will be getting the game. The soundtrack for the mini-trailer that is everywhere is great, feels very foreboding, although the giant enemy dude looks a bit like Attack on Titan spawned him. 
  • @GoodEnoughForMe AoT spawn might not be a bad thing lol. Looks good.
  • I'm probably gonna get a few rolled eyes but...i just can't get hyped for this. Be it FF13 still burning me or the main characters, i just can't  get interested in the game.

    I thought my FF love was back after Realm Reborn but i'm just not feeling it again. I'll still give it a shot mind, the art style is wonderful  
  • 12 and 13 killed it for me too. I probably won't even touch this game.

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