PlayStation 4.5
  • The more I think about it the more I want to go for a PC instead of upgrading my consoles. However I doubt I could get a PC at the same level as the PS4.5/4K/Neo for £300-£400 (if the new console is the same price as the launch PS4).

    What makes it worse is that I would also have to buy a mouse, keyboard and monitor too as I don't own any so the cost of getting all of that seems really high.
  • Yeah but you'd also be getting the PC itself out of it. which can play tons of old games too, and emulators..
    Just buy a cheap keyboard and mouse and hook it to an HDTV?
    I think that link I posted has a cheap build on PS4/XBone's level.
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  • @NewAgeRed thanks. Reading that has made me realise I don't have any use for a PC really (other than wanting better framerates and graphics for games). I have an old MacBook which does like 99% of the stuff I want from a computer (I can't run any games on it as it's CPU only has 2 cores and the graphics are really old Intel ones).

    Plus I have a PS4 and Xbox One already so if I get a PC it would have to be more powerful than a console and I don't have the shelf space for a PC to fit under my HDTV other than to get rid of a console and they are great for multimedia stuff (in that it's interface suits a TV, are quiet and everyone in my house knows how to navigate them quickly).

    Also I feel a little iffy with emulators (for whatever reason). Several years ago I started collecting old consoles and games so I don't need a PC for that either.

    Think I'm back on the idea of upgrading my PS4 for a Neo. Now I'm just hoping they announce it at E3!
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  • When you said upgrading I thought you meant from last gen to now. :P 
    I guess for you the only reason to get PC would be the PC only games and Mods. In my opinion, it won't be worth upgrading from PS4 to NEO etc though. You could also see what the NX will be. go PS3/XBone/NX? or PS4/XBone/PC.

    Note: I still haven't bought any of it.. :o
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  • Currently with the PS4 you can stream your game to your laptop and play on it there, freeing up the living room television. However, this stream is 720p only.

    If the PS4.5 could stream 1080p to my laptop, that would be great for myself personally.
  • Well tomorrow is the reveal, I anticipate being underwhelmed. I do not think they will give me a compelling reason to buy a Neo or a Slim. Maybe they will surprise me with the Neo, or announce Vita 2 or such, but I bet this will be a snooze. Same day as an iPhone announcement, so you know nobody will be watching. Maybe they are trying to bury some bland hardware behind Apple.
  • @sloth You would hope it would stream 1080 (wifi / ethernet permitting) . I am wondering about the price point of the neo / scorpio with the rumoured specs, I mean GPUs that can perform as suggested can not be cheap to manufacture (even in bulk) .

     @westsw A vita 2 would be a big surprise! I mean it would be cool, but with the nx supposedly being portable and very capable I think they will give it a miss this time, especially as they abandoned the vita pretty quickly. I imagine that is pretty fresh in Sony and the public's mind.
  • Vita 2 would be insane, but Sony have done some dumb shit before so not impossible. Don't really care about anything to do with the reveal. I'm expecting just a whole lot of "Buy our VR shit so it can sit on your shelf gathering dust with our Sony Move shit". I'll buy a Neo or a Slim when my current PS4 dies, by which time there will probably be a PS5 anyway.
  • @Dr Flibble Yeah agreed. The PS4 pro seems like it has some very PC - orientated features such as enabling ssaa or unlocking the framerate. I don't know if most console players really want to make all these choices. They just want to plug and play most likely. Sony has real a hard on for a new HDR they are pushing, they just wont shut up about it. Interesting to see the complete spec sheet.
  • Playstation meeting was even less than I expected. 4K and HDR are nice, I just got a big LG model that does both, but I just don't think a graphical bump is worth a new console. I will buy a pro if my PS4 dies, but hopefully that won't happen. They have to make a pro that looks like a samich. I mean with white bread and meat middle and tufts of plastic lettuce protruding.
  • Seems to me they were avoiding discussing specs at all, i don't know if that is common for a sony press release. But on the bright side the price seems pretty competitive.

    @westsw Incidentally we recently got a big 4k LG tv for the front room ( I generally don't game in the front room ) . I showed some people some amazing 4k footage with loads of fabulous colours and detail and nobody else cared but me lol.

    I actually fell asleep in my PC chair during the conference and had to be woken up to be asked where the cigarettes were (to be fair i was tired anyway). My favourite part was getting to see a little bit of Mass Effect footage and that was meagre. 

    I suspect when the new XBOX is announced they will hype the all out power when compared to the PSpro. But is it too late? Have Sony already won this gen? I don't know the sales figures for both but just from chatting with people the PS4 seems the most popular choice atm. Also if someone switched over from say the ps4 to the Xbox scorpio any digital library and physical I suppose would require them to switch consoles. Very inconvenient.

    Anyone planning on upgrading to either? I can certainly see people without a console going to spend the extra to get the PsPro over the regular Playstation4.

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