Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/03/16
  • I honestly can barely consider myself a video gamesman this week.  I may have to hold an internal referendum about whether I want to continue to be a member of the video game community or whether I want to leave. An Eggxit, if you will.

    So what have I managed to do with my pitiful allotment of console time this week?

    (360) Batman Arkham Asylum Baby-steps through the closing stages of the campaign.  Just finished Croc's lair which, whilst a change of pace from the rest of the game like the the Scarecrow sections, was a bit underwhelming - a battle with the most physically-imposing main villain amounting to a series of QTEs.  Not much else other than that - with the big gaps in my time with this, I keep forgetting the core mechanics, so now even a relatively straightforward mob of cronies can take me a couple of tries to get past, slowing down my progress through the game even further and making me even less enthusiastic about returning to it again.

    I know I keep moaning about it, but I do like this game, honest!

    (360) FIFA14 I closed out another Premier League season a good 20 points out in the lead and then went into the Champion's League final against Bayern Munich.  This would have been a spicy match in the real world as Blackpool and Bayern had played each other several times in the previous seasons and there were also several players who had switched teams one way or the other, including Matthias Helmke (a randomly-generated youngster) who I had aggressively bought from them with a massive fee and my former talismanic Left Winger Bruma who handed in a transfer request as he wanted to move to a bigger club than (multiple league- and cup-winning) Blackpool.

    The match itself was actually quite exciting, with Blackpool scoring early but being pegged back through a goal from that man Bruma.  We snatched a goal early in the second half (a second for Anthony Martial) but then a 90th-minute goal from serial player-nibbler Luis Suarez took the game to Extra Time. With both sides looking tired, it had penalties written all over it, but up popped Zakari Bakkali with a last-minute goal to bring the cup back to the Fylde Coast.  Welcome home, Big Ears!

    OK, that's a lot of words covering hardly any playing time.  Gimme your WiGs.  I need WiGs!
  • Croc is kind of a low point, for a stunning game. You are close, gut through.

    Fallout 4 DLC this week! The first Fallout DLC that will likely run smoothly. I don't think I ever used my stash of bot mines and nades. Gotta remember to raid my stash.
  • Warframe (PC): Finally progressed on Europa, but man it takes awhile to pop a group. Also got a cool aura for my warframe. Defense missions are clearly the best, fighting progressively harder waves of enemies is fun.

    Diablo 3 (PC): Ran one rift. Might go back to it some more, not sure. It's still fun. Can just sort of chill and progress.

    Hearthstone (PC): Played a few matches and then kind of gave up since all my decks are so old and I don't feel like taking the time to catch up to the current meta.

    Ragnarok Online (PC): Still did some more leveling, and now looking forward to Tree of Savior's English debut in a month.
  • Momodora IV (Steam/PC) I beat it! And I got all the achievements that don't require that I beat the game 3 more times. This was a whole lot of fun, its longer than Momodora III and its a bit easier. I really love this series.

    Assault Android Cactus (PS4)
    Went back to the Infinity Drive and I blasted past Layer 15 with Starch, and managed to barely make it to Layer 18! A new personal best. I'm mostly sticking with this game for now while I'm killing time waiting for Slain! to release later this week! This is still a fucking fantastic game!

    Raiden V (XbOne) Started this and played the 1st 2 stages. Its pretty easy so far, and I'm not focused enough to get into this right now, too excited about Slain! I'll come back to this later.

    Starless (PC) I went back to try and get past the 1st day again, since I'm killing time anyway, and oh gods! some parts of this game are insufferable. I knew what I was getting into I guess, but come on! After what seems like hours I'm still playing the 1st day, UGHS! I have a feeling it gets better after the 1st day, but its making it really difficult for me to want to keep playing.

    Poken Tournament (WiiU) I picked this up b/c I thought a Pokemon fighting game would be neat, and it is, but OH GODS! I had forgotten how shit I am at fighting games! I loved fighting games as a kid, and I guess I like the idea of fighting games way more than actually playing them these days. This happens to me every time a new fighting game comes out, (oh this looks awesome) *remembers I'm terrible at fighting games and proceeds to never play it again. sigh... I really should remember this for next time. 

    In some non gaming related news, I finished reading all of Volume 1 of Sunstone and it was so awesome! I also went back to The Imago Sequence by Laird Barron, and I'm on the last short story in the collection, ... I might finally finish reading this book after some years of having it on my shelf. Anyway this week will be filled with me bouncing back and forth between stuff and not really getting into anything, until Slain! drops. :)
  • The Division (Xbox One)
    Was super excited to play this, and it's feeling a tad underwhelming/lacking. Don't get me wrong, playing this game with a friend is a superb but for right now it feels like filler until some better stuff comes out. This will probably tide me over until Dark Souls III and then I won't be surprised if it begins to gather dust.
  • Minecraft - Finished the game. Killed that final boss, mopped up the final trophies and got a new platinum.

    COD Ghosts - Went back and got a few easy trophies.

    COD Advanced Warfare - Almost finished the story I think. Again, I like it. It's predictable, very generic Hollywood action plot, but it's fun. I'm glad I only paid $10 for it though.

    Saint's Row 4 Re-Elected - Played a bit more of this.

    Salt and Sanctuary - Played a little bit more. Found a boss and was totally unprepared for it, and died. I like the game, and probably anyone who likes Dark Souls will too. These guys should write a thank you letter to From though, since this game has almost zero original ideas in it besides presenting them as a 2D platformer.

    Bloodborne - A little bit of co-op, and helped Epke.

    And in 32 hours from now the Dark Souls 3 game installed on my PS4 will unlock.

  • I really like the sound of Salt & Sanctuary, and the way it tonally and gameplay-wise recreates Souls in 2D is cool, but I don't think I can get past Ska Studios' art style.  That paper cut out animation looks weird to me.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) The Division: I got to level 18 on PS4 and about 12 on Xbox One. Played a bit of the Dark Zone on the PS4 with some friends and it was both a lot of fun and somewhat tense. Going to level up some more before doing more Dark Zone stuff.
  • G, S&S is worth a look. It's only $18, and the amount of effort they put into it shows. I wasn't a fan of the art style either but it's sort of grown on me. The actual gameplay and things that matter most are all good. Ska is also just 2 people; from what I heard the husband does the code, the wife does the art.
  • Automatron is deeply meh. A few missions and robot building. I liked it well enough but non Fallout fanboys should stay away. It may be the thinnest piece of Fallout DLC eveh.
  • Vamp, Slain! is getting really bad press and reactions. How is it?
  • The art and music keep me coming back to it. I think a lot of the bad press is that most were expecting a deep combat system game when this is more of a action/puzzle game. The 1st stage is pretty rough, but does a decent job of introducing things. I'm pressing on, so thats a good sign I think. ;)

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