Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 28/03/16
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    Bank holidays, don't you love 'em?
  • Dark Souls 3. About some...something hours in. I like it a lot. That's enough of that.

    Still really enjoying The Division even though it's kinda crap.

    Rainbow Six Siege is the real though. That shit is fuckin' great.
  • COD Advanced Warfare - Killed Kevin Spacey. Veteran difficulty has become kind of a joke in these games now. 

    Dark Souls 3 - It came. I saw. I came. 

    Bloodborne - Helped a couple of dudes get their platinums. Almost forgot about that.  

    And that's it. For my thoughts on DS3 / blog see the relevant thread.
  • Runescape 2007 -I have worked on mining, has gone from being 80 to be level 84th, almost done with my goal of 85 :D

    Call of duty Ghost-
    Bought the limited edition with the bracelet for three bucks .. Played through the story and are now considering if I should play the multiplayer mode.

    Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - Been a while since I played this :) Short game but really fun, just a pity that the multiplayer mode has been shutdown: /

    A little early, but I'm going to Tokyo Game Show next year. Hence i havent bought any new console.

  • Did anyone pick up the Resident Evil 6 remake? Thoughts?
  • I really played nothing this week. I played a little bit of The Division but I don't think that game is that great.

    I keep considering picking up a new PC something that can run a Oculous rift and then putting my order in for a rift. Stupid idea right? Right? Convince me to stop wasting my money please.
  • Slain! (Steam/PC) The music and art are pretty nice! The game is kinda rough though, I haven't played enough to really say anymore about it. Overall its not fun. I'm kinda disappointed.

    Assault Android Cactus (PS4) Amazingly Fun game! I got down to the 25th layer in the Infinity Drive mode and got the trophy for that! Thats all the none daily/leaderboard stuff done. I really had fun here.

    Saints Row IV Re-Elected (PS4) I needed something fun/easy that I've beat already to play for this week, since work has been exhausting. So I decided to replay this game. :) I currently just broke out of the simulation. :)

    Dark Souls 1 (XboxOne) This became backwards compatable this past week and I wanted to try it out. I've already got all the achievements, but I might keep at it this week. I think its been some years since I've actually gone thru it. Might be a good refresher for DS3. If I can pull myself away from Saints Row, I had forgotten how much stupid fun that game was. ;)

    Thats it from me. So far more Saints Row this week. But now I want to try and get back to DS1 also! Lets see how much my short free time allows.

    Also in non gaming related news; I finished reading The Imago Sequence by Laird Barron and it was amazing! I will be having creepy nightmares for a little while I think. ;)
  • @Dr Flibble I would be the resident mark to get RE6 and even I declined. Having played it on PC, I don't see much value in it. If your only experience was the last gen console experience, there's a lot to enjoy about it, but if you've touched the PC ver, been there done that.

    Plus the PC version had L4D2 in Mercenaries, which I can't imagine is in this.
  • The Division (Xbox One)
    Got to the end-game stuff now, and hit Level 30 so I'm at the max level. Really enjoyed this game when I first got my paws on it, but now it just feels really boring and even more of the same. There doesn't seem much in terms of content for the end-game experience, and the Dark Zone as entertaining and fun as it is really doesn't feel like enough for me to sink another twenty or so hours into this game.

    Most likely getting shelved.
  • OK, time for my entry...

    (360) Batman: Arkham Asylum Done and dusted.  I was really close to the end last week, as it turned out.  As with just about every game from this era it seems, there was a bit of a difficulty spike right at the end with two Titan-pumped big guys and a heap of normal guys in a fairly small area, but even that only took a handful of goes.  I missed the end-of-credits stinger because I'd fallen asleep by the time they'd all scrolled past.

    Something else I mentioned last week - that I've been moaning about this game, but I really like it, still stands.  I'm kind of playing it out of time, and there's clearly been dozens of games since that have stolen lots of aspects of Batman AA (3rd-person metroidvania, the combat), but given how few games I play this has felt pretty fresh and I can definitely see why it got lots of awards at the time.

    (360) Minecraft Jointly inspired by our very own Dr F trying this out, plus the Achievement Hunter/Lets Play guys hitting 200 episodes in their Minecraft series, I decided to finally try it out for myself.  I'd also figured that it might be a nice thing to do with the kids as they're getting a little older and I've already had one session with micro g sat next to me on the sofa as I play what he calls 'The Robot Game'.

    I should probably say up-front that I recognise that I'm playing what is (mobile versions aside) one of the weaker versions of the game.  With no modding ability and a fairly limited world (you can traverse the furthest points of the map in about 5 minutes with a boat) it doesn't have the limitless feel or scope of the PC version, but that is countered by a world that immediately begins to feel like Home, which is something I've always really enjoyed when it happens in games (think Macfarlane Ranch and Hennigan's Sted in Red Dead, or the Normandy in Mass Effect 2 & 3).  

    So far all I've done is some directionless pottering about, setting up a handful of homes and filling out the map.  My weakness for open-ended, directionless games in which you can write your own story and take your own approach is well-documented in the halls of WiG, and just heading around and giving places names to help remember you way around goes a long way to giving me an attachment to this place.  Bag End, Last Resort, Animal Isle, Creeper Bay, Overbase & Underbase, a giant mountain with a huge hole in it I christened The Eye & The Needle, on top of which I built The Easter Observatory.  All of these are places in my Minecraft world.

    I know I could be building towards entering The End and fighting the Enderdragon, but as it stands, I just want to build a series of rail tracks between my various abodes - the Overbase - Easter Observatory leg will probably come first.

    ...And that's it for me!
  • Littleg, if you go into your world settings you can increase the size of your world map. The settings are classic, small, medium, and large iirc. If you choose large the map is huge. Minecraft was not what I was expecting it to be. I knew it was a building game, but it is so much more than that. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Thanks Flib, think that might only apply to the current-gen versions.  Apparently there's memory restrictions that keep the last-gen ones down to a single map's worth.

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