PlayStation 4.5
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  • Well tomorrow is the reveal, I anticipate being underwhelmed. I do not think they will give me a compelling reason to buy a Neo or a Slim. Maybe they will surprise me with the Neo, or announce Vita 2 or such, but I bet this will be a snooze. Same day as an iPhone announcement, so you know nobody will be watching. Maybe they are trying to bury some bland hardware behind Apple.
  • Vita 2 would be insane, but Sony have done some dumb shit before so not impossible. Don't really care about anything to do with the reveal. I'm expecting just a whole lot of "Buy our VR shit so it can sit on your shelf gathering dust with our Sony Move shit". I'll buy a Neo or a Slim when my current PS4 dies, by which time there will probably be a PS5 anyway.
  • Playstation meeting was even less than I expected. 4K and HDR are nice, I just got a big LG model that does both, but I just don't think a graphical bump is worth a new console. I will buy a pro if my PS4 dies, but hopefully that won't happen. They have to make a pro that looks like a samich. I mean with white bread and meat middle and tufts of plastic lettuce protruding.

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